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Chapter 538: Witnessing Incredible Things!


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Tian Di’s face was distorted with fury, he clenched his fists hard enough to crackle them. His eyes were filled with murder. His deadly energies started filling the sky of Gods’ City. Some ferocious wild beasts far away crouched down and didn’t dare stand back up.

Many people in Tiantai had the strength of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer, but they couldn’t resist such energies either. Lin Feng sensed the terrifying strength bear down on him, and groaned with pain. He released as much brightness strength as he could to resist the energy.

The only ones who seemed fine were Godly Emperor Blood, Mister Zun Xie, and Ancestor Fo. They all had the strength of the top of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer.

“Lin Feng, it’s been a very, very long time since the last time someone dared talk to me that way. If I don’t kill you, doesn’t it make me pathetic and ridiculous?” said Tian Di coldly. He was completely infuriated inside. He looked indifferent, but everybody knew how he felt. The temperature quickly fell, the cold like blades on people’s skin.

Lin Feng could see that Tian Di was furious and wanted to crush him. He also understood that a deadly battle was inevitable. If he lost, Tiantai would be completely destroyed. If he won, Tian Di would never pester him again.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng took a deep breath. Since Tian Di was ready to fight, why not add fuel to the fire?

Lin Feng smiled tauntingly, then he looked at Yan Chang and Yan Di and shouted loudly, “Where are the twenty Godly Emperors who chased me back then?”

“In my ring!” shouted Yan Chang, throwing his ring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng caught the ring, then blue lights flashed and twenty Godly Emperors appeared, as well as two people in black clothes. The two men in black clothes were two of the three men in black who had tried to help Di Shu with his plot back then. The leader of the group was already dead.

When the twenty Godly Emperors appeared, Tian Di stilled his hands. He had a bad premonition, and his heart twitched. The Celestial Emperors Dynasty and the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty had fought a war because of these people not very long ago.

Now the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty had handed them over to Lin Feng, just like that. Tian Di hated the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty even more!

The twenty Godly Emperors had been stuck inside that ring for several months already. When they saw Tian Di, they all looked touched and moved.

“Haha, Great Master Tian Di, you finally came to save us! Haha! I knew that nobody could resist Great Master Tian Di!” exclaimed the leader of the group happily, bursting into laughter. He had hope again.

“Lin Feng, even if you were resuscitated after we killed you, so what? Would you dare kill us? Haha! Great Leader Tian Di is here, you’re just the tiny leader of Xuan Yuan City, you think you can resist Great Leader Tian Di?!”

“Lin Feng, you better let us go now! Kowtow a few times as well and we might spare your life, otherwise, we’ll definitely kill you!”

“And people from the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, you dared offend the Celestial Emperors Dynasty! The Celestial Emperors Dynasty will probably start a war against you, you hadn’t thought that you could become the second Great Huang Dynasty, right?”

The few Godly Emperors were all shouting furiously. They thought the whole issue was solved because Tian Di was there. But nobody paid attention to what they said, and on the contrary, the atmosphere became even tenser and more oppressive. The temperature also dropped further.

The few Godly Emperors noticed that there was something wrong, so they glanced at Lin Feng, and then at Mister Zun Xie, then at Ancestor Fo, and finally at Godly Emperor Blood. Slowly, their expressions changed. They saw they were surrounded by a hundred Godly Emperors, and their hearts twitched.

These people were on Lin Feng’s side…? How was that possible?

Then, they all looked at Tian Di again. They hoped Tian Di would reply to their questions. What was going on? Tian Di just looked grim and said nothing.

Now those people knew there was something very strange going on. They had been a bit too naive just before. Were all these people really on Lin Feng’s side?

The leader of the group of Godly Emperors looked at Lin Feng, then he glanced around and asked, “What’s going on here?”

“Tian Di, I want to do something great in front of you,” said Lin Feng, ignoring those newly-released Godly Emperors. Everybody stared at him.

Lin Feng smiled mockingly.He raised his left hand, and the Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation appeared.

Tian Di looked extremely grim. The leader of the Gods’ Government looked at the cauldron greedily. Mister Zun Xie and Ancestor Fo stared at it.

“Everybody, this is Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation. I’m sure everybody knows about this cauldron and its power.

“Today, all those who pledge allegiance to Tiantai will obtain a blood pill. I’m sure everybody knows what blood pills are good for. Back in the days, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor used them to raise his disciples and demon generals. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t mind giving everybody blood pills to prove that I am trustworthy. What do you all think?” shouted Lin Feng loudly, glancing around. Many people stared at the Blood Cauldron greedily.

“Haha! Do you even need to ask such a thing?! Young Master Zhu Tian, of course we support you! The Dragon Sect supports and acknowledges allegiance to Tiantai.”

“And the Wind and Moon Sect.”

“Yong Ding Sect.”

“Kui Sect!”…

Very quickly, about thirty first-class influential groups from everywhere acknowledged allegiance to Tiantai. Tian Di looked even more unhappy. He was afraid. He now understood what Lin Feng intended to do.

“Everybody, the twenty Godly Emperors in front of me are those who savagely destroyed my primordial spirit back in the days. I don’t know where they’re from and I don’t know whose orders they obeyed, but I really would like to have my revenge.

“So I will use them to make blood pills and I will give them to you. What do you think?” shouted Lin Feng, glancing around again.

When the different leaders heard Lin Feng, they all shouted they agreed. Only idiots would have refused blood pills. They didn’t care about Tian Di.

It instantly proved how influential Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor used to be. If he hadn’t been the victim of Tian Di and his father’s plot, Tian Di would have never been revered the way he had for a hundred thousand years.

Lin Feng smiled cruelly, glancing at Tian Di to infuriate him even more. Tian Di’s eyes were bloodshot, but he wasn’t going to prevent Lin Feng from using the twenty Godly Emperors from making blood pills. He wanted to use those people’s death to become even angrier.

By witnessing those people’s death, he would thoroughly burst into fury. He would first let Lin Feng refine blood pills, and then he’d kill him.

Lin Feng knew perfectly well what Tian Di was thinking but he didn’t care; he wanted to kill the people who had destroyed his primordial spirit in the past.

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