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Chapter 528: New Situation in the Continent of the Gods!

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During those days, some additional news spread in the Continent of the Gods. Everybody was astonished.

Lin Feng had also published a decree? But as the Leader of Gods City? Well, Lin Feng had become strong and famous enough to become the Leader of Gods City…

That was his reply to Tian Di, who had labeled him a criminal.

Tian Di said Lin Feng was a criminal and that he was a danger to the public order of the Continent, so Lin Feng was determined to show the people of the Continent that he wasn’t.

Smart people understood what Lin Feng meant by doing that. He didn’t care about Tian Di, is what he meant.

Lin Feng’s decree was also astonishing. Wasn’t Lin Feng afraid of humiliating Tian Di like that? Was Tian Di going to be infuriated and kill Lin Feng? But many people were also excited: if only Lin Feng and Tian Di would fight, many people would rejoice to see such a battle. If Tian Di really killed Lin Feng, everything would be different in the Continent…

Lin Feng was labeled a criminal, but not many people recognized him as such because Lin Feng had said something before publishing his decree; if anyone dared call him a criminal, he’d kill them!

Many people didn’t care at the beginning, and many people had even called him a criminal, but then they died mysteriously. The corpses all had something in common: their tongues were missing, a horrible death!

After that, many people decided to think twice before speaking, so nobody dared call Lin Feng a criminal again. One week after Lin Feng had been labeled a criminal, nobody dared call him a criminal anymore.

Tian Di’s decree had become a joke. Before, when Tian Di said something, everybody listened without questioning what he said; but once Lin Feng published a decree, everybody disregarded Tian Di’s.


Tian Fan was extremely angry. He really wanted to kill Lin Feng, he was sick of restraining himself. He sighed and tried to cheer himself up by thinking that Lin Feng wasn’t his opponent, he was his son’s opponent, and it would be better if Lin Feng died at the hands of his son. He was also convinced that his son would be able to kill Lin Feng someday.

“Hmph, the tiny Leader of Xuan Yuan City, your miserable life will come to end sooner or later. My son will take it!” shouted Tian Di gloomily outside of his palace. The whole of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty trembled when Tian Di shouted that.

The atmosphere became eerily silent…


On Lin Feng’s side, the atmosphere was lively. Lin Feng had already left the East and was back in Gods City already. He had organized everything for the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine. He had killed almost all the Godly Leaders and Leaders, so nobody could compete with them anymore.

Apart from the Dark Palace and the Demon Region, the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine ruled over all the influential groups of the East. However, everybody knew that it was all thanks to Lin Feng. Without him, nobody would have submitted so easily.

After Lin Feng returned to Gods City, he also started preparing everything for the creation of Tiantai. His fellow disciples were still in the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. Lin Feng had them come back. Two weeks later, Tiantai emerged in the Continent of the Gods.

Ruo Xie didn’t need to get ready. After leaving the Du Hu Government, he had become Mister Zun Xie’s disciple, but it was just a title, because all the disciples of Tiantai knew they had only one real teacher… Emperor Yu!

Lin Feng also brought Emperor Yu out of his spirit world. When the disciples of Tiantai saw Emperor Yu, they all cried, especially Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi. They had known Emperor Yu for the longest time.

“Brother, our teacher…” Ruo Xie and Hou Qing Lin were extremely sad.

Lin Feng didn’t hide the truth from them; he told them about what had happened in Gods Country, that a cultivator had removed their teacher’s memories, and so on. When Ruo Xie and Hou Qing Lin heard the story, they clenched their fists with fury and their eyes were filled with killing intent.

Lin Feng knew that they were furious, but he also knew it wasn’t possible to solve such an issue in just a day. They didn’t know when they’d have the opportunity to go to Gods Country.

“Brothers, get ready. In two weeks, Tiantai will be fully operational in Gods City,” Lin Feng said to Ruo Xie and Hou Qing Lin. The two of them nodded and disappeared from there in the middle of the night.

Lin Feng put Emperor Yu in a hidden room near Mister Zun Xie and Godly Emperor Blood’s rooms. It was the safest place for him. Lin Feng wouldn’t worry about him that way.

To Lin Feng, the establishment of Tiantai in the Continent of the Gods was the greatest thing he could do. Why else had he left the Continent of the Nine Clouds?

Why did he take risks like this? Why did he want to succeed so much? Wasn’t it all for this?

It was one of Lin Feng’s greatest dreams, raising Tiantai in the Continent of the Gods. Now, it wasn’t a dream anymore. It was really happening!

The news that Lin Feng had created Tiantai in the Continent quickly spread around. Many people were astonished. Two weeks later, more incredible things happened, but in Tiantai this time.

Tiantai was as powerful as the Four Temples or the Great Huang Dynasty. A new page in the Continent of the Gods was being written.

In less than two months, three new influential groups had emerged, including the Great Huang Dynasty and the New Snow Region, both returning from ages past, and all three were as powerful as the Four Temples. Even though the New Snow Region was in Meng Qing’s hands, it was still as powerful as the Four Temples, and had influence in Godsland.

Now Tiantai had also appeared in the Continent. To most people, Tiantai was completely new; they had never heard of it before. However, they quickly learned that it belonged to Lin Feng.

It was a new era in the Continent. The Six Groups, Five Governments, Four Temples, Three Dynasties, and One Country were a thing of the past.

The Six Groups and Five Governments had disappeared. They were now part of the Alliance of Gods City, and Lin Zhe Tian was the Leader of the Alliance. The Alliance was also just as powerful as the Four Temples.

The Four Temples were still the Four Temples. No matter if they were alone or together, they were still the Four Temples, and were massive. They just had less influence then before.

The Gods Government had weakened a lot. They were far from being as strong as the Four Temples.

The Three Dynasties were still the Three Dynasties, nothing had happened to them. However, there was one more Dynasty these days, the Great Huang Dynasty. The Great Huang Dynasty was rich and powerful, even if they had just returned to power.

Lin Feng and Meng Qing became an emblematic couple in the Continent, they had an incredible influence.

Tiantai had just emerged in the Continent, and yet many people already compared Tiantai with the Four Temples.

Would Tiantai rise quickly in the Continent?

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