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Chapter 545: Thank you for Helping me Break Through!


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“Chu… Chu Lian Ying… go… and take the ring..,” Tian Fan said in a trembling voice. He seemed extremely weak, his hand on his chest. His Qi was extremely faint. If anyone attacked him at that moment, they could easily kill him. The Godly Emperors of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty immediately flashed and landed around him to protect him.

Tian Fan collapsed. His face was extremely pale, but it was worth it. He had just killed Lin Feng, nothing could make him happier. If he hadn’t killed Lin Feng, he would have always been extremely worried and troubled, and his father, too.

Now that Lin Feng was dead, he didn’t need to worry anymore; he could focus on trying to become the ultimate ruler in the Continent of the Gods. His father would support him. Tian Fan was already daydreaming about the future. He could imagine strong cultivators kneeling down and worshiping him. He felt so happy.

Chu Lian Ying was also extremely happy. He was daydreaming too; his thoughts were less extravagant than Tian Fan’s, but he could already imagine himself as the leader of the Chu Clan. Tian Fan had won, so he was sure to win.

Chu Lian Ying glanced at Chu Lian Feng, who was completely pale. He smiled icily and sneered, “How do you feel, little brother? If you decide to submit and pledge allegiance to me now, it’s not too late. Let’s follow Young Emperor Tian Fan together.”

Chu Lian Ying looked proud and arrogant, as if Tian Fan’s victory was his own.

Chu Lian Feng looked at his brother who was so shamelessly fawning, and said icily, “Even if I knew I was going to die, I wouldn’t follow a dog, so forget it.”

“Haha, a dog? Brother, you’re right, I’m a dog, but I am Young Emperor Tian Fan’s dog.” When Chu Lian Ying heard Chu Lian Feng, he wasn’t angry, he just smiled at Tian Fan in satisfaction.

“But what are you? If you continue following Lin Feng, even a dog will be better off than you!” Suddenly, Chu Lian Ying wasn’t smiling anymore, he looked ferocious and cruel.

Chu Lian Feng grunted icily and ignored his older half-brother.

Chu Lian Ying ignored him. He walked back to the Chu Clan’s leader and got ready to take the ring. The Chu Clan’s leader was still dumbstruck. He couldn’t believe that Lin Feng had been killed. Even a dozen Godly Emperors had failed to kill him, how could Tian Fan kill him alone?

“Father, I am now the new leader of the Chu Clan, right?” said Chu Lian Ying, holding the silver ring firmly. He looked excited.

The leader of the Chu Clan nodded and smiled, “Indeed, Little Ying. You’re the only leader of the Chu Clan from now on.” When he said that, he also glanced at Chu Lian Feng scornfully.

Chu Lian Feng was devastated and felt hopeless. Lin Feng was dead; Chu Lian Feng didn’t know how he would tell Lin Feng’s friends about that. What would happen now that Lin Feng was dead? Chu Lian Feng didn’t feel like becoming the leader of the Chu Clan anymore. Now that Lin Feng was dead, Chu Lian Feng only felt confused.


“As the new leader of the Chu Clan, I now announce that Chu Lian Feng is convicted of having collaborated with enemies, and he’s a criminal. From now on, he’s not a member of the Chu Clan anymore.

“However, because his offenses were too serious, we can’t let him go! Someone come and escort him to the prison of the Chu Clan!” shouted Chu Lian Ying. Now that he was the leader of the Chu Clan, he could do whatever he wanted. All the Godly Emperors of the clan now listened to him and his orders.

The Godly Emperors acted without any hesitation. They all grabbed Chu Lian Feng and started bringing him to the prison.

Tian Fan was standing there, still looking extremely weak. But when he saw Chu Lian Ying take up his new post, he was happy and satisfied. Lin Feng was dead, Chu Lian Feng couldn’t do anything anymore. He had acheived his goal.

“Are you sure you want to do that? It seems like I really can’t die in peace!”

As Tian Fan was smiling, a voice suddenly spread in the air. The person was making fun of Tian Fan. His smile stiffened and he paled again. His Qi became unstable again as he coughed blood.

