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Chapter 531: The Evil Lake!


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The Evil Lake was situated three hundred li away from the Spiritual Yin Temple’s palace. It was a pitch-black lake, the evil Yin energy extremely thick and dense in there.

When Lin Feng and the others arrived there, it was already late at night. The atmosphere was even gloomier at the lake at night, feeling cold and desolate.

Yin Jiu and the old man were from the Spiritual Yin Temple, so they could easily go inside the lake. There were four guards who had the strength of the Godly Emperor Layer. One of them already had the strength of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer.

The old man told Lin Feng and the others to hide, and walked to the front alone to avoid trouble.

“Who?” shouted one of the guards when the old man arrived. When the leader of the guards saw the old man, he smiled gently, “Third elder, what are you doing here? You’re not in charge of guarding the area this week.”

“Third brother.”

“Third brother.”

When the leader of the guards talked to the old man, the other guards cupped their fists and greeted the third elder. Lin Feng was surprised. Yin Jiu whispered, “My uncle is the third elder of the Spiritual Yin Temple, that’s why they call him third brother.”

“Wow, his rank is so high,” said Lin Feng. That’s why the old man could take them here.

“But his rank isn’t as high and that elder there, he’s the Great Elder of the Spiritual Yin Temple and  in charge of the Evil Lake,” said Yin Jiu. Lin Feng nodded and looked at the old man.

The old man nodded at the other elders politely. Then he looked at the black-clothed elder at the front and smiled, “Brother, I just came back from the East with Yin Jiu. We had a bad premonition, as if something was about to happen in the Evil Lake. I was worried so I decided to come.

“Brother, we didn’t manage to kill Lin Feng. We didn’t manage to capture his wives and children, either. We have to get our revenge at some point, but the problem is that he’s also married to the Princess of the Great Huang Dynasty, so he’s the Prince of the Great Huang Dynasty.

“Therefore, I think he may cause trouble soon. I think he may come here with some strong cultivators to save the Second Prince of the Great Huang Dynasty,” the old man frowned. When Huang Nü heard that, she frowned and looked at Yin Jiu icily. Yin Jiu smiled wryly. He didn’t know why the old man was saying that, either.

“Let’s wait and see,” said Lin Feng to Huang Nü. He didn’t want her to act recklessly.

Huang Nü nodded and continued watching.

The leader of the guards looked furious, ice-cold lights emerged from his eyes when he heard that. “Makes sense. What do you think we should do?”

“Easy, the vice-leader and the leader are not here at the moment, and when they’re not here, you’re their substitute. You should take care of the issue,” said the old man. His expression was strange, though.

The old man pulled a long face. The Great Elder seemed extremely worried when he saw the old man looking that way, so he nodded, “Alright, you replace me here and I’ll go and gather some people. We can’t let Lin Feng and the others have their own way.”

“Brother, do you want me to go instead?” said the old man. He kept pretending to be credible.

The Great Leader naturally refused. He clapped the old man’s shoulder and smiled indifferently, “Third brother, you’re kind and helpful, but I’m in charge here and people only listen to me. They don’t listen to anyone else’s orders.”

“Alright, replace me here. I’m going,” said the Great Elder, then he flashed away and disappeared in the darkness of the night.

The old man watched the Great Elder disappear, but he still looked worried. He turned around and said to the other elders, “Brothers, we have to go inside the lake, later some people might arrive outside of it.”

“Third brother, shouldn’t we wait for our elder brother to return first?” asked an old man.

The old man frowned, “I’m replacing him here now. Go inside the lake. If Lin Feng finds the secret entrance of the lake and the prisoner, it would be a catastrophe for us.”

“Fourth brother, listen to our third brother.”

“Yes, don’t waste time. Hurry. We can’t afford to make a mistake,” said the elders after the old man. They all rose up in the air and flashed into the water.

The old man turned around and looked at Lin Feng, waving to tell them they could come in.

Lin Feng understood what the old man had done. By getting rid of those people, he had opened the way for Lin Feng and the others.

“Go, let’s go inside,” said Lin Feng, without wasting any time. He flashed ahead; Huang Nü, Yin Jiu and Tu Dao followed him.

The four of them dove into the Yin Lake. Lin Feng shivered because it was extremely cold inside; he had the impression his heart was going to freeze. It was much colder than outside.

Lin Feng and the others swam in the yin Qi several thousand meters. They finally arrived at the entrance of a corridor. It wasn’t very wide, only two meters across.

Lin Feng and Huang Nü entered the corridor. Huang Nü was holding the talisman of the Great Huang Dynasty, it was shaking more strongly. Huang Nü was very happy and looked at Lin Feng.

“Your Second Brother is here. I hope we can find him quickly,” said Lin Feng. He turned to Yin Jiu and Tu Dao, who released their godly awareness and inspected every single corner of the area.

“Lin Feng, my uncle contacted me telepathically, we have one minute only,” said Yin Jiu suddenly. One minute to save the prince? How could they save the prince in one minute? Even though they knew where he was thanks to the talisman, saving him in one minute was almost impossible.

“Husband, he’s over there,” said Huang Nü happily, starting to run. Lin Feng followed her closely.

Huang Nü’s talisman was trembling visibly. At the end of the corridor, she sensed her brother’s Qi.

“Husband, how is this possible?” Huang Nü was suddenly worried because there was nothing there but a bluestone.

Lin Feng frowned. He sensed some Qi and then smiled. “I see. The one who imprisoned your brother here controls space and time Dao as well.”

“Husband, you mean…?”

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