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Chapter 527: Tian Di Publishes a Decree!

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A few days later, the people of the East learned about what had happened. Lin Feng had come back to the East to pick up his wives. The Celestial Emperors Dynasty had joined hands with the Elixir Temple, the Gods Government, and the Spiritual Yin Temple to kill him.

But the result was that thirty Godly Emperors had been killed, including the Vice Leader of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. Only four people had managed to get away: Tian Fan, Bai Qi, and Yin Jiu, as well as an elder from the Spiritual Yin Temple.

Some people wondered how those people had left, especially since two cultivators of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer had not managed to escape; so, how had younger and weaker people managed to flee?

But then they heard some rumors that Lin Feng had let them off on purpose. Some people said Lin Feng was afraid of Tian Di, so he hadn’t dared kill Tian Di’s son. But then many people said the rumors were not true; if Lin Feng had been afraid, why would he have killed the Vice Leader of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty? Hadn’t he offended Tian Di by doing that?

And if he had been afraid, why wouldn’t he have given face to Tian Di during the Three Party Competition? When those who had criticized Lin Feng heard those justifications, they felt ashamed.

After what had happened, the Celestial Emperors Dynasty still didn’t do anything. However, many people thought it was the calm before the storm. Tian Di was probably furious. He probably hated Lin Feng more than anything…


At that moment, Tian Di was in his palace. He was wearing his crown, his godly aura dazzling, but his expression was even more terrifying than his godly aura. He was furious. Explosive flames of fury burned in his eyes and he clenched his fists so hard the bones were creaking.

He had never wanted to kill someone so much, not even Xuan Yuan. Lin Feng was different; he kept provoking Tian Di as if he didn’t care about his lofty status.

Tian Di wished he could go to the East to kill Lin Feng personally, but he couldn’t because someone could help Lin Feng: Xue Ran!

Fifty thousand years before, Xue Ran was extremely famous. He had become famous quickly, but he had also disappeared quickly, so Tian Di hadn’t really had time to get to know him.

But even if he wanted to get to know him now, it was too late, because Lin Feng was his heir. Initially, he was happy because he had just heard that Lin Feng was Xuan Yuan’s second heir, but he hadn’t thought he was also the first heir of such a terrifying cultivator as Xue Ran.

Tian Di couldn’t punish Lin Feng as he wished anymore. Xue Ran had even killed his Vice Leader! The Celestial Emperors Dynasty only had four Vice Leaders, and losing them was catastrophic… and a humiliation.

“Argh! Lin Feng! You keep humiliating me! I will not let you have fun anymore! I will not let you be the only one under the spotlight!

“This time, you didn’t kill my son! You’re smart, but it isn’t enough for the Celestial Emperors Dynasty to let you off,” declared Tian Di gloomily. He had his hands clasped in his back as he turned around and called out, “Servants!”

“Your Majesty, how may we help you?” A few people in black clothes appeared and bowed before Tian Di.

Tian Di narrowed his eyes. “The Leader of Xuan Yuan City, Lin Feng, is causing trouble in the Continent and he’s killing the heroes of the Continent of the Gods. He’s a criminal; from now on, he’s a criminal, nobody can remove that status from him until I say so.”

“Understood!” said the men in black clothes. They instantly disappeared from the palace. Tian Di watched them disappear and smiled.

“Wait and you’ll see, Lin Feng. I will not kill you yet, but I will destroy your reputation. You’re a criminal.”

Tian Di was shameless. He was using the same methods as his father, but it was even worse this time. If Lin Feng became a criminal, it would have much bigger impact than when Xuan Yuan had become a criminal long ago.

People didn’t dare contradict Tian Di when he said something!

He was considered the strongest cultivator in the world. Lin Feng was as famous as an old Master. The fact that he was called a criminal was astonishing.


When Lin Feng heard he had become a criminal again a few days later, he wasn’t furious. Instead, he burst into laughter.

His laugh echoed for hundreds of li around.

“Yan Di, help me publish a decree as well,” Lin Feng asked Yan Di, standing there grinning in the main hall of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine.

Yan Di’s expression shifted. “Lin Feng, that decree…”

“I know what you’re thinking. You mean that anyone can publish a decree,” said Lin Feng, interrupting him.

Yan Di nodded. Indeed, decrees usually had to come from Godsland or the Gods Government. At most, Gods City could also publish decrees, but when that was the case, they had the permission of Godsland, which was backed up by Tian Di and the Gods Government, which was backed up by the Government’s Leader.

Therefore, what Lin Feng wanted to do was a bit surprising.

“Yan Di, Godsland and the Gods Government are as thick as thieves. Of course, I mean the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and the Gods Government, but Gods City isn’t theirs,” said Lin Feng, smiling in amusement.

Yan Di looked at Lin Feng with his eyes wide. “Lin Feng, you…?”

“Indeed. I want to publish a decree using Gods City. I will create a new branch of Tiantai in Gods City.

“I want to control Gods City thoroughly. I don’t think the Five Governments and Six Groups will refuse. And the Great Huang Dynasty will surely accept.

“It’s time for me to open my wings. I’m not a weakling anymore. I’m quite strong. When I create that new branch of Tiantai, my fellow disciples and their respective groups will come over.

“Don’t forget that my fellow disciples also want to create Tiantai in the Continent. They will never forget their origins.

“This time, I will make Tiantai rise in the Continent of the Gods.”

“So the decree Tian Di published will be useless.” Yan Di was astonished, but he didn’t understand either, what did Tiantai have to do with the decree?

Lin Feng smiled calmly. He looked at the blue sky and said, “That’s the prelude!

“Incidentally, sometimes people give themselves airs. Sometimes, stigmatizing people isn’t a good idea!” said Lin Feng, smiling confidently. His eyes twinkled.

Yan Di was curious; what did Lin Feng intend to do?

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