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Chapter 553: Here We Meet Again!


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The sound of flesh being cut and lacerated spread through the air. Mu Chen and the others were astonished. Who had come to help them? Their enemies seemed so easy for the newcomers to kill…

In the eyes of those three people, their enemies didn’t seem strong at all. They could kill those enemies like mere dogs.

In less than three seconds, the twenty Godly emperors were dead. Not even a broken soul was left. Blood flowed on the ground. Mu Chen was in midair, astonished. He didn’t understand what was going on.

Lin Feng was still holding the elder in black clothes. He forced him to watch his fellow elders get slaughtered. He turned extremely pale when he saw that.

“Nooo! The… my… the leader-” he sobbed.

“Fu Su Rong, right? Even if you hadn’t mentioned him, I would have gone and found him, but now, you can bring me to him yourself, right?” Lin Feng didn’t wait for him to finish his sentence, interrupting him. Lin Feng glared at him witheringly.

The old man was desperate. He finally understood he had offended someone he shouldn’t have offended. Lin Feng even dared mention their leader fearlessly, he couldn’t be weak…

“Who are you?” asked the elder in black clothes.

“Me? I am the guy of the statue, Lin Feng!” Lin Feng , smiling icily. He raised his left hand and took off his mask.

Suddenly, nobody dared speak anymore. Many people gasped.

“He’s back! Our Ruler is back!”

“Haha! We’ll see if anyone ever dares offend us again! Our Ruler is back!”

“Dragon Capital University, shake! Our Ruler will destroy you! Haha!”

The silence didn’t last long. Very quickly, all the disciples of Tiantai fell on their knees and opened their arms. Their eyes were wet with tears.

The old man in black clothes was so terrified that he fainted. Lin Feng smiled icily and threw the old piece of trash away, and he crashed to the ground.

Mu Chen came back to his senses and stared at Lin Feng. He was astonished, and didn’t know what to say. In the end, all he said was, “You’re back, good.” Mu Chen was thinking about a million things at the same time, but that’s all he managed to say. Lin Feng was back, it was great for Tiantai!

“Fellow disciples, look, that’s our leader, the heroic Lin Feng!” shouted Mu Chen decisively.

All the disciples of Tiantai looked at Lin Feng in amazement and admiration. Finally, their hero was there in front of them. The old and the new disciples of Tiantai were all astounded.

Lin Feng felt extremely enthusiastic, too. He hadn’t felt this energetic in a very long time. People worshiped him, he had become a religion!

Lin Feng suddenly understood that no matter what happened, no matter what he did, no matter what Fu Su Rong did, he’d always be the Ruler of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, their god.

“Master, Master, bless us, Master!” A disciple shouted first, and then all the other disciples shouted at the same time and called their Ruler.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He had to take measures quickly. Their enemies had come to humiliate them at their door, how could Lin Feng accept that? They worshipped him. How could he let the ten-thousand-meter statue be destroyed? How could a Ruler let his people down?

“Great Fellow Disciple, have everyone disperse. Find a few heroic disciples and have them come with me to Dragon Capital University. We’re going to give them great gifts, since they came here to give us great gifts as well.”

Lin Feng smiled icily. Mu Chen’s hair bristled. Lin Feng had changed so much. Mu Chen couldn’t imagine how strong Lin Feng had become.

But he was still extremely happy. The stronger Lin Feng became, the more Tiantai could hope. Mu Chen also felt proud, proud of being part of Lin Feng’s circle!

But Lin Feng wanted to “give a gift” back to the university, Mu Chen was a bit nervous and frowned, “Little Lin Feng, take your time, don’t act recklessly.”

“Oh? Why?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t understand. What did Mu Chen mean by “take your time”?

Mu Chen had all the disciples of Tiantai disperse. The disciples didn’t want to go away. Some of them just hid behind pillars to peep at Lin Feng. Lin Feng could see them with his godly awareness, but he didn’t force them to leave.

When Mu Chen saw all the disciples were gone, he looked extremely worried and said, “Little Lin Feng, Dragon Capital University is full of talented individuals in hiding, I’m afraid…”

“Haha! Alright, Great Fellow Disciple, I know what you want to say. You’re afraid I can’t defeat them?” asked Lin Feng, bursting into laughter and interrupting Mu Chen.

Mu Chen didn’t understand. Why was Lin Feng laughing? Fu Su Rong had created Dragon Capital University in the continent, which meant he was strong enough to do so. He had planned everything, so Mu Chen was extremely worried.

“Little Lin Feng, could it be that…?” asked Mu Chen. He didn’t dare finish his sentence.

Lin Feng smiled and nodded, “Indeed, I know the one who created Dragon Capital University. Not only do I know him personally, but I’ve also fought against him.”

“How did it go?” asked Mu Chen. He was curious. Lin Feng smiled disdainfully. Mu Chen could understand what that meant, but he wanted to hear what had happened precisely.

“He lost, I won. I badly oppressed him,” Lin Feng stated firmly.

Mu Chen nodded. He finally knew why Lin Feng was laughing. He didn’t need to be nervous.

“Let’s go, Great Fellow Disciple, I’m going to pay a visit to the leader of Dragon Capital University.”

Lin Feng looked grim when he said he was going to go and pay a visit to their enemies. He lowered his head and looked at the elder in black clothes, then told Lin Zhe Tian to take the elder and bring him to him.

“Uncle,” said Lin Zhe Tian to Mu Chen, respectfully taking off his mask. He didn’t call Mu Chen Ancestor because Mu Chen liked to be considered one of Lin Feng and the others’ fellow disciples, not their teacher.

“Alright, alright!” said Mu Chen happily. Lin Zhe Tian was back in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, were the others back as well? And on top of that, as glorious as Zhe Tian?


After that, Lin Feng took Mu Chen, a few heroic disciples, elders, Holy Spirit Emperors and High-Level Holy Emperors to Dragon Capital University. Lin Zhe Tian and Huo Wu naturally followed. Lin Zhe Tian was still holding the elder in black clothes.

Dragon Capital University had been built near Champion University’s territory. There were four palaces with gigantic kwoons in their center. The kwoons were interconnected, an original concept. In front of the four palaces was a gigantic boulder, it was carved with DRAGON CAPITAL UNIVERSITY on it.

The words contained a deadly sharp Qi, seemingly ready to kill anyone. Lin Feng understood that Fu Su Rong had written those words himself, because they contained his Qi.

“Go and call your leader,” Lin Feng and the others were standing at the top of the four palaces in the sky. Lin Zhe Tian threw the old man he was holding way. The old man was extremely pale, and didn’t dare act arrogantly again. All he could do was use his special skill to contact Fu Su Rong.

Fu Su Rong had dispatched twenty Holy Spirit Emperors and they had all died in the blink of an eye. He had seen all the talismans break suddenly and understood something wrong was going on.

At that moment, the main elder contacted him and what he had feared was happening. He understood that the situation was critical. But nothing too bad could have happened in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he thought.

Fu Su Rong thought for a few minutes, then came out of the main palace and flew towards the kwoon where the four palaces were.

In less than a minute, he arrived above the kwoon and saw Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked calm and composed. Fu Su Rong’s expression changed. He remained cautious and seemed confused, too.

But in the end, he smiled broadly and said, “Here we meet again!”

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