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Chapter 551: Destroying the Statue!

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“Great Ruler, did you hear?” the old man asked when he saw Lin Feng seemed pensive.

“Yes, I am listening,” Lin Feng nodded.

The old man continued, “Great Ruler, now, the Continent of the Nine Clouds has changed a lot. What I just told you is a small thing.”

“Tell me everything without omitting anything,” Lin Feng said impatiently, frowning. He hated it when people beat about the bush. When the old man saw Lin Feng seemed angry and looked impatient, he continued hastily.

“There are no Dynasties anymore; no Ba Huang, no Jiu You, there are no countries and empires anymore. Tiantai controls Ba Huang and Jiu You nowadays.

“People still obey some emperors in empires, and the strongest ones have the biggest territories, but because they are all so attached to worldly affairs, people rarely progress, and very few people have the strength of the High-Level Holy Emperor there. All of them have the strength of the Peerless Holy King layer or less.

“But the biggest empire is Xue Yue. Since you put it back in the real world, Xue Yue progresses and expands extremely quickly. Nowadays, it’s the strongest empire.

“But the Dynasties all disappeared and Dragon Capital University took control over them all. Champion University has become the kwoon of Dragon Capital University. Those bastards!” said the old man, clenching his fists and hammering the table. The table exploded and then the old man suddenly remembered he was facing a Ruler. He was terrified, and hoped he hadn’t offended Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t care. He was furious too, so he understood the old man. Champion University was a place where Lin Feng had lived for a while, how could he let Fu Su Rong humiliate them?

“What else changed?” asked Lin Feng.

The old man continued, “All in all, the biggest change is that the average level of cultivators has increased. Back in the days, nobody had the strength of the Peerless Holy King layer and above. Now, there are High-Level Holy Emperors, and even some Holy Spirit Emperors, like us, but…”

“Go ahead, speak!” ordered Lin Feng.

The old paled, he was also a bit angry on the inside because he liked pontificating, but he was facing a Ruler, a sanguinary demon who had no patience and had killed billions and billions of people.

“Yes, yes… apart from Holy Spirit Emperors, nobody has broken through to the Godly Emperor Layer. There are some Half-Godly Emperors, though. They’re in Tiantai, and there’s our leader too, your grandson Lin Tian Su,” said the old man. He seemed relieved that their leader was their Ruler’s relative, and therefore, everybody was safe. They didn’t need to fear the leader of Dragon Capital University, Fu Su Rong, as he didn’t dare touch the Holy Spirit Dynasty.


Maybe Fu Su Rong knew he had to be cautious, because Lin Feng’s wives and family members were the apples of his eyes.

“Why have the buildings of the Dynasty become like that? So luxurious?” asked Lin Zhe Tian. It was an important question.

The old man looked at Lin Zhe Tian; he didn’t recognize him, but he could see that he looked similar to Lin Feng, so it was easy to guess that he was Lin Zhe Tian, Lin Feng’s other son, because he had seen Lin Qiong Sheng before.

“Oh, it’s a new trend in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The leader of the Dynasty was afraid that if we didn’t build luxurious buildings, outstanding young people wouldn’t be attracted to our Dynasty and wouldn’t try joining us,” replied the old man.

Lin Zhe Tian groaned icily, “Bullshit, it’s just bullshit! If the Dynasty was in a stable situation, why would you need such things?” said Lin Zhe Tian when he heard that. He was furious. He released his strength of the Godly Emperor Layer without even realizing it.

The old man paled, and if he wasn’t a little bit strong, he would have fallen on his knees already; the other old men were in the same situation. The heroic disciples were in a difficult situation though, they were all blown away without even realizing it.

Lin Zhe Tian was a bit surprised and smiled wryly. He had forgotten that these people were extremely weak in comparison to him. Luckily, he had just released a little bit of strength; otherwise, he would have killed them!

“Zhe Tian, Tian Su is the leader of the Dynasty, he can do whatever he wishes. You’re older than him, he’s young, you have to understand him,” Lin Feng said smiling when he saw Lin Zhe Tian was furious.

Lin Zhe Tian slowly nodded. Even though he didn’t agree with that kind of choice, he couldn’t do much. Lin Tian Su was Lin Qiong Sheng’s son, and Tang You You’s grandson, Lin Zhe Tian had nothing to say.

“Alright, let’s go to Tiantai,” Lin Feng said to Lin Zhe Tian, standing up. He said goodbye to the old man and flew away. Lin Zhe Tian and Huo Wu followed.

The old man’s expression slightly changed and he asked, “Ruler, don’t you want to see your grandson…?”

“Not now. Don’t tell him I came back yet,” Lin Feng smiled as he left. The three of them quickly disappeared from the Holy Spirit Dynasty.

Lin Feng didn’t want to see his grandson because he didn’t know where Lin Qiong Sheng was, and if he saw Lin Tian Su, his grandson would ask him about his father and he wouldn’t be able to explain to Lin Tian Su where Lin Qiong Sheng was.


Ten thousand li separated Tiantai and the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Lin Feng and Huo Wu were in the same shuttle, Lin Zhe Tian had his own. The three people arrived at Tiantai in only one day.

When they arrived, it was early in the morning; the sun was warm, and the light was shining. It looked extremely beautiful. Such things didn’t exist in the Continent of the Gods.

Lin Feng stood outside of the palace of Tiantai. He looked at the flight of stairs which was surrounded by pure and shiny energies. He also saw his own gigantic statue.

When Huo Wu saw the statue, she was completely astonished, and admired Lin Feng even more. She was even happier that she had met Lin Feng.

If she hadn’t secretly left her home, maybe she would have never had the chance to become one of Lin Feng’s lovers. Thinking about that, Huo Wu sighed with relief.

“Let’s go, let’s climb up the stairs. Let’s go and see my Great Fellow Disciples,” Lin Feng said, taking a deep breath. He hadn’t been this nervous in a long time. He was rarely this nervous except when he saw people who mattered to him, and Mu Chen was one of them.

Lin Feng started climbing the flight of stairs, followed by Huo Wu and Lin Zhe Tian. The flight of stairs didn’t have any influence on Lin Feng anymore. It was the flight of stairs which contained determination and was used for the new students’ exam. The one in Gods City was extremely complicated to climb.

The one in the Continent of the Nine Clouds was different. It only had influence on people who had the strength of the Peerless Holy King layer and under. Tiantai was the only one that mattered in Lin Feng’s heart because it was where everything had begun. It was the eleven disciples’ headquarters.

Lin Feng and the two others arrived at the top. However, what Lin Feng had anticipated didn’t happen; he didn’t see anyone he knew. However, Lin Feng sensed some thick and dense Qi in the distance; many people were gathered there.

However, it was still early in the morning, what were all the disciples of Tiantai doing there?

Suddenly, a disciple came out of Tiantai. Lin Feng flashed and landed next to the disciple. The disciple was stupefied.

“You, you, ah? An… Ancestor Lin Feng?” The man paled and stared at Lin Feng. He wanted to shout just before, but then he remembered the statue. Lin Feng looked exactly like the statue. The man was excited and amazed.

Lin Feng laughed easily and asked, “What are you all doing there?”

“Ah? Oh, I forgot, Ancestor Lin Feng, go and have a look. The members of Dragon Capital University want to destroy your statue,” said the disciple hastily. He was panicking.

When Lin Feng heard that, his smile stiffened.

“Hehe, Fu Su Rong, you really think you’re the new leader of the Continent of the Nine Clouds! You’re nothing to the Continent of the Nine Clouds, you’re a son-in-law at most.

“Let’s see who will dare destroy my statue!”

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