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Chapter 525: Let Them Go!

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“Haha, Lin Feng, not bad. You managed to kill so many Godly Emperors. You’re definitely worthy of being my heir. Haha!” said Godly Emperor Blood laughing cheerfully. He was very satisfied. However, when he said that, the Vice Leaders of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and the Gods Government were terrified.

Lin Feng was Xue Ran’s heir?

Everybody thought Lin Feng was Xuan Yuan’s heir. What was going on? Two extremely famous Godly Emperors in the Continent of the Gods had chosen Lin Feng as their heir? Many people would be completely dumbstruck if they heard about that.

“Lin Feng, are you alright? Are you badly injured?” said Yan Di, flashing down and landing next to Lin Feng. When he saw Lin Feng wasn’t badly injured, he was relieved. However, when he looked at the enemies, he looked grim.

“What a good stratagem. You slyly waited to ambush Lin Feng here. Unfortunately, your plan failed.

“Your plan to wait for Lin Feng was stupid; if you did it, why couldn’t we wait for you, as well? You think Lin Feng is a rabbit, but we see you people as climbing plants and when Lin Feng arrived, you climbed on him.

“As expected, you did it. Hehe, unfortunately, we’re here, your plan is doomed to fail now. Today, none of you is going to escape. Nobody will forgive you for the offenses you committed in the East,” Yan Di said to Tian Fan and the others.

Tian Fan was very worried. Everything pointed to a disaster now. His father had sent two cultivators of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer, but now they were facing two cultivators of the top of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer. Unless Tian Di came to rescue them, they were doomed!

The Vice Leaders of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and the Gods Government flashed back a hundred meters. All they could do now was wait…

“Now, are you ready to die?” said Godly Emperor Blood casually, clenching his fists. His eyes were filled with killing intent and his Qi filled the whole sky above the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine.

His Qi was terrifying; even Lin Feng had to be careful since he was injured. He couldn’t help but hide behind Mister Zun Xie, who released pure Qi to protect him.

The members of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine were horrified. They had the impression Godly Emperor Blood’s Qi could destroy the whole world. They had never seen such a powerful Qi. It was the apocalypse…

The two Vice Leaders were also desperate. At such levels, a cultivation layer was gigantic, so even if they were only one cultivation layer weaker, it was a huge difference. Two cultivators of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer were like a dozen cultivators of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer, so they couldn’t do much. They would only suffer a crushing defeat!

The two old men were desperate, and glanced at Tian Fan and Bai Qi. The two old men could die, but what if the two young masters died? They couldn’t let them die. If Bai Qi and Tian Fan died, what would happen to the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and the Gods Government in the future?

Thinking about that, the two old men were determined again, and looked at Godly Emperor Blood. “We are not afraid of death. If we are defeated, we can die, but Master Xue, please spare our Young Masters’ lives.”

“Master Xue, please spare our Young Masters’ lives. We can die, but they can’t!” The two old men bowed hand over fist, begging. They really hoped Godly Emperor Blood would accept.

However, Godly Emperor Blood didn’t care and smiled scornfully. “Spare their lives? Hahaha! What a joke!

“Why would I spare your Young Masters’ lives? Just now, you didn’t want to spare Lin Feng’s life, our Young Master, right? No need to lower your heads. You don’t care about Lin Feng, why would we care about your Young Masters’ lives?” scoffed Godly Emperor Blood. The two old men paled.

“Master Xue, if you don’t accept then…” began the Vice Leader of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, clenching his fists. He tried to sound threatening. However, he didn’t have time to finish his sentence when he saw a flash in front of him and his heart twitched. He had the impression he was going to collapse.

“You’re threatening me?” said Godly Emperor Blood, staring flatly at the Vice Leader. He was a now only dozen meters in front of them. He stretched out his hand; the old man wanted to escape, but Godly Emperor Blood was much faster and stronger than him.

An explosion rent the air. Godly Emperor Blood grabbed the old man and punched him brutally. The old man crashed onto the ground and a hundred-meter-wide crater appeared around him.

