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Chapter 524: Ultimate Counterattack!

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“Haha! You are overconfident. Lin Feng. You think you’re going to survive this time?” sneered Tian Fan, laughing disdainfully.

“If I don’t die, you’re not going to have fun!” spat Lin Feng coolly. He moved, and the strength of the chiliocosm of the Great Tao and the Demon Emperor celestial skill condensed and exploded. Lin Feng was alone, but his energies completely distorted the atmosphere. Before his power, the area looked like the apocalypse!

The members of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine had no choice but to watch. They couldn’t help. Even people like Song Zhuang, who had the strength of the first Godly Emperor Layer weren’t strong enough to participate.

Lin Feng was terrifyingly strong. The two old men he was fighting were stupefied. They knew that Lin Feng was ready to die to kill them, but they didn’t want to die, even along with Lin Feng.

“Haha! Lin Feng, we’re not as stupid as you. Even if you want to die, we won’t die with you. You can die alone.”

“Lin Feng, from now on, every year on this day, we’ll remember you!”

“Bye bye, Lin Feng!” cackled the two old men, bursting into laughter. They suddenly took out a jade talisman and broke it. The whole space shuddered, and blue-green lights surrounded the two old men. A terrifying strength exploded out towards Lin Feng.

The two old men were surrounded by space and time Dao. Lin Feng and the two old men were now in different spaces; they had isolated him in a different space. They intended to use their most powerful attacks now.

However, when Lin Feng saw that, he just smiled coldly. Space and time Dao, against him? Did they think they could use a space and time cage against him? You can’t teach an old dog new tricks…

What about showing them his space and time cage?

Lin Feng smiled slyly. Suddenly, those watching had a bad premonition. Smart people started running away in all directions, but it was too late already.

“Space and time cage!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He raised his arms to the sky and instantly, a very thick and dense space and time energy appeared, turning into a gigantic cage. His space and time Dao had already reached the maximum level.

Lin Feng’s space and time Dao was the second Dao, after his life and death Dao, to reach the maximum level.

His space and time Dao was now a hundred times more powerful than the last time he had used it. It was tens of thousands of meters wide. Therefore, those who were escaping were also caught.

The two old men had thought they’d crush Lin Feng with their energies, but Lin Feng used their power against them. All those people who had the strength of the fourth to the sixth Godly Emperor Layer were caught in the cage. In the blink of an eye, they all disappeared. A blood-red cloud appeared, and then a black hole containing absorbing strength appeared.

Lin Feng took advantage of the situation to throw a punch at the dozen Leaders and Godly Leaders who were on the ground. They screamed horribly, but Lin Feng didn’t care, even if all the groups of the East had to die!

Those people had humiliated his wives and children, how could he let them live? So many disciples had died in the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine!

What those people had done was unforgivable. He had to kill them all! Lin Feng’s black hole absorbed a dozen people slowly before the atmosphere calmed down once again.

The cultivators of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine would never forget what they had just seen. Lin Feng had killed a dozen Leaders and Godly Leaders in the blink of an eye? Including the Leader and Godly Leader of the Yi Region?

The Vice Leaders of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and the Gods Government were astonished. Not only hadn’t they killed Lin Feng, but Lin Feng had also killed six Godly Emperors and a dozen Leaders! Even though they didn’t care about those people, they still felt humiliated because they were the ones fighting against him!

“Uncle, be merciless! Kill him!” shouted Tian Fan, his knuckles popping again. He wanted to kill Lin Feng himself, but he understood it wasn’t easy.

The two old men nodded and then disappeared. A second later, they reappeared in front of Lin Feng and threw punches at him. Lin Feng didn’t have time to use a space and time cage this time, and had the impression his circulatory system was going to explode.

He coughed blood and was blown away. He crashed through a few pavilions, which collapsed around him. His face was extremely pale. No matter how strong Lin Feng was, his enemies had the strength of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer.

“Cough, cough! You’re really determined to kill me, I see,” said Lin Feng smiling coolly and wiping the blood off his lips. His whole body felt sore, but he looked at the two old men, amused.

“No matter how much you struggle today, you’re going to die today.”

“We’re just obeying Tian Di’s orders. We’re going to kill you, and you’ll become Tian Fan’s stepping stone. Young Emperor Tian Fan will become the ultimate ruler of the Continent of the Gods. How could the tiny little Leader of Xuan Yuan City ruin our Young Emperor’s plans?”

“Lin Feng, be reasonable, kill yourself. We’ll respect your corpse,” scoffed the Vice Leader of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, disdainfully occupying a commanding position. To him, Lin Feng was dead already.

When Lin Feng heard that, he laughed. Then he sighed and said, “Alright, Godly Emperor Blood, it’s time for our ultimate counterattack.”


When Lin Feng said that, the two cultivators of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer glanced around cautiously. However, they didn’t have time to react before they heard someone laugh brazenly.

“Haha! So many strong cultivators gathered in the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine, how lively! Since it’s that way, I, Xue Ran, will join the fun!

“And I, Mister Zun Xie, also want to join the fun!”

“And me, Yan Di!”

“Yan Hui.”

“Yan Zhan.”

Godly auras appeared all around as a few people became visible. Lin Feng raised his head, and Godly Emperor Blood, Yan Di, Mister Zun Xie and all the others smiled.

Lin Feng knew that these people had probably arrived a while ago already. Maybe they just wanted to see how far he could go.

Lin Feng was surprised when he saw Godly Emperor Blood. They hadn’t seen each other for a few days, and Godly Emperor Blood had already broken through to the top of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer? He now had his original strength, he was the Xue Ran of long ago.

People used to say that at his highest level, Xue Ran would have fought to a draw against Xuan Yuan. It was not because they despised Xue Ran, but because they thought highly of Xuan Yuan. He was terrifyingly strong.

Maybe their battle would have ended up in a draw, but they had never fought, so nobody could know what it would have really been like.

However, everybody knew Xue Ran’s name. Mister Zun Xie, who lived in the mountains, was really famous, too.

When the Vice Leaders of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and the Gods Government saw them, they were astonished and went white. They looked at Xue Ran, and then at Mister Zun Xie. They both had the strength of the top of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer. How could the two Vice Leaders compete with them?

The two Vice Leaders regretted; their respective groups had sent them there, they had thought that if they joined hands it would be enough to kill Lin Feng. Who would have thought that Lin Feng would have so many powerful allies?

What a tactical error!

The two men sighed.

Once again, Lin Feng’s life wasn’t in their hands anymore. Once again, their lives were in Lin Feng’s hands…

And he wanted to carry out an ultimate attack!

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