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Chapter 543: It Always Ends up in a Battle!


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The Chu Clan’s meeting room…

Young Emperor Tian Fan was seated in the meeting room of the Chu Clan, taking the best seat in the room. The leader of the Chu Clan was seated under Tian Fan, and Bai Qi had the third best seat. The dozen Godly Emperors of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty then sat down a little bit lower, and Zhao Yang Chang had the lowest seat.

Chu Lian Ying didn’t sit down. He stood next to Tian Fan, smiling. When Tian Fan told him that he wanted to help him become the new leader of the Chu Clan, Chu Lian Ying nearly fell down on his knees to worship him.

The leader of the Chu Clan had the strength of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer, a medium-level Godly Emperor. Not long ago, with the strength of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer, a cultivator would have been worshiped in Gods’ City. But since Tiantai and the Great Huang Dynasty had appeared there, it wasn’t that strong anymore, as there were many strong cultivators there.

“Young Emperor, don’t worry, when I resign in the future, Little Ying will become the next leader of the Chu Clan,” said the leader of the Chu Clan. He wasn’t stupid, he knew why Tian Fan had come, and he wasn’t afraid because he would be happy if the Chu Clan and the Celestial Emperors Dynasty formed an alliance.

Even though the Celestial Emperors Dynasty wasn’t as powerful as it used to be, Tian Di was Tian Di the Celestial Emperor; he was still a legend. He was still incredibly strong, and nobody could do anything about it.

Therefore, the leader of the Chu Clan decided to resign and let Chu Lian Ying take the helm. Chu Lian Ying and Tian Fan would cooperate and the Chu Clan would become more and more powerful.

When Tian Fan heard that, he smiled even more. He started looking a bit strange though, saying, “Leader, I’m not talking about the future, I’m talking about now. I want you to resign now!”

Tian Fan needed his partner to be the current leader of the Chu Clan, not the future one. He needed his allies to obey him, so he had to make his friends leaders as quickly as possible so that they could help him. That way, he wouldn’t need to fear Lin Feng anymore.

The leader of the Chu Clan hadn’t thought Tian Fan would be so cruel to him; he wanted him to resign on the spot? The expression of the Chu Clan’s leader didn’t change though, and he didn’t show he was unhappy. He smiled and replied, “Young Emperor Tian Fan, that’s not really a good idea, is it?”

“Oh? Not a good idea? Why?” answered Tian Fan icily.

The dozen Godly Emperors Tian Fan had brought all looked at the leader of the Chu Clan icily, which made him shudder with fear. His stomach twitched, and he swallowed. He had no choice but to pretend, so he smiled and nodded, “Alright, alright, as you wish, Young Emperor. I will give my leader talisman to Little Ying.”

He could see that Tian Fan and those Godly Emperors had come for that precise purpose, and if he refused, things would get out of control.

He had no choice but to resign, especially since these people probably wouldn’t hesitate to kill him if he refused. Besides, he didn’t need to continue being the leader if Tian Fan became the leader of the Chu Clan, because they would become allies with the Celestial Emperors Dynasty.

Tian Fan was satisfied when he heard those words. He had reached his goal. Now, he just had to wait for the leader to give his talisman to Chu Lian Ying.

The leader of the Chu Clan took a deep breath, looking at Chu Lian Ying with mixed feelings. Chu Lian Ying was extremely excited, and couldn’t wait to obtain the talisman.

He had been waiting for this moment for such a long time and finally, it was happening. Haha! Chu Lian Feng! How will you react when you see this!, thought Chu Lian Ying.

Many people looked at the leader of the Chu Clan as he took out a silver ring: the leader’s talisman. Chu Lian Ying just had to put it on, and he’d officially become the new leader of the Chu Clan.

Everybody was stupefied, one could barely hear anyone breathing in the room. They were all staring at the ring, including Tian Fan.

“Brother, would you dare take the ring without my consent?”

