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Chapter 540: Happy End!


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Xue Ran and Xuan Yuan were similarly strong and after the Three Party Competition, Xuan Yuan and Tian Di had fought. Almost nobody knew who had won, but Lin Feng knew that Xuan Yuan had won and Tian Di had lost. On top of that, Tian Di had ended up badly injured. Xuan Yuan had even told Lin Feng that Tian Di wouldn’t be able to recover completely within six months.

Therefore, Tian Di wouldn’t be able to kill Lin Feng so easily. However, Tian Di wouldn’t give up so easily for his son. He hoped his son would become an ultimate ruler in the future.

Therefore, Tian Di was ready to do anything, and that’s why he had come. But Lin Feng had already anticipated all that. Before, he had thought that he would need Ancestor Fo, Zun Xie, and the Godly Emperor Blood, but it seemed like it wasn’t necessary anymore.

Godly Emperor Blood was moving extremely quickly. He was extremely excited to fight against Tian Di. He hadn’t been so excited for fifty thousand years.

Tian Di wasn’t happy at all, though.

During his battle against Xuan Yuan, Tian Di had been injured. He could only use seventy percent of his strength. Godly Emperor Blood didn’t know that Tian Di was injured. He threw a punch at Tian Di’s temple.

Tian Di’s sensed an evil Qi penetrate into his body, and couldn’t afford to act carelessly. He also threw his fist out, which collided with Godly Emperor Blood’s punch. They punched at each other twice in a row. Godly Emperor Blood was pushed backwards two steps as their energies exploded. Tian Di groaned with pain and also slipped backwards.

After the first punch, Tian Di already knew killing Lin Feng would be extremely complicated, but if he missed this opportunity, he might not have another one.

Tian Di took a deep breath. He didn’t want to give up just like that, so he used his full strength. He had to defeat Godly Emperor Blood to kill Lin Feng.

Tian Di attacked again, throwing a few punches. Each time, his fist contained sharp deadly energies. However, the sharper Tian Di’s energies were, the more excited Godly Emperor Blood became. He loved danger, he loved fierce battles. He was even more insane than Xuan Yuan.

Godly Emperor Blood used the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill. It was much, much different than when Lin Feng used it. There were many things Lin Feng didn’t understand about it. The Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill was extremely complex, so the attack was much more explosive when Godly Emperor Blood used it.

Lin Feng needed to use all his celestial skills to resist just one of Tian Di’s attacks. Godly Emperor Blood only used the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill. When Tian Di saw the terrifying energy roll in waves towards him, he couldn’t help but release as much strength as he could to protect himself. There was an explosion, and Tian Di groaned with pain, paling and getting pushed back a hundred steps.

Godly Emperor Blood laughed loudly and freely. He loved blood, like a sanguinary beast. He flashed again and threw himself at Tian Di. Tian Di sighed; he was injured so resisting Godly Emperor Blood, who had the strength of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer, was difficult.

Tian Di wasn’t stupid; he knew killing Lin Feng would be extremely difficult today. He also knew that if he didn’t kill Lin Feng, Lin Feng would probably rise. If Lin Feng rose and took hundreds of blood pills, Tian Di would fall, but that was unlikely.

“Argh!” Tian Di ground his teeth and waved. The hundred Godly Emperors behind him retreated from Tiantai.

Everyone looked at Tian Di and Lin Feng; did Tian Di want to give up and disperse?

“What’s going on here?” asked some Godly Emperor. Nobody paid attention to him, they just looked at Tian Di.

Tian Di clenched his fists, which kept crackling. It made people’s flesh creep. If he weren’t injured, he would have been able to kill Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, the next time we see each other, I’ll kill you!” shouted Tian Di furiously. He slowly disappeared. Godly Emperor Blood watched Tian Di vanish.

The hundred Godly Emperors who had come with Tian Di also left Tiantai.

The leader of the Gods’ Government didn’t need to stay there, either. He rolled up his sleeves, groaned icily and left.

The two high-level cultivators left, and the others, Bai Qi, Tian Fan, and so forth, also left.

Fu Su Rong and Yan Ran Xue didn’t intend to leave. They were still in the sky with the other members of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty. What did they intend to do?

Si Ma Yan left with Bai Qi. When Si Ma Yan left, he glanced at Yan Ran Xue and Fu Su Rong. He seemed puzzled.

Tian Di had left, which was a kind of victory for Lin Feng. Even though it was only temporary, the atmosphere calmed down and grew lively again.

In the Blood Cauldron Lin Feng had given to Yan Di, there were twenty-seven blood pills. Lin Feng knew that he had to give them to the few first-class influential groups who had supported him.

Lin Feng gave the pills to those people personally. The leaders of those groups were extremely moved.

The ceremony ended happily and successfully. Even though it had been interrupted, Tian Di had hadn’t managed to ruin it!


Of course, the news spread quickly. Many people were stupefied, even if people only talked about the fact that Tian Di and Godly Emperor Blood had fought and interrupted their battle temporarily.

That way, Xue Ran became even more famous. Many people started betting on their future battle. Lin Feng hadn’t thought people would react that way.

Lin Feng had already seen how strong Godly Emperor Blood was, but how strong could he be? Lin Feng didn’t really know the details. He knew that he could at least oppress Tian Di, but was it because Tian Di was injured?

But Godly Emperor Blood was probably stronger than Tian Di anyway. Long ago, he was already as strong as Xuan Yuan.

The people from Tiantai were extremely happy. They could now compete with the Four Temples in terms of prestige and power. They were slowly catching up with the Three Dynasties.

Tiantai had three Vice Leaders: Mister Zun Xie, Ancestor Fo, and Hou Qing Lin. Lin Feng initially wanted Godly Emperor Blood to be a Vice Leader, but he was already old and extremely strong. He had also promised he’d help Meng Qing with the New Snow Region.

Hou Qing Lin was the most important of the eleven disciples of Tiantai. Mu Chen, or Emperor Shi, wasn’t there, so making Hou Qing Lin one of Tiantai’s Vice Leaders was logical.

Lin Feng nominated Emperor Yu as the leader of Tiantai. Even though Emperor Yu had been wiped of his memory, it didn’t matter, it was properly symbolic.

The other fellow disciples became elders. Yin Jiu became an elder, as well but he still couldn’t forget about Yin Shan which made Lin Feng feel a bit sad. He decided not to give Yin Jiu the talisman for now. He’d wait a little.

Tu Ba, Tu Dao, Han Da Li, Jiang Hao, and Qiao Lao Gou and the others also became elders in Tiantai. Chu Lian Feng didn’t stay in Tiantai, he had other things to do. He intended to become the leader of the Chu Clan, anyway.

Lin Feng then realized that he hadn’t thought of a position for himself.

In the end, Hou Qing Lin said that Tiantai could have two leaders: Emperor Yu as a symbolic leader, and Lin Feng as an executive leader. After some internal discussions, everybody accepted the idea, and he became the executive leader of Tiantai.

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