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Chapter 535: Coming Back Safe and Sound!

Chapter 535: Coming Back Safe and Sound!

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Lin Feng raised his head and saw some Godly Emperors, and recognized that Qi. When he sensed that Qi, he was relieved; some people were there to rescue him. If they hadn’t arrived in a timely manner, a battle against the Great Elder would have been inevitable, and the consequences would have been tragic.

With Huang Nü, Yan Di and the others, Lin Feng had nothing to fear anymore. If the Great Elder continued and tried to kill him, Lin Feng would make him pay the price.

The Great Elder of the Spiritual Yin Temple also saw the Godly Emperors in the sky. When he saw them, his heart twitched. Those weren’t the strong cultivators he had brought. His people controlled evil Qi, but that wasn’t evil Qi…

He didn’t recognize those threads of Qi, and didn’t feel safe. He wasn’t stupid; he knew that those people were probably here to save Lin Feng.

“I missed an opportunity, now killing Lin Feng will be extremely difficult.” The Great Elder was standing in the depths of the forest, watching the strong cultivators who kept coming closer and closer. He was extremely worried, but he had no choice; he had to leave or he would be killed.

“It’s fate. It means that little boy isn’t supposed to die now,” Sighed the Great Elder after hesitating for a few minutes. He stopped chasing Lin Feng and left.

The Great Elder left. Huang Nü and Yan Di flew in the direction of the godly auras.

“Chase the light!” shouted Yan Di to the dozen Godly Emperors behind him. This time, the wheel of fortune had turned; this time, it wasn’t the Great Elder who was chasing Lin Feng, but Yan Di who was chasing the Great Elder!

Lin Feng looked at the Great Elder who was fleeing in panic. Yan Di and thirty Godly Emperors chased him. A broad grin appeared on Lin Feng’s face.

Huang Nü followed Lin Feng’s Qi to him. Lin Feng saw her arrive, she had tears in her eyes. She flashed straight into Lin Feng’s arms. She was so afraid to lose him all the time.

Lin Feng smiled happily and tapped her back, saying, “I’m alright, don’t cry. I’m here.”

“Husband, if anything happened to you, I would never forgive myself,” Huang Nü nodded. Then she stepped backwards and looked at him, feeling guilty. She would have never forgiven herself if anything had happened to Lin Feng because he had gone to save her Second Brother. Her Second Brother was safe, so it would have been a nightmare if anything had happened to Lin Feng because he had saved him.

She had gone back and informed Lin Feng’s fellow disciples in Tiantai about his situation, and they had all come to help him, but Huang Nü had felt that his fellow disciples were mad at her. She had almost panicked because of that.

Yan Di had brought over forty strong cultivators to go and rescue Lin Feng. Lin Feng was safe and sound, though.

After a long time, Yan Di and thirty Godly Emperors came back. They looked grim. Lin Feng knew that they had bumped into some of the Godly Emperors the Great Elder had brought, and if they had continued fighting, they would have lost even more people.

It was only the beginning of Tiantai in the continent, and they had already lost so many cultivators. Yan Di didn’t want to be held responsible for that, so he decided not to continue chasing them and let the Great Elder off.

“Let’s go back,” said Lin Feng, heading back, and now followed by a dozen Godly Emperors.


Half a day later, they arrived in Gods’ City and Tiantai.

Everybody was relived when he arrived, especially his fellow disciples. Lin Feng was the future of Tiantai, so nothing could happen to him. If anything happened to Lin Feng, then Tiantai would collapse.

When Lin Feng arrived, he saw Yin Jiu standing at the gate of Tiantai, patiently waiting for him. When Yin Jiu saw him, he was extremely happy. He asked, “Brother Lin Feng, where is my uncle?”

He seemed excited. Lin Feng remained silent and thought of what Yin Shan had told him. He didn’t know what to tell Yin Jiu. How would he react?

Yin Jiu noticed that Lin Feng remained silent, he turned solemn and paled.

“What’s wrong, Brother Lin Feng? My uncle…?” Yin Jiu already understood, but he wanted Lin Feng to tell him the truth.

“Master Yin Shan didn’t manage to escape,” said Lin Feng sighing. He felt guilty and responsible. In the heat of the moment, he hadn’t felt guilty, but now that he had calmed down, he regretted what had been done.

When Yin Jiu heard Lin Feng, he paled even more. Yin Shan had always taken care of him, like a father. Yin Jiu had always lacked fatherly love, but Yin Shan had made his life much better. Without Yin Shan, Yin Jiu would have died a long time ago.

Yin Jiu was devastated. He sat down in the corridor and didn’t say anything. Lin Feng stood on the flight of stairs and grabbed the half talisman Yin Shan had given him. He didn’t know how to give it to Yin Jiu.

“Husband, my Second Brother wants to see you,” said Huang Nü, smiling at Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded and put the talisman away. He decided not to give it to Yin Jiu for the time being. The best thing to do was to give Yin Jiu time to calm down.

Lin Feng followed Huang Nü. They left Tiantai and went to the Great Huang Dynasty a few hundred li away.

It took them less than ten minutes to arrive.

Lin Feng and Huang Nü entered the palace. The guards didn’t stop them; Lin Feng had influence in the Great Huang Dynasty, he was the Princess’ husband. Former members and new members all acknowledged Lin Feng.

Lin Feng and Huang Nü entered the palace; it was simple inside, yet looked ancient. Huang Nü had brought her brother there.

Lin Feng had saved her Second Brother really quickly, so he hadn’t had time to study the man.

The Second Brother also looked at Lin Feng. When he learned that that man who saved him was his sister’s husband, he was happy, and had even more esteem for Lin Feng. He also sensed some pure dragon Qi from Lin Feng’s body.

He was the former vice leader of the Great Huang Dynasty and he had seen pure dragon Qi emerge from his grandfather. Lin Feng also had pure dragon Qi which, in the Second Brother’s eyes, meant his future was unlimited!

The Second Brother was satisfied to see his sister was married with to a man like that, on top of being saved by him. Without Lin Feng, maybe that he would have been stuck in the space and time cage forever!

“Brother, thank you for saving me. I am thanking you in the name of the entire Great Huang Dynasty,” said the Second Prince, standing up and bowing hand over fist gratefully.

Lin Feng smiled at Huang Nü and her Second Brother, “Don’t be so polite. It is normal that I saved you. It’s also for Little Huang; with you here, she is under less pressure. She went through so much to bring the Great Huang Dynasty back to life, and I hope her brother can support her,” said Lin Feng. He didn’t really care about the Second Prince, he cared about Huang Nü and he wanted someone to help her.

The Second Prince understood what Lin Feng was trying to say, but he wasn’t angry because Lin Feng was right. He didn’t know him, but he cared about the Great Huang Dynasty.

“Brother, you’re right; since I’m out, I’ll do my best to make the Great Huang Dynasty rise properly and become as prestigious and powerful as it used to be back in the days!” declared the Second Prince, glancing at his sister. Huang Nü and her Second Brother had the best relations among her siblings, which was why Huang Nü had been so impatient to save him when she had heard her brother was there.

Now that Lin Feng and her brother were all safe, she was extremely happy!

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