However, as Chu Lian Ying was about to take the ring, an ice-cold voice suddenly spread through the room. Chu Lian Feng and Lin Feng slowly walked in.

Chu Lian Ying clenched his fists and looked at Chu Lian Feng furiously. He shouted and flashed forwards. He wanted to grab the ring as quickly as possible, but Chu Lian Feng didn’t give him that opportunity.

Chu Lian Feng flashed as well, and appeared in front of the leader of the Chu Clan. Chu Lian Feng and Chu Lian Ying stretched out their hands at the same time towards the ring.

The leader of the Chu Clan could sense his sons’ ice-cold Qi. He shuddered with fear when he heard them. Chu Lian Ying had broken through to the third Godly Emperor Layer, but Chu Lian Feng surprisingly had the strength of the third Godly Emperor Layer, as well!

The two brothers had progressed a lot since being backed up by Tian Fan and Lin Feng.

The leader of the Chu Clan raised his head and looked at Lin Feng, who was glaring at him icily. The leader shuddered with fear even more.

He suddenly had a bad premonition. Young Emperor Tian Fan and Lin Feng had both shown up there, and they had only one thing in mind: making their ally the leader of the Chu Clan. If they succeeded, it would be incredibly beneficial for them.

The leader of the Chu Clan suddenly paled. He felt ridiculous. He was standing between two geniuses, he felt worthless. He didn’t feel like being the leader of the clan anymore.

“Hmph! You can’t even take the ring, you piece of trash!” shouted Tian Fan when he saw that neither managed to take the ring. He was furious at Chu Lian Ying. Then he looked at Bai Qi and said, “Brother Bai Qi, please.”

“Alright,” said Bai Qi nodded. Then he flashed out and stretched out his left hand to grab the ring.

Chu Lian Feng felt even more under pressure. He ground his teeth and got ready to resist.

“Bai Qi, you better not get involved in this!” Lin Feng threatened icily.

When Bai Qi saw Lin Feng’s expression, he didn’t feel that confident anymore. He had lost a few times against Lin Feng in the past, and he hadn’t been as confident ever since.

Bai Qi stopped, glancing at Tian Fan and Lin Feng. He knew that from that moment on, he wouldn’t be considered a genius in the continent anymore. Only the two people in front of him could be considered geniuses.

He was afraid, afraid of Lin Feng!

“I give up,” said Bai Qi, after hesitating for a few seconds. He instantly disappeared from the Chu Clan.

“You… piece of trash!” cursed Tian Fan icily. He was growing more furious. Lin Feng just needed to shout loudly to scare Bai Qi away?

“Tian Fan, you and me; let’s fight to determine the new leader of the clan,” said Lin Feng icily.

Tian Fan understood that if he didn’t fight against Lin Feng, then Chu Lian Feng would become the new leader of the Chu Clan, so he had no choice.

Thinking about that, Tian Fan took a deep breath and stood up. Finally, they were going to fight the battle they hadn’t been able to fight during the Three Party Competition.

“Lin Feng, this time, I will show you that there’s a huge difference in strength between you and me. You think the light of a firefly can compete with the light of the sun and the moon?

“You want to use me as a stepping stone? Well, I can tell you one thing… dream on!” shouted Tian Fan darkly, clenching his fists. He started releasing terrifying energies and looked at Lin Feng derisively.

However, Lin Feng seemed calm and serene, as if fighting against Tian Fan, who had the strength of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer, was something unremarkable.

“We’ll see if I’m a firefly after the battle,” said Lin Feng smiling dismissively, the picture of confidence.

His Qi started humming. Tian Fan and Lin Feng left the meeting room and rose up into the sky.

When the two cultivators appeared outside, many people noticed them. When they saw the two people were Lin Feng and Tian Fan, many people spread the word and very quickly, many people gathered to watch the battle which was supposed to have taken place during the competition.

Two geniuses were about to battle!

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