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Chapter 552: Kill! Kill Them All!


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Lin Feng changed his face and clothes. Lin Zhe Tian also put on a plaited bamboo hat and a cloak. Huo Wu didn’t need to change anything since she had never been in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, nobody knew her here.

But when Huo Wu appeared, many people looked at her because she was extremely beautiful, and in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there weren’t that many women who were that beautiful, especially since Lin Feng had taken the most beautiful women of the continent away.

When Huo Wu appeared, everybody looked at her even if the disciples of Tiantai were mostly worried about Lin Feng’s statue. Dragon Capital University, those damn bastards! The disciples of Tiantai were devastated.

Lin Feng was a legendary cultivator in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the leader of Tiantai, the Ruler of the continent. How could anyone dare try and destroy Lin Feng’s statue? Dragon Capital University dared. Not only did they dare, but they also wanted to disperse Tiantai!

The elders they had sent to Tiantai had the strength of the seventh or eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. There were about twenty of them. They represented ten percent of Dragon Capital University’s power. On Tiantai’s side, there were only a few cultivators of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Ye Chen was the only one who had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer.

But Ye Chen wasn’t in Tiantai, he was in Xue Yue. He would come back at the end of the month. Dragon Capital University had only sent people to Tiantai because Ye Chen wasn’t there.

Mu Chen didn’t know that Dragon Capital University wanted to destroy Lin Feng’s statue, but he had thought about it. He knew that Dragon Capital University wanted to establish a new world order.

Besides, apart from Tiantai, Lin Feng could use the Qi Tian Dynasty (Translator’s Note: the author may be talking about what used to be the Qi Tian Holy Town in the first series when talking about the Qi Tian Dynasty) and Champion University in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Champion University had been dismantled already. Ancestor Shi Tian and Ancestor Xuan Tian didn’t want to come back out, they were still in the back of Tiantai’s mountain meditating in seclusion, but they weren’t practicing cultivation.

Dragon Capital University wanted to destroy Lin Feng’s statue. They didn’t care about the fact that they were going to offend many people. Many people couldn’t help but think of Lin Feng’s enemies back in the days, and the way he used to crush them.

When the twenty elders arrived and saw the thousands of disciples in Tiantai, they were completely astonished, but they didn’t forget about their mission.

Thinking about that, the leader of the elders flashed ahead and glared at the members of Tiantai icily, especially the leader of the disciples, Mu Chen. He shouted furiously, “Mu Chen, make your disciples disperse. We’re definitely going to destroy the statue. If anyone dares try and stop us, we’ll kill them!” shouted the old man. He had the strength of the seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer, so when he shouted, many disciples of Tiantai groaned with pain.

Lin Feng was hiding in the crowd and grunted coldly. He released some threads of fifth Godly Emperor Layer energy and made the old man groan with pain. It felt like he had lost hundreds of years of life expectancy. His face became extremely pale.


The old man stared at the gigantic crowd, not understanding. He was sure that someone as strong as the leader of their university was in the crowd. Could it be that there was another Godly Emperor in the Continent of the Nine Clouds?

Thinking about it, the old man took a deep breath and tried to look normal again. Mu Chen didn’t understand why the old man had suddenly paled like that.

Dragon Capital University wanted to destroy Lin Feng’s statue, and as Lin Feng’s Great Fellow Disciple and teacher, he couldn’t allow that.

“Old grouch, you’re shameless. Where do you think you’re from? You want to unify the Continent of the Nine Clouds and destroy our leader’s statue? Who do you think you are?” shouted Mu Chen furiously. Many of Tiantai’s disciples shouted in support.

Lin Feng was hiding in the crowd. The disciples of Tiantai were going to cause trouble. Lin Feng was excited and relieved. No matter what happened in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Tiantai’s disciples didn’t change. His great disciple, or secret teacher, Emperor Shi, hadn’t changed either!

When the old man heard Mu Chen insult him, he was angered. He shouted furiously, “Shut the hell up! No matter what, today, we’re going to destroy your statue. Comrades, attack!” shouted the old man, waving them ahead. Instantly, the twenty elders jumped towards the ten-thousand-meter-high statue.

“If someone dares get any closer, I’ll crush them!” shouted Mu Chen defiantly. He jumped in front of the strong cultivators of the seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer. He only had the strength of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. A few more days and he’d break through to the Half-Godly Emperor layer.

But even with the strength of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he couldn’t compete with twenty Holy Spirit Emperors of the seventh and eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

The disciples who were High-Level Holy Emperors couldn’t do anything at all, they were completely useless.

There were only four or five people who had managed to break through to the Holy Spirit Emperor layer in Tiantai. They couldn’t compete with a group like Dragon Capital University.

But nobody felt like giving up.

“We’re ready to die to protect the statue and our oath of honor to Tiantai!

“We’re ready to die to protect the statue and our oath of honor to Tiantai!

“We’re ready to die to protect the statue and our oath of honor to Tiantai!” shouted the thousands of Tiantai disciples in unison. Their voices made the ground tremble. Lin Feng felt extremely enthusiastic when he heard that, his blood was boiling. He suddenly had a particular feeling. He practiced demon cultivation, and suddenly, he felt bloodthirsty. He wanted to kill someone. It felt like it was against his own will, though…

However, those elders wanted to destroy his statue, he had no reason not to attack.

“That’s religion…” whispered Huo Wu. Her beautiful eyes twinkled. She admired Lin Feng more and more.

“Haha, the Ruler? Bullshit! Maybe your Ruler’s corpse is lying on a street in a big city already, haha!”

“You should pledge allegiance to our leader instead! He would be happy to recruit all the disciples of Tiantai!”

“Indeed, our leader loves geniuses. If you decide to join us, I can guarantee you that you’ll become extremely strong!”

“Tiantai’s people are ignorant. We’re going to destroy the statue today. But maybe tomorrow, our leader will come with assistants to destroy you,” scoffed the elder in black clothes mockingly. He looked proud and arrogant, despising the cultivators of Tiantai.

When Lin Feng saw that, he grew even more furious.

“Attack now, elders!” said the elder in black clothes, smiling haughtily. The twenty elders all looked at the crowd mockingly.

All the elders rose up in the air again and flew towards the ten-thousand-meter-high statue again. Mu Chen’s expression changed drastically. He shouted furiously and turned into a sharp beam of light, charging at the elders. At the same time, the few Holy Spirit Emperors of Tiantai also attacked. They couldn’t let their enemies destroy the statue.

Mu Chen knew that he might not be able to protect the statue. “Lin Feng, I, your Great Fellow Disciple, am sorry,” whispered Mu Chen sighing sorrowfully. He was used to being called “Great Fellow Disciple” by everyone.

When Lin Feng heard Mu Chen sigh sorrowfully, he had the impression his heart was going to explode. He also took a deep breath and made a decision. He said to Huo Wu and Lin Zhe Tian, “Let’s attack.”

“Alright,” agreed the two others. The three people jumped out of the crowd at the same time. Then, they flew towards the statue at an incredible speed. The crowd couldn’t even follow them with their eyes.

The elder in black clothes didn’t even had time to see anything when he sensed something fly past him, grab him, and drag him like a dog.

“Try and break the statue!” Lin Feng said icily. His voice was blood-curling. It felt like an ice-cold and sharp sword in the old man’s heart. When the old man heard the evil and gloomy voice, he was terrified.

“Who are you?” asked the old man. He was panicking, and didn’t look condescending anymore.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, he just said to Huo Wu and Zhe Tian, “Kill, kill them all!”

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