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Chapter 539: Who’s Afraid of Whom?


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“You destroyed my primordial spirit, so now I will destroy your corporeal bodies. I’ll use your souls to make blood pills. I think they’ll be of good quality.

“No need to look at me like that. You acknowledged allegiance to Tian Di, and he doesn’t care about you, see? Is he trying to save you? You didn’t think something like this would happen someday, right?” Lin Feng said to the twenty Godly Emperors caustically.

The Godly Emperors were terrified, except the leader of the group who kept himself calm. He asked, “Aren’t you afraid Tian Di will burst into fury?”

“What do you think?” Lin Feng replied, smiling icily. The man understood; he closed his eyes and gave up.

“Since you’re asking for it, I’ll kill you first,” said Lin Feng, glancing at the leader of the group. The man had the strength of the second Godly Emperor Layer. In the past, he was extremely strong compared to Lin Feng, but now Lin Feng could easily destroy cultivators of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer, so he didn’t need to respect him anymore.

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and grabbed the man’s head. Everybody, including Tian Di, looked at Lin Feng with their eyes wide.

Phwap! Boom! His head exploded. Flesh and blood splashed on Lin Feng’s face. A bright soul appeared, and Lin Feng smiled coldly. The soul was drawn into the cauldron.

“Second!” said Lin Feng, looking at a second Godly Emperor. The same thing happened.

Phwap, boom! Flesh exploded, no skeleton was left, only a perfect soul remained. The soul wanted to escape, but Lin Feng didn’t give him any opportunity. He put the soul inside the cauldron as well.

“Third one!” said Lin Feng. The Godly Emperors were terrified and devastated when they heard Lin Feng. There was no more hope for them. Lin Feng was so cruel. Tian Di was still there, and just watching Lin Feng destroy his loyal Godly Emperors and turn them into blood pills.

How could Tian Di endure it? Many people shuddered in fear.

They didn’t know that Tian Di was clenching his fists so hard that his nails were piercing through his palms and he was bleeding. He did all he could to control himself.

“Eighth one…”

“Ninth one.”

“Fifteenth one…”

Lin Feng killed the Godly Emperors one after another. He was taking his revenge on the people who had destroyed his primordial spirit, and he was doing it right in front of Tian Di. Tian Di was almost a picture of impotent fury.

Lin Feng didn’t care whether Tian Di was furious or not, sad or not, he just knew that he had suffered a lot, and he wanted to make his enemies suffer at least ten times more than he had suffered.

“Twenty-sixth one.”

“Twenty-seventh one.”

Lin Feng raised his left hand and crushed the last Godly Emperor. The last head exploded and the Blood Cauldron absorbed the last soul.

“Yan Di, catch!”

After that, Lin Feng threw the Blood Cauldron at Yan Di. Yan Di caught it.

“They’re dead. Now it’s your turn!” swore Tian Di, jumping and throwing a punch. It was like ten thousand dragons started roaring suddenly. A million tons of energy appeared in a killing wave.

Lin Feng knew that Tian Di would try to kill him after he killed the Godly Emperors. That’s why he had thrown the Blood Cauldron to Yan Di in a timely manner. Now Yan Di just had to wait for the blood pills to be completely finished.

“Old grouch, you want to do the same thing as your father? Back in the days, your father killed the Demon Emperor for you, so you want to kill me for your son?” sneered Lin Feng. He turned into a beam of light and released as much as brightness and Great Dao strength as possible, then he started using the Demon Emperor Celestial Skill, the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill, and the Buddha Formulas.

Tian Di’s punch looked like a dragon filled with deadly energies. No matter how fast Lin Feng tried to escape it, he couldn’t.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and shouted furiously, “Come! Attack me! Show me how strong the legendary Tian Di is!” His godly aura surrounded his whole body. People couldn’t see through it anymore; it was too bright and dazzling. His terrifying strength condensed and turned into a circle.

Tian Di grunted icily. His fist continued moving forwards, crashing against Lin Feng’s halo. Phwap! The lights crackled, Lin Feng coughed blood three times in a row. He was blown away and crashed against a new building, and a few trees which all collapsed.

