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Chapter 544: Lin Feng Lost?


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Lin Feng and Tian Fan turned into dazzling light beams in the sky and started colliding unceasingly. Energies exploded each time they met, spreading all over the Gods’ Government. The ground also started shaking violently.

People gasped in amazement.

Lin Feng and Tian Fan started throwing punches at each other. They were both pushed back a few thousand meters each time they punched each other. However, Lin Feng flew back to Tian Fan, performed some hand seals and a gigantic while imprint appeared and hurtled towards Tian Fan.

Tian Fan looked at him ferociously, then he smiled wickedly and made a slapping motion. A ten thousand zhang tall dazzling curtain of light appeared and condensed, then enveloped Lin Feng. Lin Feng could sense that that light curtain contained a terrifying strength hidden within, but he didn’t flinch. His gigantic imprint collided with it.

Boom boom boom!... Threads of energy dispersed. Lin Feng was bombarded away by the energies, but he flashed forward again and threw a punch at Tian Fan’s chest. Tian Fan also threw a punch and their fists collided again.

The fierce battle attracted more and more people. They all gasped with amazement and stupefaction. Both men were incredible cultivators. No matter who the winner would be, people would happily chat about the battle on a daily basis for hundreds of years.

They collided and were quickly pushed back again. Ten thousand meters separated them. Lin Feng’s pure Qi had weakened a lot already, and Tian Fan’s pure Qi was unstable. His face was also quite pale.

“Great Prajñā Surfacing!” Tian Fan took a deep breath and spread his arms, his Qi became thick and dense. Golden lights appeared around his hands. People’s hair bristled; Tian Fan looked like a Prajñā god at that moment. His energies were incredible.

Lin Feng looked grim when he saw Tian Fan’s celestial skill. Tian Fan’s Qi had just increased a lot. With the strength of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer and that celestial skill, he really looked like a Prajñā god.

A gigantic thousand-zhang light silhouette appeared behind him. It looked like a dignified and majestic god who had just descended from the vault of heaven. That light silhouette narrowed its eyes as it drew closer to Lin Feng. Lin Feng groaned with pain. His blood felt ready to explode.

“Lin Feng, this skill is called the Great Prajñā Surfacing, it’s a celestial skill I just learned! At least, you’re going to be killed by an incredible skill, you should feel honored!” proclaimed Tian Fan with his arms spread wide. The silhouette behind him grew bigger and bigger. In the end, it turned into an incredible godly aura, like a swift and fierce spearhead. Not only could it pierce through people’s skin, but it could also lacerate and chop their souls.

When Lin Feng heard Tian Fan, he still looked calm. He studied the Prajñā silhouette which had turned into a godly aura. It was now turning into a multitude of spearhead-like threads of energy, cutting the space around it.

“Chiliocosm of the Great Tao, Yin and Yang Surfacing!”

Lin Feng took a deep breath and also raised his arms. Silver threads of Qi appeared, the Qi spread wider and wider. It turned into a thousand-meter-wide circle, divided into two with the symbols for YIN and YANG written on each side. The Qi became empty and cold around Lin Feng, but inside the cold energy, there were scorching hot threads of energy.

People shuddered with fear when they saw that. If they were a bit closer, they might die instantly!

Lin Feng’s circle blocked the swift and fierce spears of energy. The circle became even more dazzling, and clearer. Lin Feng was at the center of the circle, the edge of the circle blocking the Great Prajñā Surfacing skill.

Tian Fan’s expression changed. Even though he didn’t really know why, he had the impression there was something strange about Lin Feng’s skill. It seemed unusual, the Dao strength was different from ordinary Dao strength.

Thinking about that, his expression changed drastically. He immediately thought of something, could it be that Lin Feng…?

Tian Fan shook his head and ground his teeth. No matter what, he had to win, so he had to remain focused. If he won this battle, he might become an ultimate ruler in the future!

“Lin Feng, even if I get severely injured today, I’ll kill you!” shouted Tian Fan furiously. His eyes were bloodshot. Qi kept emerging from his body.

