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Chapter 542: A New Leader for the Chu Clan?


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When Tiantai was officially created, many strong people came and applied to become disciples in Tiantai. Tiantai needed to expand, so they recruited some of them. The elders of Tiantai were in charge of the recruiting.

Regarding the situation in Xuan Yuan City, Lin Feng didn’t send anyone because Zhen Mo had replaced him as the leader of Xuan Yuan City. Xuan Yuan personally made Zhen Mo the new leader of Xuan Yuan City. On top of that, Xuan Yuan also brought around twenty Godly Emperors to Xuan Yuan City, nobody knew where he had found them.

Lin Feng understood why the Celestial Emperors Dynasty hadn’t sent any strong cultivator there, and why the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty and the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty hadn’t sent anyone either. Zhen Moe was now in charge of protecting Xuan Yuan City, and if he didn’t, his reputation would thoroughly be ruined.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng wasn’t sad anymore; there were many things which were difficult to explain. Xuan Yuan had used him, and now he was focused on Zhen Mo.

The fact that Zhen Mo had become the new leader of Xuan Yuan City shook the continent. The former leader was Lin Feng, and now Lin Feng was already famous. Many people thought it was strange that Lin Feng wasn’t the leader there anymore.

People understood that Zhen Mo was Xuan Yuan’s real heir. He was also in charge of protecting Xuan Yuan City. Three days after he became the leader, there were no unknown creatures anymore. He had cleared an area for hundreds of li in the Yin Territory.

Many people were astonished and started thinking highly of Zhen Mo. Half a day later, Zhen Mo was as famous as Si Ma Yan, Lin Feng, and others.

When Lin Feng heard that, he smiled knowingly. As expected, having someone to rely on was great. He had also benefited from exceptional cultivators’ help, and without Ancestor Kong, he wouldn’t have returned, he would still be dead. It had taken him a while to become famous.

But Zhen Mo had become famous in a matter of a few days with Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s help. People were all different…


Tian Fan didn’t feel safe. He couldn’t do much against Lin Feng anymore. Now that Zhen Mo, Xuan Yuan’s disciple, was rising, Tian Fan was really worried.

Six months before, he considered himself the most incredible young cultivator in the Continent, but now, things had changed, so many people had started rising quickly all of a sudden: Si Ma Yan, Fu Su Rong, Yan Ran Xue, Lin Feng, Dong Fang Tian Xia…

They could all compete with him. Now, becoming an ultimate ruler seemed more and more complicated for him. Even his father had less and less power.

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor had reappeared, Xue Ran was rising. If Xue Ran broke through to the eighth Godly Emperor Layer, then Tian Fan’s father, Tian Di, wouldn’t have as much influence anymore.


I need to do something, I can’t just sit and wait, thought Tian Fan. He was really depressed. He couldn’t help but think of the Chu Clan from the Gods’ Government. Back then, they wanted to back up the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, but because of what had happened during the Three Party Competition, their deal was ruined.

Thinking about that, he thought he might be able to fix the situation. The Celestial Emperors Dynasty needed more allies, and more friends of the Godly Emperor Layer. It was the only way for them to remain powerful; otherwise, others would surpass them.

Thinking about that, Tian Fan decided to go to the Gods’ Government, and the Chu Clan. He had to make Chu Lian Ying friendly with the Celestial Emperors Dynasty again. He also needed to make him the leader of the Chu Clan as quickly as possible.

I need to kill Chu Lian Feng, thought Tian Fan, smiling sinisterly.


Tian Fan left the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. He went to see Bai Qi, Zhao Yang Chang, and the others first. They were his only friends. Then, he took them to the Chu Clan. He brought a dozen Godly Emperors to the Chu Clan. It was enough to make the current leader resign, and if he managed to make Chu Lian Ying the new one, it would be perfect.

The Chu Clan was already divided into two branches. One of them followed Chu Lian Ying; he was their Young Master, his assistant was the second manager, and he was also backed up by two Godly Emperors.

