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Chapter 554: You Want to Play? I’ll Play With You!


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“Here we meet again!” Lin Feng also smiled.

Mu Chen looked at the two of them. Even though they were smiling, the atmosphere was getting more and more oppressive. The two of them clearly didn’t like one another.

They were eyeball to eyeball, thought Mu Chen.

“I didn’t think you’d come back,” said Fu Su Rong, his smile cold.

“I didn’t think you’d come to my world, either,” Lin Feng replied. He sounded cold and detached.

“Since I came here, this is not your world anymore. At least, you’re not the only Ruler anymore,” answered Fu Su Rong mockingly. He wiggled his finger disdainfully.

“Do you think that’s possible?” Lin Feng said. His expression didn’t change at all. His eyes looked colder and colder though. Fu Su Rong was fearless, though.

“Haha, what do you think? I came here three years ago and established Dragon Capital University. A new world order started when I came.

“I dismantled Champion University. I also invaded the Qi Tian Dynasty. What about Tiantai?” said Fu Su Rong slowly, smiling mockingly. Then he said icily, “If you had come back tomorrow, Tiantai would have disappeared already.”

“Therefore, the Continent of the Nine Clouds is not yours anymore, do you even have anything familiar left in the continent?” said Fu Su Rong, smiling scornfully.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He also smiled in contempt. Indeed, the continent had changed a lot. Champion University had disappeared, the Qi Tian Dynasty’s holy place had been invaded by Fu Su Rong, and if he had come back later, Tiantai would have disappeared.

But that was only one of the possibilities. At least, Lin Feng was back now. Fu Su Rong’s plan wouldn’t work anymore.

“You want to play? I’ll play with you!” Lin Feng said indifferently. He looked at the elder in black clothes. The atmosphere grew colder and colder. Lin Feng said, “Those involved in the plot which aimed to destroy my statue must die!”

“Lin Feng, are you sure you want to kill people today?” said Fu Su Rong, when he saw Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with murder already.

He was about to kill the elder in black clothes. He was an elder of Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty, after all. He had brought him to the Continent of the Nine Clouds to help him. How would he be able to explain the elder’s death to the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty?

Fu Su Rong was furious; would Lin Feng dare someone kill his people in front of him? How arrogant!

But Lin Feng didn’t reply. He just acted.

His hand turned into a sharp blade and blood gushed. When people raised their heads, it looked like the clouds were stained by blood.

“Lin Feng, how dare you!” shouted Fu Su Rong, staring at the elder in black clothes Linn Feng had just beheaded. He clenched his fists, his face was filled with killing intent. He was about to burst.

However, Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to Fu Su Rong. He just glanced at Dragon Capital University, the four palaces were beautiful, so…

Phwap! Lin Feng jumped and kicked the elder’s head away. The strength in his foot reached a million jin. The head crashed on the top of a palace.

Everybody understand that Lin Feng had kicked the elder’s head to the top of the palace to humiliate Dragon Capital University even more.

Fu Su Rong’s eyes were bloodshot. He was still worried, so he didn’t dare attack.

Lin Feng didn’t care, though. He actually hoped Fu Su Rong would attack because Lin Feng wanted to teach him a good lesson.

“Lin Feng, I will never forget what happened today!” swore Fu Su Rong, taking a deep breath after a long time.

Lin Feng smiled mockingly, “I told you, since you want to play, I’ll play with you. You will never forget what happened today? Do you think I will? It’s exactly for this reason that I will play with you,” Lin Feng grinned wickedly.

Fu Su Rong looked grim. Lin Feng turned around and said to Mu Chen with a smile, “Haha, Great Fellow Disciple, let’s go. We should go and take a rest.”

“Eh, alright, alright,” said Mu Chen. He was still shaking. Tiantai had been afraid of Dragon Capital University for a while, but now Lin Feng had come back and humiliated them.

Mu Chen sighed. Since Lin Feng had gone to the great world, he had probably met many people as strong as Fu Su Rong. Maybe Lin Feng’s goal wasn’t even to become like those people, but even stronger, Mu Chen thought.

Actually, that was the case. Lin Feng’s goal wasn’t those people anymore. He wanted to become the strongest cultivator of the Continent of the Gods. He wanted to become stronger than the strongest old cultivators of the continent.

But Lin Feng knew that he couldn’t aim too high too quickly. First, he had to defeat the strongest young people of the continent. He had to continue rising slowly. He had to make everybody fear him, especially people like Bai Qi and the other young geniuses.

“Hmph! Wait and you’ll see! Someday, I’ll become the only Ruler of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. I’ll show her I’m much better than you!” shouted Fu Su Rong ferociously, glaring at Lin Feng’s back. He clenched his fists hard enough to make them crackle.

“Husband, he’s here,” said a woman’s gentle and soft voice. Yan Ran Xue appeared, her pitch-black hair hanging on her shoulders, wearing a beautiful blue jade skirt.

Yan Ran Xue arrived next to Fu Su Rong and gazed into the distance where Lin Feng and the others had disappeared.

When Fu Su Rong saw Yan Ran Xue, he felt much better suddenly. He took a deep breath and nodded, “Indeed, he came and now he left again.”

“Uh-hum.” Yan Ran Xue nodded without saying anything.

Fu Su Rong asked, “Are you sad?”

“Husband, I love you and only you. I will never love anyone else. Lin Feng, he’s..,” said Yan Ran Xue, then she smiled bitterly, “Lin Feng was just a passing traveler in my life, nothing more.”

“I trust you, Little Xue,” Fu Su Rong smiled. When he saw how much she loved him, he was even more determined to defeat Lin Feng. He wanted Lin Feng to suffer a crushing defeat.

He wanted to show Yi Ren Lei she had made the right choice, that she had chosen the stronger one!

If anyone dared try and stop him, he’d crush them!

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  1. suicai99 July 3, 2019 at 1:53 am - Reply

    3 years? i thought LF just beaten FSR just a few chapters ago….

  2. Bad memory Guy July 6, 2019 at 5:55 pm - Reply

    FSR came to Continent of nine clouds before he met LF and even fought against him. I guess you missed what Went Ao Xue said to LF.

  3. Gray July 13, 2019 at 9:09 am - Reply

    Here we go, another soap drama.

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