Lin Feng’s hands felt numb because of Tian Fan’s energies. It seemed like it was going to be a battle to the death. Tian Fan wanted to kill him even if he had to get injured, but Lin Feng felt the same now. He had already created Tiantai in the continent, the Snow Region and the Great Huang Dynasty had also come back to life, so Lin Feng didn’t need to worry about them anymore.

If Lin Feng killed Tian Fan, Tian Di would want to avenge his son’s death, but even if he brought all the strong cultivators of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, would he be able to resist Tiantai and all their allies?

Lin Feng clenched his fists, his eyes turning red as well. Demon Qi emerged from his body and rolled in waves around him. He looked like an insane demon. Lin Feng then flashed and turned into a sharp sword. He appeared in front of Tian Fan and threw a punch at him.

Tian Fan took a step backwards to dodge that punch, then threw a kick. Lin Feng raised his left arm to block that kick, then punched that leg. Tian Fan grunted with pain. His face paled and was pushed backwards. Lin Feng threw a dozen more punches.

Tian Fan kept moving backwards and blocking Lin Feng’s punches. His face became paler and paler. Even though there was a difference of one cultivation layer between Lin Feng and Tian Fan, Lin Feng was perfectly able to resist him. Even though he had the strength of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer, he could easily fight against cultivators of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer!

Tian Fan wasn’t an ordinary cultivator, but he couldn’t easily defeat cultivators of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer. Therefore, it seemed like Lin Feng had the advantage.

Tian Fan was starting to panic. His movements were diverse, but he had the impression none of his attacks could injure Lin Feng. On the contrary, he had the impression Lin Feng had the advantage and he had no choice but to release pure Qi to protect himself! How long could he resist like this, though?

“Fuck! How could a piece of trash like you defeat me, a young emperor!”

Tian Fan grit his teeth, his face distorted with fury. He initially thought he’d manage to kill Lin Feng quickly if he used his most powerful attacks, but now he felt ever more powerless. Lin Feng’s attacks were too explosive.

So many people were watching, what if he, Tian Fan, lost? What a humiliation! Lin Feng would become the most prestigious young cultivator in the continent. Thinking about that, Tian Fan panicked even more.

He flashed back ten thousand meters and took a deep breath. He still looked ferocious, but also focused.

“I’m going to use an attack I kept in case of imminent danger because I can use it only five times in my life, but this time, I’m going to use it to kill you and regain my reputation.

“Lin Feng, you’re going to die in the Gods’ Government. From today on, I will come here every year to burn incense on your grave, in your memory. Farewell, Lin Feng!” declared Tian Fan. Many people stared at him at his words. Tian Fan had another trump card?

When Lin Feng heard that, he remained calm, but he had a bad premonition. He had also thought about the fact that Tian Fan might possess an even more powerful attack, an attack he had never used, an attack he didn’t dare use.

Now, Tian Fan was going to use it to kill him. The number of times he could use it was limited, but he didn’t care; killing Lin Feng was the most important thing now!

Tian Fan rose up in the air and used some hand seals, slowly closing his eyes. Lin Feng felt the danger rising. A terrifying Qi emerged, smelling like dragon Qi, but the dragon traces on it were invisible.

The Qi grew more and more powerful. Tian Fan’s eyes were still closed as a dazzling white light appeared and surrounded him. It grew brighter and brighter. In the blink of an eye, it also surrounded Lin Feng, who disappeared inside it. He couldn’t escape it.

The lights moved at an incredible speed. Unless a cultivator of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer or above showed up to help Lin Feng, it seemed like he was doomed.

When people saw Lin Feng disappear in the white light, they swallowed. Was he dead? Had Tian Fan killed him?

“Look at Tian Fan over there!” people started shouting. Tian Fan’s Qi was completely chaotic and unstable, and his face was extremely pale. His eyes were glassy, and his pitch-black hair had become salt-and-pepper. Wrinkles had appeared on his face.

“What’s…?” When Chu Lian Ying saw that, he shuddered. Tian Fan giving up some of his vitality to transform it into the pure strength of the earth and sky?

Chu Lian Ying immediately recognized that kind of strength; it was the mysterious strength of Long Yun Peak! Tian Fan was sacrificing his own vitality to kill Lin Feng!

What a price to pay…

People remained silent and looked in Lin Feng’s direction. They were convinced that Lin Feng was already dead.

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