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Chapter 541: Job Done, Bye Bye!


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On the second day after Tiantai’s ceremony, everybody in the Continent of the Gods talked about only two things. The first was that Tian Di had personally come to Tiantai and wanted to kill Lin Feng, who he considered a criminal, and that he had failed, and been forced to leave.

The second thing was that on the second day after Tiantai’s grand ceremony, Xuan Yuan City announced that the situation with the unknown creatures was getting very unstable. They were on the edge of the continent and they hoped that the three Dynasties could send some strong cultivators to help.

This time, the three Dynasties were abnormally calm. They didn’t send anyone to protect the continent against the unknown creatures. On top of that, the attack of the unknown creatures was three times more powerful than back in the days. Before, two or three Godly Emperors were enough to fight against the unknown creatures. This time, even with a dozen Godly Emperors, it was a difficult battle.

On the third day, the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty announced that if the Celestial Emperors Dynasty didn’t dispatch anyone, they wouldn’t dispatch anyone either, because Tian Di was responsible for the safety of the continent.

However, after everything that had happened, people didn’t take Tian Di as seriously as before. It was all because of Lin Feng.

The Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty had some cultivators gather at the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. However, the gate of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty was closed and nobody paid attention to them. Everybody in the Continent of the Gods was furious because Tian Di always talked about justice and virtue, he kept labeling people as criminals, and said they didn’t want to protect the continent. Now the Continent of the Gods was in danger, but he didn’t send anyone to protect it; didn’t that make him a criminal?

Suddenly, everybody was calling Tian Di a criminal. Everybody started hating him.

When Lin Feng learned about that, he was surprised; how come everybody started calling Tian Di a criminal? Even though Tian Di wasn’t virtuous, even though he was petty and vile, he usually did things properly. How come he had let such a thing happen?

What was going on? What had happened to Tian Di?

Even though Xuan Yuan City was small, it had a special place in Lin Feng’s heart. He was the leader of Xuan Yuan City. If the three Dynasties didn’t send people to protect it, Lin Feng would send people, even if he knew they would suffer tragic losses.

Lin Feng called Mister Zun Xie and Ancestor Fo, and they talked about which Godly Emperors they could send to deal with the unknown creatures. Lin Feng and Huang Nü were very familiar with the unknown creatures because they had been in the depths of the Yin Territory.

But before the two masters arrived, a disciple came in and told Lin Feng that a middle-aged man in black clothes was looking for him. His demon Qi was terrifying; it seemed like it was Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor.

Lin Feng went outside and saw Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor.

He was standing on the flight of stairs, looking grave and solemn as he glanced around.

When Lin Feng came out, Xuan Yuan looked at him, “Lin Feng, I came here to take my three precious items back.”

“You found Zhen Mo?” asked Lin Feng. He was startled.

Xuan Yuan smiled neutrally. “He hadn’t disappeared. He was with me, practicing cultivation. How could my heir have disappeared?”

“Oh, I see. Alright, I’m going to get them for you.” Lin Feng had the impression Xuan Yuan was getting rid of him after having used him. He felt abandoned.

Even though it was something almost normal in the world of cultivation, Lin Feng was still saddened. What did Xuan Yuan really think of him? Lin Feng felt like he had been tricked. Lin Feng had become enemies with Tian Di, and it was partly because of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. Now, Lin Feng realized that Xuan Yuan probably didn’t care about him, and might not even consider him a friend.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything superficial. He went back to get the three precious items: the Blood Cauldron, the Demon Staff, and the Xuan Yuan Throne.

Godly Emperor Huang brought the Xuan Yuan Throne to Lin Feng. So now Lin Feng had all the three precious items, he could give them to Xuan Yuan who could give them to his real heir, Zhen Mo.

When Mister Zun Xie and Ancestor Fo saw that, they were a bit shocked and surprised, but Xuan Yuan ignored them and Lin Feng. He just took the items and left.

