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Chapter 536: Tiantai’s Great Ceremony!


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Time passed quickly. Four days later, something else attracted worldwide attention: Tiantai’s grand ceremony! People from everywhere in the Continent of the Gods came to Gods’ City. In only a few days, Gods’ City was bigger and more crowded than the Gods’ Government. It almost looked like Godsland.

There were millions and millions of people. The leader of Gods’ City was under great pressure. Gods’ City was becoming bigger and bigger, more and more powerful; truly, it was a good thing. The Great Huang Dynasty and Tiantai were now standing aloft in town. Gods’ City would rise even more in the future.

Now, people spoke less and less about the Six Groups, Five Governments, or Four Temples; most people spoke about the Great Huang Dynasty, Tiantai, and the Alliance of Gods’ City, then they talked about the Gods’ Government, the Three Dynasties, and the New Snow Region.

The new world order was becoming more and more stable, and it would be difficult to destroy it in the future.

Feng Qi Mountain was extremely lively on today. It kept shaking under people’s feet. Some of them had received Lin Feng’s invitation, some others hadn’t. Many of them were people who had broken through back then when they had seen him fighting as Young Master Zhu Tian.

On that day, Lin Feng hadn’t thought that so many would break through thanks to him. Many of them had even broken through to the Godly Emperor Layer thanks to him. Thanks to them, their respective groups had also started rising, so the fact that they came to Tiantai was normal. It was a sign of respect.

At the beginning, Lin Feng didn’t think those people would stay, but after a long time, they were still there.

Lin Feng knew that those people were there for the ceremony of Tiantai, so he went to greet them personally. The leaders of those groups were seated high up in Tiantai, but of course, they were at different altitudes.

Those people all considered Lin Feng a friend. The cultivators of the Alliance of Gods’ City were also high up in status. They had to come, of course, especially for Lin Zhe Tian, since he was Lin Feng’s son.

Yan Di had also successfully become the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty’s leader, the only one. He represented the future of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. Yan Chang was the branch’s leader, the only one. He was in charge of the Evolution and Celestial Branches.

The two brothers were also there for Tiantai’s grand ceremony.

The Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty and Lin Feng didn’t maintain relations, but the heir of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty, the real one, Fu Su Rong, sent some people to congratulate him. Lin Feng was done with Yi Ren Lei and Fu Su Rong, he didn’t like them at all, but since the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty had sent some people to congratulate him, he didn’t reject them. He would have felt embarrassed if he had.

Regarding the Heaven and Earth and the Celestial Sun Temples, Lin Feng didn’t have contacts with them, but because of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, the Celestial Sun Temple had come to congratulate Lin Feng. They were neutral and had no enemies. The Celestial Sun Temple was very discreet.

The Great Huang Dynasty and the Snow Region came as well, obviously. Huang Nü and Meng Qing were among the first ones to arrive.

Many other groups also decided not to come, such as the Gods’ Government, the Spiritual Yin Temple, the Elixir Temple, and the Celestial Emperors Dynasty… It proved one thing: Tian Di, one of the most dignified and majestic cultivators on the continent, didn’t acknowledge Tiantai’s existence.

Many people tried to understand why, what was the reason? Did Tian Di intend to start a war against Tiantai, and more precisely Lin Feng? Or was he just indifferent?

Lin Feng didn’t care about Tian Di and the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. The problem was that many people in the continent were still on Tian Di’s side.

Therefore, Tiantai rising would be complicated in such circumstances. There would be three options regarding Tiantai and the Celestial Emperors Dynasty: small conflicts now and then, a peaceful resolution, or a great war.


At noon, the sun was high up in the sky. Everybody heard fireworks, hundreds and hundreds of them. The sound of the explosions echoed everywhere in Gods’ City and around it.

Dazzling lights appeared in the sky, Many Godly Emperors were there, high up in the sky.

“Yan Di, Leader of Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, congratulations Tiantai! Our gift to Tiantai is nine Celestial Evolution Pills.”

“Lin Zhe Tian, Leader of the Alliance of Gods’ City, congratulations father, congratulations Tiantai! Our gift to Tiantai is eight Earth Shaking Towers.”

“Gan Ying, vice-leader of the Heaven and Earth Temple, congratulations Leader Lin, our gift to Tiantai is ten Heaven and Earth Pills!”

“Meng Qing from the New Snow Region, congratulations my dear husband, our gift to Tiantai is a supreme gift of the Snow Region!”

“Huang Shan, leader of the Great Huang Dynasty, congratulations my dear son-in-law, our gift to Tiantai is the Huang Teng Hua seed!”

Lin Feng was standing in the middle of the stage, wearing fine clothes. He was wearing his hair in a bun. He seemed extremely lively and full of vitality. He kept bowing hand over fist politely, even in front of his wives and child.

However, when his father-in-law Huang Shan announced what his gift was, Lin Feng blushed. Other people didn’t know what the Hua Teng Hua seed was, but Little Huang and Lin Feng did, so they were embarrassed.

Huang Nü was standing at the top of the stage and went red, glaring at her father angrily. Godly Emperor Huang burst into laughter. He was very happy. His son-in-law now had his own influential group, and had saved his second son!

The Second Prince was standing next to Godly Emperor Huang. When he heard his father, he knew that his sister wasn’t a virgin anymore, and he understood that Lin Feng had deflowered her. In other words, Lin Feng and Huang Nü were officially married.

“The Ten Thousand Buddha Sect congratulates Leader Lin for his success. May Buddha be Praised!”

Tian Chi’s teacher put his palms together and lowered his head. He also started chanting a mantra, and dazzling Buddha lights appeared. The atmosphere was filled with holy Buddhist lights. It was Buddha Dao strength.

After that, around twenty more leaders greeted Lin Feng and gave him gifts. Lin Feng thanked them all. In the future, Tiantai and those influential groups would have excellent relations, and would never become enemies.

“Please sit down, everybody!” shouted Lin Feng, opening his arms. All the leaders sat down opposite Lin Feng.

“Everybody, it’s an honor for me to receive all of you today. From now on, if you ever need anything, I, and Tiantai in general, would be glad to help.

“Your presents are wonderful. I will give you presents back, but not today, of course. When you all go back to your respective groups, I will send people to bring you gifts.

“Now, let’s toast. Let’s drink! To us! To everybody’s good health! Down!” shouted Lin Feng happily. His dream was finally coming true. Tiantai was alive in the Continent of the Gods. It wasn’t a tiny little group from the Continent of the Nine Clouds anymore, it was expanding in the great world.

Lin Feng and all the guests downed their glasses. The only one who wasn’t drinking alcohol was Ancestor Fo, who drank water.

After downing three glasses, the atmosphere in Tiantai was extremely lively. Everybody exchanged views on cultivation but nobody leveled up.

However, Lin Feng had a bad premonition.

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