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Chapter 532: Rescue!


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Huang Nü was excited.

Lin Feng nodded, but he didn’t say anything. He gently pushed Huang Nü away and raised his hands, releasing a thick and dense space and time Qi which surrounded the bluestone. Then blue space and time energy started rotating.

Ten seconds, twenty seconds, thirty seconds, Huang Nü was extremely worried. Forty seconds passed, but nothing seemed to happen. Less than thirty seconds were left.

“Hurry up, my uncle said the old men already found out there is something wrong. They’re coming here,” said Yin Jiu. His face was ghastly pale. He was extremely nervous.

Lin Feng was covered with cold sweat. Even though his space and time Dao was at its maximum level, it didn’t mean he could easily break a space and time cage which had been created by another expert.

Ten seconds later, Lin Feng finally managed to break the space and time cage. He took a deep breath and looked at the bluestone break as a silhouette appeared.

“Second Brother?” Huang Nü started crying, she jumped in and hugged the man who had appeared.

A pretty and charming man in golden clothes appeared half a second later. He seemed touched and moved. “Fourth Sister? You… How’s this possible?”

But at that moment, Yin Jiu suddenly became even paler. He shouted, “Oh no! They’re coming! Hurry up and run!”

“Little Huang, you have to leave quickly! Otherwise, they’ll capture you,” said Lin Feng gravely.

“Husband, but you…” Huang Nü was extremely pale with fright. She knew what Lin Feng intended to do.

“No bullshit! Hurry up and run!” shouted Lin Feng, quickly pushing Huang Nü away. Huang Nü bit her lips; her eyes were wet but when she saw how determined Lin Feng looked, she took a deep breath and left with her Second Brother, who still looked confused.

“Tu Dao, Yin Jiu, leave!” shouted Lin Feng pushing the two men away. He stretched out his hands and released space and time Dao strength again.

After breaking the bluestone, making it condense again was extremely easy for him!

In five seconds, Lin Feng disappeared.

Just as Lin Feng disappeared, the old men arrived.

Yin Jiu’s uncle was extremely pale, he was with the old men. When he arrived, he sighed with relief. They were gone.

“Third brother, where do you want to take us?” asked the fourth elder gravely.

The old man took a deep breath. Since Lin Feng and the others were gone, he didn’t need to be worried, he said, “We’re patrolling and making sure there is nothing wrong going on, of course!”

“Third brother, to tell you the truth, I am afraid that you made an alliance with Lin Feng,” said the fourth elder gravely.

The other elders glanced at one another, and at the third elder suspiciously.

When the old man heard the other elders’ question, he was extremely nervous. He didn’t show it and he just asked, “Why do you say that?”

“Third brother, you were the last remaining elder in the East. Could it be that the elders of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and the Gods’ Government were less strong than you? You managed to escape, how come they didn’t manage to escape as well?” asked the fourth elder unhappily. He didn’t mind offending the third elder. He had to know the truth, regardless of the price.

The third elder had never had good relations with the fourth elder, so the other elders weren’t surprised to see them argue. It was nothing new.

“Fourth elder, I’ll tell you the truth, the other elders and you deserve to know,” replied the third elder. “You wonder why I didn’t get killed, right? So I’d like to ask you, who managed to escape death by sheer luck?” said the third elder. staring at the fourth elder.

The fourth elder groaned icily, “Tian Fan, Bai Qi, you, and Yin Jiu managed to escape, only the four of you.”

“Indeed, a cultivator of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, one from the Gods’ Government, Yin Jiu and I from the Spiritual Yin Temple. Lin Feng only killed the cultivators of the Elixir Temple, he’s smart.”

“Lin Feng let Tian Fan and Bai Qi leave because he’s wise. He knew that the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and the Gods’ Government can crush him as they wish, he can’t do anything against them. If he were alone, he wouldn’t really care, but he’s worried for his friends and family members, that’s why he let Tian Fan and Bai Qi run away.”

“Regarding Yin Jiu and me, he let us leave because he didn’t want to offend the Spiritual Yin Temple even more. The Spiritual Yin Temple isn’t a small group. He isn’t a moron.

“Therefore, in the end, he didn’t kill us for the same reasons he didn’t kill Tian Fan and Bai Qi.”

“What, fourth elder? You still have doubts?” said the third elder glumly. His eyes were filled with murder. The fourth elder was suddenly worried, knowing that the third elder was furious. However, since he had already offended the third elder, he wasn’t afraid.

“Hmph! I hope you’re not lying,” said the fourth elder, grunting icily. He had his hands clasped behind his back as he walked away.

The third elder looked at the fourth elder’s back and said to the others, “Everybody can disperse now and get back to their duties.”

“Alright, third brother, calm down. We all know there are tensions between you and the fourth elder.”

“Yes, third brother, we all know. We trust you.” The third elder was really happy to hear the other elders cheer him up, he still had friends.

“Thank you very much, brothers,” said the third elder cupping his fist to them and smiling.

The few people moved to different places and got back to their duties.

The third elder took a deep breath. That was a narrow escape!

The third elder glanced at the bluestone, he could sense that the Qi in there was strange. Had Lin Feng and the others failed to save the prisoner?

Suddenly, the third elder heard a familiar voice. “Third elder, take me out.”

It was Lin Feng’s voice. His expression suddenly changed as he glanced around, and when he saw the other elders hadn’t heard anything, he was relieved. He asked the bluestone, “Lin Feng, what are you doing inside?”

“I didn’t have time to escape, so I hid inside. Take me out.”

“Can you open the space without seeing me?” asked the old man hesitantly.

“Of course, just stand there,” said Lin Feng. The old man nodded. He stood in front of the bluestone motionless.

Lin Feng opened the space and time cage, he was used to it now. In less than a second, he managed to open it.

Lin Feng hid his Qi and turned into a beam of light, then hid inside the third elder’s ring.

The third elder touched his ring. Then he coughed and walked away. He walked past the fourth elder without stopping. He got ready to leave the Evil Lake.

“Slowly, third elder, what are you doing?” asked the fourth elder icily.

The third elder looked at him indifferently and ignored him, before disappearing from there.

The fourth elder looked at him angrily and clenched his fists. He was furious, and wanted to attack, but he controlled himself.

The third elder crossed the lake just as the Great Elder and twenty elders arrived there. They all had the strength of the third Godly Emperor Layer and above. The third elder swallowed when he saw them.

How dangerous! Even with superhuman powers, Lin Feng would have never been able to escape from there.

“Brother, they’re all guarding, there shouldn’t be any problems!” called out the third elder, talking first but keeping a distance.

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