The other branch considered Chu Lian Feng their Young Master. He was backed up by the third manager and another Godly Emperor, Chu Lian Feng’s mother, Zhao Shi.

The leader of the Chu Clan was Chu Lian Feng’s father, who was backed up by two Godly Emperors. The Chu Clan already had at least seven Godly Emperors, making it a powerful group. But with those internal conflicts, the situation was chaotic. They were on the verge of collapse. The tensions between Chu Lian Feng and Chu Lian Ying were incapacitating the Clan.

Chu Lian Feng took control over the auction houses of the Chu Clan, and didn’t let Chu Lian Ying get close to them. Chu Lian Ying took control over the holy cultivation places of the Chu Clan and didn’t let Chu Lian Feng get anywhere near them, either.

The leader of the Chu Clan hoped that Chu Lian Ying would be able to win against Chu Lian Feng. If Chu Lian Ying didn’t manage to win against Chu Lian Feng, the leader would have no choice but to kill his own son to help Chu Lian Ying rise. That way, he’d be forced close to the Celestial Emperors Dynasty again.

Without the leader’s help, Chu Lian Feng felt powerless. He could barely do anything without the leader’s help.

But he was backed up by Lin Feng, which was a critical thing for the Chu Clan. Lin Feng really wanted Chu Lian Feng to become the leader of the Chu Clan so he of course he would help him. Lin Feng dispatched a dozen Godly Emperors to help him, and of course, Tu Ba, Han Da Li, and some other of Chu Lian Feng’s friends were among them.

Lin Feng didn’t want Chu Lian Ying to go and ask the Celestial Emperors Dynasty for help, so he also got involved personally. For that purpose, he went to the Chu Clan’s auction house.


The situation was tense. All the disciples of the Chu Clan were worried, a fierce and sanguinary battle was on the verge of break out.

But at that moment, Chu Lian Feng heard some bad news. Young Emperor Tian Fan brought Bai Qi, Zhao Yang Chang and a dozen other Godly Emperors to the Chu Clan’s main palace. Chu Lian Ying met them personally.

Chu Lian Feng immediately told Lin Feng about what was happening. When Lin Feng heard that Tian Fan was there, he couldn’t help but smile. The Celestial Emperors Dynasty was in danger; they knew they didn’t have as much power as in the past anymore, so they needed more allies.

Lin Feng’s plan was to get close to some first-class influential groups. A first-class influential group had at least three Godly Emperors, so if he managed to get close to ten first-class influential groups, then he’d have at least thirty Godly Emperors on his side.

Tiantai didn’t lack such friends, Lin Feng had managed to bring Tiantai to life in the Continent of the Gods. Now, he wanted to make Tiantai surpass the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. That way, Tiantai would rule over the Continent of the Gods.

It had been one of Lin Feng’s goals for a long time already.

“Lian Feng, they have probably started already. We should also get started,” said Lin Feng, smiling confidently at Chu Lian Feng.

Chu Lian Feng nodded gravely. Indeed, Tian Fan was already in the Chu Clan; if they didn’t do anything, the leader of the Chu Clan would quickly make Chu Lian Ying the new leader, and it would be too late.

“I’m going to get ready,” said Chu Lian Feng, getting ready to leave the auction house with some people.

“Slow down, don’t act rashly and recklessly. We can’t bring anyone along. You and I are enough,” said Lin Feng. Chu Lian Feng was too nervous, and he didn’t understand what Lin Feng wanted to do. He wanted the two of them to go alone?

“Brother, the enemies are so…”

“Don’t worry. You all stay here, if anything happens, I’ll break your talisman and you’ll be there in less than a minute.”

Chu Lian Feng wanted to say something, but Lin Feng interrupted him and spoke to Tu Ba and the others. Tu Ba nodded.

Chu Lian Feng knew that Lin Feng had a plan. He also knew he could rely on him. Lin Feng didn’t need to justify himself.

Indeed, Lin Feng was the great leader of Tiantai; he didn’t need a reason to go and pay a visit to the leader of the Chu Clan.

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