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Chapter 549: Back to the Continent of the Nine Clouds!


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The East had a great reputation again thanks to Lin Feng, who had become one of the strongest young people of the Continent of the Gods.

The East had a great reputation again, but it was slowly rising again; nobody knew whether it’d become as prestigious as it used to be long ago.

Since Lin Feng had killed so many godly leaders and leaders, the most powerful groups were the Supranatural Region and the Silver Region. Apart from the Dark Palace and the Demon Region, all the other groups were under the Supranatural Region and the Silver Region’s jurisdiction.


It took Lin Feng and the two others ten days to get there. Lin Feng thought of Hu Ba, his adoptive son, the animal king who looked exactly the same as him; how was he doing?

He hadn’t stayed in the Supranatural Region, he had returned to the Beast Region, but Lin Feng inspected the whole Beast Region with his godly awareness and didn’t find Hu Ba either. The number of beasts had even decreased greatly. Lin Feng was worried when he saw that.

Lin Feng used a communication talisman to contact the godly leader of the Supranatural Region and ask about Hu Ba. However, the Godly Leader’s reply made Lin Feng even more worried.

Hu Ba had left by himself. Had he disappeared? Where was he?

Even though Lin Feng was worried, maybe he still looked human and was just traveling…

Thinking about that, Lin Feng was less concerned. He took Huo Wu and Lin Zhe Tian to the periphery of the Supranatural Region, to Gods Village.

Lin Feng had landed there when he arrived here in the Continent. Space and time Dao were probably used there. Back then, Lin Feng’s space and time Dao was extremely weak, but now it had reached its maximum level, so Lin Feng was convinced he could use the space and time tunnel easily.


Lin Feng, Lin Zhe Tian, and Huo Wu arrived in Gods Village half an hour later. It was an ordinary village, and hadn’t changed much since Lin Feng had come there the first time. Lin Feng remembered Mister Zhou’s grandson, Zhou Bin, that arrogant and overbearing man. Had he made any progress after being scolded by his grandfather?

When Lin Feng and the three cultivators arrived in Gods Village, they saw a gigantic tree. It was filled with vitality, its leaves were emerald green and, in its shadow, the air was cool and fresh.

Lin Feng stood at the foot of the tree and looked at the village. Back then, he had bumped into Zhou Bin here.

But Zhou Bin wasn’t there. Mister Zhou wasn’t there, either. Perhaps they had left and sought opportunities to become stronger.

Lin Feng didn’t feel nostalgic here. He just inspected the area with his godly awareness and looked for the tunnel. Lin Zhe Tian and Huo Wu waited patiently.

Thanks to the Vermilion Bird, Huo Wu already had the strength of the second Godly Emperor Layer. Even though she was a very ordinary Godly Emperor and couldn’t be considered one of the most outstanding young people of the continent, she was also very young. She was younger than Lin Feng by a few dozen years. It was already impressive that she had the strength of the second Godly Emperor Layer.

Lin Zhe Tian had progressed even faster since he had become the leader of the Alliance of Gods’ City. He now had the strength of the top of the second Godly Emperor Layer. He was about to break through to the third. Only three cultivation layers separated him from his father.

After a short time, Lin Feng recalled his godly awareness, looking excited. He noticed some flickering space and time marks that also contained absorbing strength. Lin Feng was sure it was one of the tunnels which led to the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Thinking that, Lin Feng flashed ahead and stretched out his hands. He bombarded the space and time strength with his own, and a dark hole in space appeared. It was the tunnel; Lin Feng had opened it with the strength of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer easily.

“Let’s go,” said Lin Feng hastily. The tunnel could stay like that for only five seconds, so they had no time to lose!

Lin Feng jumped in first, Huo Wu and Lin Zhe Tian followed. After that, the tunnel flickered and disappeared.

But some people saw it outside and were stupefied. A huge black hole had appeared, and people had gone inside?

Many people quickly learned about the event in the Continent of the Gods, but Lin Feng didn’t know that because they were in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He was back in his familiar homeworld…


When Lin Feng saw the continent, he was excited and happy to be back home. He glanced around and saw rivers and mountains… It was his world, the world in which he was a ruler, the world in which he had become strong, the world in which he had killed a countless number of enemies, but also the world in which he had many friends and people he loved.

“Are we actually in the Continent of the Nine Clouds?” asked Huo Wu. She was curious and excited. This place was really beautiful. She found the landscapes even more beautiful than in the Continent of the Gods. The air was purer and fresher here.

“Yes, we are in the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” said Lin Feng nodding, crossing his arms across his chest. When he sensed the Qi, he had a wonderful feeling, as if he were sleeping in silk and wool.

Maybe it was because he was at home. No matter what had happened in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he still felt at home here.

“Dad, should we go to the Holy Spirit Dynasty first?” asked Lin Zhe Tian. The Holy Spirit Dynasty was Lin Qiong Sheng’s headquarters. After they had left the Continent of the Nine Clouds for the Continent of the Gods, Lin Zhe Tian had done his best to find his brother, but he hadn’t found him; it was like he had disappeared from the Continent of the Gods.

Lin Feng nodded. The Holy Spirit Dynasty was his son’s Dynasty, and his grandson Lin Tian Su was there, so going there was the best thing to do. After that, they would go back to Tiantai; Lin Feng wanted to see Mu Chen.

Lin Feng, Lin Zhe Tian, and Huo Wu flew towards the Holy Spirit Dynasty together. Many people from the Continent of the Nine Clouds were astonished when they saw those three people flying so quickly! It was astonishing to see.

“Go and inform the patriarch, hurry up! Some strange people are here!” said a disciple from a random sect. He was terrified. His fellow disciples quickly went to inform their patriarch.

However, at that moment, Lin Feng and the others were already hundreds of li away. They arrived in the sky of the Holy Spirit Dynasty in the blink of an eye.

When they arrived, Lin Feng was stupefied; the place had changed so much! Was it still the Holy Spirit Dynasty he had left back then?

Lin Feng looked at the palaces and pavilions for a long time. They were all incredibly beautiful and splendid. There were only a few simple buildings left.

Since when was the Holy Spirit Dynasty so splendid? Lin Feng frowned and descended from the sky. He landed on the great palace of the Holy Spirit Dynasty.

When the three cultivators appeared, many people were terrified and panic-stricken but quickly, a few old men arrived and looked at Lin Feng coldly. “How insolent! Who are you? How dare you come here without permission! Piss off now!” shouted the few old men furiously.

Lin Feng frowned and looked back at them icily.

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