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Chapter 530: Not Giving Face!


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“You want to kill me?” said Lin Feng, smiling with anticipation. Di Tian was angry, but he took a deep breath and controlled himself.

He wasn’t even sure he was strong enough to kill Lin Feng. Now that Lin Feng had created Tiantai, Godly Emperor Blood, Mister Zun Xie, and Ancestor Fo could show up at anytime, and could probably kill him easily.

He was in Tiantai here, Lin Feng’s territory. He had to be careful. Before coming here, Tian Di had told him that bringing Tian Shu back was the most important thing.

“Lin Feng, we should discuss this. Even if you don’t care about the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, don’t forget that Tian Di is the strongest cultivator in the Continent of the Gods. He has many privileges.

“If you want Tiantai to be prosperous, you should hand Vice Leader Tian Shu over. Otherwise, Tian Di will not give you face. It will be difficult for Tiantai to exist in this world!”

“Of course, if you release Vice-Leader Tian Shu, I can guarantee you that Tiantai will rise quickly. For a year, we will not cause any trouble. You better think carefully!” stated Di Tian. It was the most the Celestial Emperors Dynasty could do for a cultivator of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer.

When Lin Feng heard that, he understood that Tian Di really cared about Vice Leader Tian Shu. Otherwise, they wouldn’t dare promise something like that.

However, he didn’t care!

Tian Di had played no role in the establishment of Taintai in the Continent. Lin Feng smiled indifferently, “Alright, I understand. Go back and tell Tian Di to forget about it. I will not release Tian Shu.

“If he wants cause trouble and prevent Tiantai from rising, he’s welcome to try. He can even come to our opening ceremony personally, and we’ll solve our issues there.

“Brother, see him off,” Lin Feng told Ruo Xie. He turned around and went back into the palace, not even glancing at Di Tian again.

Di Tian was furious. He clenched his fists, but he didn’t dare protest the treatment. He controlled himself, rolling up his sleeves and leaving Tiantai.

Ruo Xie saw him off. He would have crushed Di Tian if he were Lin Feng. Di Tian had come to “negotiate”?


The fact that Lin Feng had affronted one of the Vice Leaders of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty out of Tiantai spread around quickly in the Central Continent. Previously, nobody had dared treat Tian Di like that.

But Lin Feng was different because he had no privilege, no influence, and he wasn’t as powerful as Tian Di, so they thought Lin Feng was just crazy. Everybody remained silent, however…

Lin Feng was a symbol of hope. Tian Di would never become an absolute or ultimate ruler in the Continent of the Gods. He was almost too old to ever become one, especially since the world had already changed so much.

Lin Feng was young and rising quickly. He had the potential to become an ultimate ruler, especially in the new world!


Lin Feng didn’t think about those things, though. He didn’t care. Lin Feng wanted to accomplish two things. The first was to have Tiantai rise, and bring as many resources as he could to his fellow disciples. The second was to go back to the Continent of the Nine Clouds to check if everything was alright there. He hadn’t gone back for a few years, so he had no idea what was going on there.

But before doing that, he needed to bring Huang Nü to the Spiritual Yin Temple to find her brother.

Even though he didn’t know which of her brothers it was, he wanted to do it for Huang Nü.


Lin Feng decided to start with that after organizing everything in Tiantai. He brought Yin Jiu and Yin Jiu’s uncle back to the Spiritual Yin Temple to look for the Prince of the Great Huang Dynasty. He didn’t bring any high-level cultivators along, such as Mister Zun Xie, Godly Emperor Blood, or Ancestor Fo.

He only brought Huang Nü and Tu Dao. Tu Dao’s strength astonished Lin Feng; he already had the strength of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer, but he didn’t have as much fighting experience as Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was happy; he was getting luckier and luckier! He remembered back then in the forest when he had proposed these people join him; what a great decision! Tu Dao and Tu Ba were much more helpful.

“Husband, we might die in the Spiritual Yin Temple, you…” began Huang Nü. She was worried. Lin Feng wasn’t done doing everything he wanted for Tiantai. It was a crucial moment; she didn’t want him to take chances. It wasn’t worth the risk.

But Huang Nü didn’t finish her sentence, Lin Feng interrupted her.

“Little Huang, I told you I’d help you bring the Great Huang Dynasty back. The risk is part of my promise. I promised it to your father, my father-in-law. And now you’re telling me not to participate?” he chided her firmly.

Huang Nü wanted to say something else, but Lin Feng stopped her.

“Alright, enough. Let’s go to the Spiritual Yin Temple, Yin Jiu is waiting for us,” said Lin Feng, putting his finger on Huang Nü’s lips. Tu Dao and the two of them continued flying in their shuttle.

Huang Nü was moved. Her eyes wet, she sighed and wiped off her tears with her sleeve.

The three people didn’t fly above the Illusion Forest, they flew above the public road, because the Great Huang Dynasty had a public road talisman. Obtaining a public road talisman wasn’t difficult for powerful groups.


In the evening, they arrived at the periphery of the Gods Government. Yin Jiu and his uncle were waiting for Lin Feng there.

“Lin Feng, the Second Prince was captured long ago, he is indeed in the Spiritual Yin Temple’s Yin Pond prison. Godly Emperors patrol there every day, especially since the Great Huang Dynasty has returned. There are at least a dozen guards in there.”

“My uncle was in charge of the prison once, so he knows a lot about it,” said Yin Jiu, looking at the old man next to him.

The old man wanted to help because Lin Feng had spared his life. The old man looked at Lin Feng; he didn’t regret, he was happy to help.

“Lin Feng, the Yin Pond is a holy place for people of the Spiritual Yin Temple. The yin Qi there is extremely thick and dense. Only elders, Vice Leaders and the Leaders can go there to cultivate.

“It’s great because tonight, the Leader and the Vice Leader are not there. Tian Di called them, so they’re paying him a visit. Only a few elders are guarding the place.

“Back then, I used to be a guard there, so I am familiar with the place. Regarding the Second Prince, do your best to save him,” said the old man.

Lin Feng was solemn. He had to be careful; they couldn’t act recklessly and alert the enemy, or rescuing the Second Prince would be impossible!

Lin Feng nodded. They all flew towards the Spiritual Yin Temple cautiously.


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    Death flag?

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    PMG3 spoiler/plot idea. Lin Feng goes back to The Continent of Nine Clouds, Strong enemies emerged there and try to destroy world, while they fight, they break the paths of the worlds and all worlds are connected, all the worlds go into chaos, because many strong people go to small worlds. New characters emerged, new sects. A world war starts between worlds. Lin Feng creates his own new world and puts people there, wars keep going. Xue Gu, rises(idk if thats his name)(the zun cultivator that the author said would surpass Lin Feng) Many worlds are destroyed, some worlds combined and others created. War still keeps going, a new great world is discovered, the world os the real gods. Lin Feng wakes up from coma in earth.. THE END

    just joking dont take it to seriously

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