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Chapter 534: Rushing Over to Rescue Lin Feng!


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Lin Feng used his full strength to fly as quickly as he could. The Great Elder and the Godly Emperors also used their full strength to chase after him.

After one day and one night, Lin Feng was still flying. His enemies were still chasing him. When Lin Feng turned his head around, he could see the densely packed group. The Great Elder was the one who was the closest, only ten thousand meters away.

Lin Feng was exhausted after a full day of flying as quickly as he could. Of course, the Great Elder and the others were probably exhausted as well. Lin Feng noticed they were probably tired because they were slowing down.

Lin Feng took out three blood pills and threw them in his mouth. Pure Qi slowly invaded his body again, and his speed increased again. In the blink of an eye, thirty thousand meters separated them.

The Great Elder’s expression changed drastically. How had Lin Feng’s speed increased so much all of a sudden? Did he have special pills or a precious item which could increase his speed?

Thinking about that, the Great Elder took out the only pill he had in his ring. It was a pure pill which doubled a cultivator’s pure Qi for half an hour.

The Great Elder took a deep breath and put the pill in his mouth. He swallowed it, and the pill hadn’t even reached its stomach before he could already sense his pure Qi boiling in his body. He raised his head towards the sky and pure Qi rolled in waves around him. Usually, cultivators used that pill to break through, but the Great Elder had decided to use it to chase Lin Feng.

“Continue following us, I’m accelerating!” shouted the Great Elder. He flashed forwards and sped up. Thanks to that pure Qi boost, he would be able to continue chasing Lin Feng for a few hours without being too exhausted.

Lin Feng turned his head around and saw the Great Elder, now ten thousand meters away from him again. The distance which separated them continued decreasing.

The Great Elder shouted furiously, “Lin Feng, stop! You can’t escape! If you swear allegiance to the Spiritual Yin Temple, I may spare your life! Otherwise, you’re going to die!”

The Great Elder continued flying as quickly as he could. He was now less than eight thousand meters away from Lin Feng.

“Old man, you’re not the only one who wants to kill me, but I’m still alive. Therefore, if you want to save energy, forget about me and go back to your elder job,” replied Lin Feng, smiling coldly. Lin Feng took two more blood pills and sped up again. The two blood pills were the last ones he had.

He was extremely worried. The Great Elder’s Qi had increased a lot, and he would probably manage to catch up with him sooner or later. If the Great Elder managed to slow him down, then the thirty other Godly Emperors would also catch up with them.

But Lin Feng didn’t want to give up. Tian Di hadn’t managed to kill him, so how could an elder of the Spiritual Yin Temple do so?


Lin Feng continued fleeing. The Great Elder groaned icily, as the distance between him and Lin Feng kept decreasing.

The atmosphere was oppressive and Qi whistled past. The beasts in the Illusion Forest stopped roaring. It was as if Lin Feng and the Great Elder were the last people in the world, one chasing the other.

“Lin Feng, stop trying, let yourself be captured,” said the Great Elder. His pure Qi was extremely powerful, and his face was red. He didn’t seem exhausted at all, and he was flying faster and faster. Lin Feng was already exhausted. He had no blood pills left, and his pure Qi had become unstable. He didn’t have much brightness strength anymore either, since he needed pure Qi to use brightness strength.

“Old grouch! You’re the one who should get captured!” said Lin Feng. He was in danger, he knew it, but he tried not to think about it. He had already crossed half of the Illusion Forest. Half a day and he’d arrive in Gods’ City.

But Lin Feng knew that at this speed, the Great Elder would definitely catch up with him, and if that happened, he’d die.

But he couldn’t let that happen. Lin Feng glanced at the forest and suddenly, his eyes gleamed. Indeed! Why was he flying at such a high altitude? If he entered the forest, the Great Elder wouldn’t be able to chase him that easily anymore.

Besides, Lin Feng was sure that after going back to Gods’ City, Huang Nü had probably sent cultivators to rescue him, so Lin Feng could waste time in the depths of the forest.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng took a deep breath and suddenly dove down to the dense and thick forest, full of trees and rocks.

Lin Feng wasn’t very familiar with the geography of the forest but he had already been there so he remembered a few things. In the forest, he was definitely better off than the Great Elder.

The Great Elder was initially quite confident, but now that Lin Feng had disappeared into the forest, he was anxious.

“Little bastard, you surprisingly decided to take that way…” The Great Elder was absolutely furious. Most people didn’t dare go inside the forest, but Lin Feng wasn’t afraid of death, so he was ready to take risks to survive.

“Hmph! I don’t think you can escape,” said the Great Elder. After thinking for a few seconds, he also decided to go into the forest.


It was already dark and it wasn’t easy to cross the forest in the darkness. It was pitch-black in there, but Lin Feng’s godly aura was dazzling, nothing could hide it completely.

Lin Feng hid his godly aura and recalled his Qi completely, so the Great Elder could not see him. That way, Lin Feng would be able to see the Great Elder, but the Great Elder wouldn’t be able to see him.


The atmosphere was tense there. But on the other side of the forest, the atmosphere was extremely heavy as well. Huang Nü, Yan Di, Tu Ba, Han Da Li, Tu Dao and a group of Godly Emperors were there. They were extremely worried about Lin Feng, and flying in his direction.

They flew over a distance of three thousand li and reached the center of the forest.

“Sister, there are lights over there in the forest,” said Yan Di at that moment. He pointed a pale light in the distance.

“It’s a godly aura,” said Huang Nü.

“Is it Lin Feng’s?” asked Tu Ba.

Yan Di shook his head and said, “No matter whose it is, we should go and see. We can’t miss any opportunity to save Lin Feng.”

“Let’s go,” said Huang Nü. She was holding her spear, and the first one who flew down. Yan Di and the others followed. They were about fifty cultivators with them!

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    What happened to his cloning technique?
    Why his small world isn’t anything special anymore? He could use it more often and more effective in first story! No one else except him has a small world in his body!
    This version of lin feng looks dumb and need others to save him most of the time

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    why in pmg1 they said that after Zun qi layer dont need pure qi to fly, And why dont they just kill this Prince why make so much effort just to imprison him alive

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    the Great Elder eat 1 pill that can boost his qi for half hour.
    but next it said he will not exhausted in few hours..

    really nigga?

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