He didn’t even thank Lin Feng, and barely even glanced at him. Lin Feng understood that Xuan Yuan wasn’t interested in being in touch with him anymore.

How sad. Lin Feng had done so much for him, he used to worship and consider him one of the greatest heroes of the continent, and now, because of Xuan Yuan, Tian Di hated Lin Feng.

Mister Zun Xie and Ancestor Fo walked up to Lin Feng and watched Xuan Yuan leaving in the distance. The two old men were sad for Lin Feng.

“He got what he wanted, and now he rejects you,” scoffed Godly Emperor Blood. Lin Feng didn’t know when Godly Emperor Blood had arrived. Godly Emperor Blood just smiled derisively.

Lin Feng smiled wryly, but didn’t say much. He was just disappointed and regretful. If he had known Xuan Yuan would treat him like this in the future, he wouldn’t done so much for him.

“There are only two cultivators of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer in the Continent of the Gods, one of them wants to kill me and the other one now considers me a stranger… Godly Emperor Blood, what do you think? Don’t you think I made the wrong decisions?” asked Lin Feng, frowning.

Godly Emperor Blood shook his head and smiled thinly. “No, you didn’t. Xuan Yuan made the wrong decisions, not you. I think that he will regret them,” said Godly Emperor Blood confidently. “Hey, little boy, pull yourself together, you’re not his real heir; even if he doesn’t take care of you anymore, you still have me, right?

“There aren’t really only two cultivators of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer in the Continent of the Gods. It’s just a pity about the Blood Cauldron; otherwise, if I had had a few more blood pills, I would have been able to break through to the eighth Godly Emperor Layer within a month.”

Godly Emperor Blood seemed a bit sad and unhappy. He was really angry at Xuan Yuan for not caring about Lin Feng anymore now that he had used him. He had used Lin Feng for his own interests and to protect his real heir, Zhen Mo.

When Lin Feng heard that, he was a bit surprised, Xue Ran had just recovered, but he already had the strength of the top of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer. Now he said he could quickly break through to the eighth Godly Emperor Layer. He was a real beast, too!

Mister Zun Xie and Ancestor Fo were surprised, too. They also had the strength of the top of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer, but they knew that breaking through to the eighth Godly Emperor Layer wasn’t easy. The way Xue Ran talked, it seemed extremely easy, as if he had been talking about something normal.

“Buddha be praised, you’re going to become the third supreme Godly Emperor, Xue Ran!” complimented Ancestor Fo, putting his palms together, before heading back to Tiantai.

Mister Zun Xie didn’t say anything, he just nodded at Godly Emperor Blood and then left with Ancestor Fo.

Godly Emperor Blood and Lin Feng were alone together. Lin Feng smiled and took out ten blood pills from his sleeves at that moment. They were all bright red. They were level five blood pills, at least.

Godly Emperor Blood was overjoyed. He took the blood pills and said, “Little boy, where did you get them?”

“Hehe, old grouch, when Xuan Yuan asked me to give him the Blood Cauldron back, I made some more. You really think I didn’t have any blood pills anymore? I would be stupid if I hadn’t made some more.

“Use them. If you think it’s not enough, go to Huang Nü, Meng Qing, Huo Wu, and Qing Feng, they also have some blood pills… Hey! Be a little bit grateful!” Lin Feng wasn’t even done talking when Godly Emperor Blood was already running away as fast as he could. When Lin Feng saw that, he was a bit angry.

Godly Emperor Blood was probably going to Huang Nü, Qing Feng, and the others to get some blood pills. What a greedy old man!, thought Lin Feng.

“Haha, little boy! When I break through to the eighth Godly Emperor Layer, I’ll give you a great supreme godly imperial weapon, we don’t need Xuan Yuan!”

Lin Feng was about to go back to the palace when he heard Godly Emperor Blood laugh wholeheartedly. When he heard that, he smiled, but he didn’t take Godly Emperor Blood too seriously.

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