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Chapter 537: Why Would I Listen to You?


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The members of the Gods’ Government, the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and the Spiritual Yin Temple didn’t come. Would Tian Di leave the matter at that, though? Many people had refused to apply his decree, so how would he react? People knew he was a plotter.

Lin Feng hadn’t forgotten what Di Tian had told him when he had come before.

Boom boom boom!…

Lin Feng’s expression suddenly changed. He heard explosions. Everybody put their glasses down and raised their heads.

A dense and dark group of people was coming in. Lin Feng narrowed his eyes.

He recognized many people: Tian Di, the leader of the Gods’ Government, Tian Fan, Si Ma Yan, Fu Su Rong, and Yan Ran Xue…

It seemed that all the famous cultivators of the continent who hadn’t come were now here.

Lin Feng and his fellow disciples from Tiantai frowned. Ruo Xie stood up and walked over to his teacher, Mister Zun Xie, and whispered something in his ear. Mister Zun Xie glanced at his disciple and slowly nodded.

Tian Chi walked over to Ancestor Fo and also whispered something in his ear. Ancestor Fo raised his head and chanted a mantra.

The members of the Great Huang Dynasty all stood up and walked over to Huang Nü and the godly beasts. Many strangers also came up next to the godly beasts.

Feng Ling Zi, the tortoise’s great disciple, had come back. Even though the Azure Dragon wasn’t there, Li Chuan was, but that just meant that the Azure Dragon wasn’t far away, he was just hiding.

The atmosphere became heavy and tense. Qi hummed. The sunlight even became much paler because the energies blotted out the sky.

“The atmosphere seems lively here,” said the leader of the Gods’ Government mockingly, breaking the silence.

“What are you doing here?” demanded Lin Feng, frowning sternly.

The Gods’ Government’s leader smiled icily, “We came to congratulate you, Leader Lin. You’re having a great ceremony, and we had to come, of course. Don’t you think?” When he said that, all the strong cultivators behind him smiled sarcastically.

Lin Feng knew that they weren’t there to congratulate him, they came to cause trouble. Actually, Lin Feng had anticipated that something like that would happen. How could Tian Di leave the matter at that? Everybody knew how he was. He was a petty and vile person. He wouldn’t let Lin Feng rise peacefully.

“Stop talking shit. What do you want? I know you’re here to cause trouble. To what extent, though?” said Lin Feng, interrupting the leader of the Gods’ Government, and releasing a whistling Qi.

The smile of leader of the Gods’ Government stiffened. He narrowed his eyes and said icily, “Does that even make a difference?”

“Of course there is a difference. If you want to completely destroy Tiantai, then you didn’t bring enough people,” replied Lin Feng, waving his hand. A hundred Godly Emperors appeared behind him, as well as five hundred Half-Godly Emperors.

At the same time, Ancestor Fo and Mister Zun Xie also stood up. Ancestor Fo put his palms together. Mister Zun Xie had his hands clasped in his back and was facing the wind. He looked at the party-crashers icily.

The leader of the Gods’ Government suddenly looked both grim and nervous. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would manage to gather so many strong cultivators in such a short time. Tiantai’s ceremony wasn’t even over, and they had already almost surpassed the Four Temples and had even almost caught up with the Three Dynasties in terms of strength.

“Tian Di, tell me, I know you want to cause trouble, but how? Just go ahead, I don’t mind, even if our two sides start a huge deadly war. Even if you win, you’ll suffer great losses. In the end, the Great Huang Dynasty and the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty will join hands and get rid of you. What do you think?” said Lin Feng. How could he let Tian Di and the enemies treat him like a pushover? Lin Feng didn’t intend to acknowledge allegiance to him, and he wasn’t going to sit and wait for death.

Since his enemies threatened him, he had no choice but to try and scare them as well. He raised his head and waved, the hundred Godly Emperors all took a step forwards and shouted in unison. Their voices echoed for a few minutes.

Tian Di narrowed his eyes. In normal times, no matter what Lin Feng said, Tian Di could ignore him. But now it was different; there were a hundred Godly Emperors ready to fight in front of him. In such circumstances, he couldn’t make Tiantai submit to him.

What he needed to do now was to recruit high-level cultivators; two hundred more Godly Emperors, then join hands with the Elixir Temple, the Spiritual Yin Temple, and the Gods’ Government, and then he’d be able to destroy Tiantai.

However, he could do such things only once, because people would be furious if he did that. Tian Di knew that if he offended too many people, the situation could quickly become dangerous, so he had tried to avoid doing that for as long as he could.

But it didn’t mean he could remain silent and let Lin Feng do whatever he wished. He was Tian Di, after all!

Thinking about that, Tian Di took a deep breath and said grimly, “Lin Feng, have Tiantai disperse. That’s your only solution.”

“Make Tiantai disperse? Why?” Lin Feng frowned.

“Because I do not allow you to create Tiantai! I forbid you!” stated Tian Di icily. He looked dignified and majestic. It had always been his way of doing things, that’s the way he was.

When the crowd heard Tian Di, they sighed. Tian Di had always been like this, for tens of thousands of years. He hadn’t changed.

When Tian Di said something, it was a decree; it was the law, and people had to obey. When he said something was forbidden, it was forbidden!

The atmosphere became very tense when he said that. His words were like needles. Many people sighed and looked at Lin Feng. How was he going to react?

Tian Di was furious. If Lin Feng contradicted him again, maybe Tian Di would kill him. He might even manage to destroy Tiantai.

Everybody stopped talking. Tian Di remained silent as well, waiting for Lin Feng to reply. Godly Emperor Blood was seated high up on the stage and continued drinking, ignoring Tian Di.

Lin Feng knew that everybody was looking at him. He also knew that his answer would be of utter importance. Tiantai’s future was in his hands. However, Lin Feng wasn’t afraid at all.

Lin Feng smiled mockingly. When people saw his expression, they were extremely nervous, they could imagine what he was going to say.

“So, you think that because you forbid me from doing something, I will obey?

“Tian Di, I respect you as an older man. You’re very old and you have a very high cultivation level, which is rare. Having survived despite your pettiness probably wasn’t easy, either.

“However, Master, don’t get involved in Tiantai’s affairs. Tiantai is not the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, so mind your business!

“Why would you care about other people’s affairs? What makes you think you’re so special? You’re just the leader of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, you’re not an ultimate ruler. There is no ultimate ruler in the Continent of the Gods. You’re just the leader of a group, among many others.

“Master, your duty nowadays is to protect the Continent of the Gods and someday, when there’s an ultimate ruler, you’ll just be his slave.

“Hehe, I know you’re a vile and petty person, so I’ll stop saying things you don’t like hearing, otherwise you’d probably burst into fury,” finished Lin Feng, smiling broadly. However, everybody’s hair bristled in astonishment. Lin Feng dared talk to Tian Di like that? Didn’t Lin Feng fear Tian Di at all?

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