Tian Di took his fist back, but was completely astonished… his fist was wounded! How had Lin Feng done that? A few drops of blood fell to the ground. Tian Di was even more convinced he had to get rid of Lin Feng. If he waited six more months, it would be enough for Lin Feng to threaten him.

Lin Feng was right though, Tian Di was trying to do the same as his father had done in the past; he was trying to kill Lin Feng for his son, Tian Fan, and his future.

“Today, you’re going to die a criminal, all your children and descendants will become criminals as well, your wives are criminals as well since they’re your accomplices. Who will dare talk to your family ever again?”

Tian Di burst into manic laughter. He raised his fists and threw punches. Beam of lights moved towards Lin Feng. When the beam of lights appeared half a meter away from him, Lin Feng raised his arms, two hundred zhang tall imprints appeared. They looked terrifying.

Lin Feng ground his teeth and threw punches hiding the strength of the chiliocosm of the Great Tao.

The fists all collided. Lin Feng had the impression his whole circulatory system was going to explode.

He coughed even more blood, and his face paled. His heart twitched and started pounding. His Qi instantly weakened.

“Third attack, you must die!” snarled Tian Di. Then he flashed forward and threw a kick with terrifying strength. It seemed like Gods’ City was going to collapse completely.

Lin Feng smiled despite the pain. He didn’t surrender, though. It was a miracle already that he was able to resist a few of Tian Di’s attacks. It would also be extremely beneficial to his cultivation in the future. However, if Tian Di managed to kill him, then there would be no future.

“Ancestor Fo, Master Zun Xie, Godly Emperor Blood, your turn now!” shouted Lin Feng suddenly. His face suddenly wasn’t pale anymore, blue lights flashed around him, and he suddenly disappeared.

“I’m done drinking, it’s my turn now!” said Godly Emperor Blood. He slowly put his glass down, his silhouette flickered, and in the blink of an eye, he reappeared a hundred meters away, in front of Tian Di.

Mister Zun Xie and Ancestor Fo got ready to stand up, but Godly Emperor Blood stopped them.

“Tian Di is extremely famous, but we’ve never had the opportunity to fight. Now, I don’t want to miss this opportunity. Zun Xie, old monk, please leave it to me,” said Godly Emperor Blood. His eyes were crimson, and he looked bloodthirsty. Tian Di looked at Xue Ran, having a bad feeling about all this. He had the impression he was facing Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor once again…

But Xue Ran only had the strength of the top of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer, he hadn’t broken through to the eighth Godly Emperor Layer; how could he win?

In the Continent of the Gods, Tian Di thought the only one who could beat him was Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor.

Xue Ran was quite confident, but Tian Di just thought he was overconfident.

“I’ve heard about you, Xue Ran, but I think that you have an undeserved reputation. I’ll teach you a good lesson. I’ll show you how ignorant and overconfident you are.

“Oh, I see. The reason why Lin Feng dared talk to me that way was because of you, I guess.

“If I defeat you and even kill you, Lin Feng will not act so proudly anymore.

“Come, Xue Ran. Show me if you’re as strong as Xuan Yuan.”

Tian Di slowly stretched out his hand, his face grim.

Xue Ran smiled. Suddenly, he disappeared and reappeared behind Tian Di, throwing a punch at incredible speed. Tian Di’s expression changed quickly. He hadn’t even done anything, and Godly Emperor Blood was already attacking!

“We’ll see who should fear whom,” murmured Lin Feng from the top of the palace of Tiantai. Meng Qing and Huang Nü held his arms. Lin Feng had only managed to resist two of Tian Di’s blows. He still had a long way to go.

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  1. Regnaroc June 27, 2019 at 6:50 pm - Reply

    Step 1: wait for enemy to finish killing 20+ of your godly emperors, one by one.

    Step 2: attack right after he finishes.

    Step 3: ?????

    Step 4: Diagnosed with mental retardation.

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    nice, this is a good story plot

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    This guy really doesnt know how to count they brought out 20 cultivators and he counts up to 27 like really it was just 1 chapter and you already forgot?

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