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Chapter 533: Chasing Over a Long Distance!


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“Thank you for your hard work, third brother. You can go back,” said the Great Elder, smiling gratefully.

The third elder nodded and smiled casually, “Alright, brother, I need to go and have a rest. If you need anything, just call me.”

“No problem, go,” the Great Elder smiled. He didn’t notice anything wrong.

The third elder bowed hand over fist and flew away at an incredible speed. He didn’t want to waste any time because he knew that less than a minute from now, someone would notice that the space and time strength of the bluestone in the lake was broken.

At that moment, everybody would think the same thing; they would have doubts about him. All he could do now was fly away as fast as he could. He had to get to Tiantai in Gods’ City. It was the only way for him to be safe.

The third elder turned his head around and looked at the Spiritual Yin Temple, which was tens of thousands of years old. He couldn’t help but sigh. He didn’t feel like leaving, but he had no choice; it was a matter of life and death!

The third elder flew away. Lin Feng came out of the ring and flew at his side, moving as fast as they could. They had to be really quick, otherwise the others would catch up with them.


The Great Elder and the twenty Godly Emperors were outside, convinced everything would be fine.

However, suddenly, rumbling sounds spread in the air, and gigantic waves appeared on the surface of the lake. Very quickly, the fourth elder appeared in a panic. He looked at the Great Elder and shouted, “Brother! The Second Prince of the Great Huang Dynasty isn’t here anymore!”

“What did you say?” said the Great Elder. He initially seemed relaxed, but suddenly, he was extremely pale. He couldn’t believe it!

The fourth elder repeated what he had just said. At that moment, the Great Elder narrowed his eyes and thought of the third elder a moment before. He recalled that the third elder didn’t seem so relaxed and had talked to him from a hundred meters away. The third elder was probably afraid the Great Elder would notice something.

“Alright third elder, traitor!” whispered the Great Elder, clenching his fists in fury. He shouted to the twenty Godly Emperors behind him, “Chase them! No matter where they go, chase them! Bring the third elder back!”

“Brother, I’m going too,” said the fourth elder. In the past, if he had harmed the third elder, he would have been punished, but now he didn’t need to worry about that anymore.

“Yin Shan, let’s see what you intend to do now!”


The twenty Godly Emperors all followed Yin Shan’s Qi. The dozen elders who were in the lake came out. The atmosphere became extremely oppressive, and Qi hummed in the air.

Many people looked at the sky and flew to the Spiritual Yin Temple. They were curious to see what was going on there. Some people asked the members of the Spiritual Yin Temple what was going on, and were told about the traitor.

Yin Shan and Lin Feng were in the sky above the Illusion Forest. They couldn’t fly above the public road because some people of the Spiritual Yin Temple would probably wait there. Even though the forest was dangerous, it was much safer.

The two of them flew over a distance of one thousand li. They were both extremely worried, especially Yin Shan. He was now a traitor, so he had to be careful. If he got captured, he would be killed.

The Spiritual Yin Temple was a powerful group and famous for being guileful and cruel, sinister and ruthless. They resorted to horrible and violent methods when they killed their enemies, but for traitors, it was ten times worse. Yin Shan didn’t even dare think about what would happen if he got caught.

“I can sense lots of cold evil Qi behind us. We have to accelerate,” Lin Feng frowned. It was getting closer and closer. The members of the Spiritual Yin Temple were chasing them already.

Yin Shan also sensed the cruel and cold Qi behind him. He knew that kind of Qi quite well.

“Lin Feng, you go. I’m a traitor. I’ll stop them so that you have more time; that way, you’ll have more of a chance to survive. I just have one request; please take care of Yin Jiu. Don’t let him down because he’s a traitor.

“The only reason why he’s afraid of death is because of me. I’ve been raising him since he was a child. He’s ready to give up anything to live.

“I also know that he killed Yin Ba and Yin Qi, even if he didn’t do himself, I know it has something to do with him. I think you controlled him and made him kill them, right?

“But even if that’s the case, the person Yin Jiu admires the most now is you. He considers you his teacher now, so take care of him.”

“And I also want to tell you a secret, listen,” Yin Shan was very grave and serious.

Lin Feng stopped flying and looked at Yin Shan. Yin Shan whispered something in Lin Feng’s ear. Lin Feng’s expression changed in astonishment.

“Really…?” asked Lin Feng.

Yin Shan nodded. He took out half a silver talisman and and gave it to Lin Feng, “It’s a communication talisman, tell him. See you, Lin Feng!” said Yin Shan. His eyes were bloodshot now. He seemed extremely nervous; he was afraid of death, like Yin Jiu. But now, for Yin Jiu, he was ready to die!

Lin Feng took a deep breath. When he heard that secret, he understood that Yin Shan was honest. He had even more esteem for the old man.

“Master, I will tell him. See you,” said Lin Feng. He didn’t beg the old man to follow him, because it was going to be extremely complicated in any case. They were being chased by around thirty Godly Emperors, many of them with the strength of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer and above. It was completely different from what had happened in the East.

Lin Feng couldn’t afford to be emotional. He had to think of Tiantai, his dream. He couldn’t let anything have a negative impact on his dreams. Lin Feng wasn’t cruel, but he was reasonable, and since Yin Shan had made up his mind…

Lin Feng continued flying. Yin Shan flew in the opposite direction, towards their pursuers.

Very soon, Yin Shan bumped into the Great Elder and the others. The Great Elder looked at him in cold fury.

Yin Shan felt guilty, but he glared back at all the elders ferociously as well.

“You stopped here to protect the enemy? Who is he?” the Great Elder asked Yin Shan.

Yin Shan shook his head and paled, but he sounded determined. “Brother, forgive me for being a traitor.”

“You’re a traitor, so you must die. Fourth and fifth elders, kill him. The others, come with me,” sighed the Great Elder. He left, followed by the thirty Godly Emperors, moving at an incredible speed.

The fourth and fifth elders looked at Yin Shan with cruel intentions.


The Great Elder and the thirty Godly Emperors chased Lin Feng. Even though Lin Feng had the strength of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer and could fight against cultivators who were stronger than him by two cultivation layers, he still wasn’t as skilled as them in terms of speed. They were still faster than him.

So the Great Elder and the other elders were faster than Lin Feng. The worst was that the Great Elder’s speed Dao had reached its maximum level very quickly, Lin Feng appeared in his field of vision.

When the Great Elder saw Lin Feng, his eyes were filled with murder.

“Chase him! No matter how far he goes, chase him! He must die for making one of our most loyal elders betray us! If we let him off, he’ll become a threat to the Spiritual Yin Temple!”

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