Godly Emperor Blood flashed into the crater and kicked the Vice Leader of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty down. He had only one thread of Qi left.

“Master, don’t kill him. I would like to hand him over to Little Huang,” Lin Feng said hastily. Huang Nü wanted to take her revenge. Even though Tian Di was the one who had played the biggest role in the destruction of the Great Huang Dynasty, Huang Nü wanted to kill all those who had contributed, one way or another.

This time, Lin Feng would bring the enemies of the Great Huang Dynasty back to Huang Nü. She would decide what she wanted to do with them.

When Godly Emperor Blood heard that, he frowned; he didn’t want to let that old bag off.

But since the Celestial Emperors Dynasty were some of the sworn enemies of the Great Huang Dynasty, he restrained himself. He merely raised his hand and slapped the old man in the face.

The old man fell in a coma. Lin Feng grabbed him and threw him into his spirit world. He would hand him over to Huang Nü in Gods City.

After him, Godly Emperor Blood had to take care of the other Vice Leader. He was merciless. He grabbed him by the neck, smiling in amusement. His fist closed with a crack. The old man’s neck was broken. His Qi faded, and then dispersed.

“A bunch of pieces of trash.” Godly Emperor Blood was disappointed. He threw away the old man who had suffered a crushing and instant defeat, unsatisfied.

The others were growing more and more scared. They all took a step backwards, including Tian Fan and Bai Qi.

Godly Emperor Blood then looked at Tian Fan and Bai Qi and smiled wickedly. “A future Tian Di? A future Leader of the Gods Government? If I kill you, what will happen to the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and the Gods Government? Haha!” Godly Emperor Blood’s smile grew wider. He wasn’t worried. He didn’t care about Tian Di.

“You better let us off! Otherwise, my father and my grandfather will not leave the matter at this!” said Tian Fan. He was panicking, but he tried to look calm.

When Godly Emperor Blood heard that, he burst into laughter and then threw out a punch. The few Godly Emperors who were left were smashed away. Those who didn’t die were at least badly injured.

One attack, showing how strong Godly Emperor Blood was. Tian Fan and Bai Qi were astonished and paled even more. Lin Feng had killed almost all the Godly Emperors who were there before, and now Godly Emperor Blood had killed the two Vice Leaders. Their whole plan was ruined, and apart from them, nobody was left alive!

“Alright, you really wanted Lin Feng to die, but now you can’t kill him anymore. Your plan failed and you’re going to die,” said Godly Emperor Blood, his expression dark and knowing. He clenched his fists and got ready to kill those two people.

However, Lin Feng interrupted Godly Emperor Blood and said calmly, “Master, please let them go.”

Godly Emperor Blood, Tian Fan, Bai Qi, and everybody were astonished. Lin Feng wanted to spare their lives?!

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  1. Andrew June 22, 2019 at 5:20 pm - Reply

    Thanks man

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    Lin feng wants to have spare with Tian Fan, to give an end to the unfinished three party competition.

    • Totoyjerbakz June 22, 2019 at 5:39 pm - Reply

      I think it is to humiliate them and to kill them by his own hands, whadyathink bud

      • Asura June 22, 2019 at 10:14 pm - Reply

        Doesn’t matter,, this is one of the worst continuations of a story

        • YeFeng June 23, 2019 at 1:06 am - Reply

          just don’t understand what’s going on. your cultivation level is way too low I guess.

  3. Xue Kolo Koy June 23, 2019 at 2:23 am - Reply

    Worst of them all.!

  4. TomFeng June 23, 2019 at 6:11 am - Reply

    Better demon emperor blood kill them all and LF continue to gods country

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    Let them leave and later on they keep harassing his family and friend. Mc have become puccy and weacc after this new author takes over pmg. better yet i hope they kill qiong sheng or his friend so that mc knew he became retarded and he didnt learn from di shu the more u let go of your enemy the more shit u have to take

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    let them Go!!

    so we can see Lin Feng get more trouble and more struggling story..
    and let Lin Feng regrets his decision, just like the story in the beginning of PMG 2 when he let his enemy go, and cause him trouble later on.

    fcking stupid.

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