When the others heard that sarcastic voice, they turned around. A hundred meters away from Chu Lian Feng, someone suddenly appeared. Their godly aura was bright white. The silhouette was blurry but from that Qi, it was obvious who that person was.

It was Lin Feng!

Lin Feng came out of the bright godly aura, smiling casually. He looked valiant and heroic. His beautiful robe was fluttering in the wind. With his white godly aura, his hair looked silky and magnificent. Pure Qi floated around him.

Lin Feng smiled and walked up to Chu Lian Feng, clapping his shoulder. Chu Lian Feng seemed dumbstruck. Lin Feng grinned and said, “If it were that easy to kill me, I’d be dead already.”

“Great Leader, you… Your Qi…?” Chu Lian Feng was completely astonished when he sensed Lin Feng’s Qi. It was completely different from before. Lin Feng wasn’t releasing his Qi, but even from inside his body, it seemed extremely sharp.

“Indeed, you’re not mistaken. I broke through to the fifth Godly Emperor Layer,” said Lin Feng smiling easily as he looked at Tian Fan mockingly.

At that moment, Tian Fan was extremely grim. His Qi was unstable, he was extremely weak. He couldn’t fight against any Godly Emperor anymore. Anyone could kill him at this moment!

“How did you survive? And how did you break through?” demanded Tian Fan after taking a deep breath. He had to face the sad truth: he hadn’t managed to kill Lin Feng with his ultimate attack. He had the impression his world was collapsing around him, but he tried to control himself.

Lin Feng smiled in false praise, “It’s all thanks to you. Young Emperor Tian Fan, thank you for helping me break through to the fifth Godly Emperor Layer. Without your last attack, I wouldn’t have done so,” Lin Feng explained with a heavy dose of mock gratitude.

Tian Fan groaned and coughed up more blood. His face was as white as a sheet of paper. “Let’s go,” he croaked hoarsely. It felt like he had to use all his Qi to say that. The dozen Godly Emperors didn’t dare stay; they were worried about Tian Fan’s safety.

The dozen Godly Emperors grabbed Tian Fan and took him away from the palace of the Chu Clan. They ignored Chu Lian Ying as they left.

Chu Lian Ying was dumbstruck, and desperate now. Lin Feng walked up to him and took his ring. Chu Lian Ying didn’t dare resist. Tian Fan couldn’t kill Lin Feng, so what could Chu Lian Ying do against him?

Lin Feng took the ring and gave it to Chu Lian Feng. Then he looked at the leader of the Chu Clan and asked, “Who’s the leader of the Chu Clan?”

“It’s… it’s Little Feng!” said the leader of the Chu Clan hesitantly. Lin Feng had no sympathy for him, so the leader of the clan could only lower his head and sigh. He had no choice but to accept that Chu Lian Feng was the new leader of the Chu Clan.

Chu Lian Feng was now the new leader of the Chu Clan, so the Godly Emperors of the clan had to listen to him now. They didn’t care who the leader was, they just obeyed the leader without thinking; that was their job!

“Chu Lian Ying collaborated with the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and plotted to become the new leader. Take him to prison for his offenses,” ordered Chu Lian Feng grimly. Very quickly, the Godly Emperors grabbed Chu Lian Ying.

Chu Lian Ying would lose his freedom forever.

One was always called a king if successful and a bandit if defeated; that was a general rule in the world of cultivation.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and sighed. Finally, the issue was solved, he didn’t need to worry about Chu Lian Feng anymore.

However, he was thinking about something else; what was that link between him and the strength of the earth and the sky?

When he had climbed the mountain, he had sensed the same kind of strength he had felt during his battle against Tian Fan.

Back when he had climbed the mountain, he had had the impression that he was in another dimension. A moment before, against Tian Fan, it had felt the same, so Lin Feng had stayed in that other dimension, absorbing the strength of the earth and the sky until he broke through to the fifth Godly Emperor Layer and coming out of there.

But what had connected him to the strength of the earth and the sky?

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