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Chapter 556: Get the Hell Out of the University!


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“Lin Feng, Fu Su Rong is extremely strong. I don’t know where he’s from. I’ve never seen anyone like him before, that’s why we’re afraid he…” the two ancestors spoke up. They were both extremely worried. They were afraid Fu Su Rong would humiliate Lin Feng. That would be a humiliation for the whole Continent of the Nine Clouds.

But worrying was useless.

“I’ll be fine. Just wait for me and come when I call you,” Lin Feng said, ignoring the words of the two Ancestors. He stood up, took out two blood pills from his ring and gave them to the ancestors.

“These are blood pills. Take them. Within half a day, you’ll recover and break through to the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer,” Lin Feng said walking away and smiling broadly. He left the mountain with Mu Chen and got ready to bring Champion University back to life.

The two ancestors in the hut were dumbstruck. They stared blankly at the blood-red pills in their hands. After a very long time, they came back to their senses.

“This tiny little pill…?”

“Where did Lin Feng go? Do you think he went to the place where Fu Su Rong is from?” Ancestor Xuan Tian and Ancestor Shi Tian were both stupefied and puzzled.

Ancestor Shi Tian smiled wryly. Trying to guess was useless. He just hoped Lin Feng would succeed with whatever he undertook.

“Maybe we should go and support Lin Feng. Champion University is our university, after all. If anything happened to Lin Feng, I would feel extremely guilty,” said Ancestor Xuan Tian.

Ancestor Shi Tian nodded, “Indeed, even if we can’t defeat Fu Su Rong, even if we’re not qualified to fight against him, we have to support Lin Feng.”

“Indeed, we have to support Lin Feng. We should take the pills, recover, and then we’ll go to Lin Feng,” said Ancestor Xuan Tian. He seemed excited when he looked at the blood pill again. Even though he didn’t know what kind of pill it was or what its effects were, he could sense a powerful Qi from it.

Maybe Lin Feng was right, and this pill could help them break through. However, they definitely didn’t believe that those pills could help them break through to the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer directly.

Ancestor Xuan Tian put the blood pill in his mouth and swallowed it. Instantly, his pure Qi condensed in his veins, and he had the impression his blood had turned into a roaring ocean of rolling waves.

When Ancestor Shi Tian sensed Ancestor Xuan Tian’s Qi, he also put the pill in his mouth and started meditating.


When Lin Feng went back to Tiantai, he didn’t bring Champion University back immediately. He first hard to take care of a few things. Fu Su Rong had sent many disciples to the former territory of Champion University, and it had become their favorite place for cultivation practice.

Lin Feng knew that Fu Su Rong had done that only to humiliate him. Fu Su Rong wanted to make the whole continent into a battlefield. He wanted to win against Lin Feng to show Yi Ren Lei, or Yan Ran Xue, that she had made the right choice by choosing him.

Lin Feng had become the Ruler of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, so Fu Su Rong could do it as well.

Fu Su Rong wanted to show Yan Ran Xue her husband was outstanding, more outstanding than Lin Feng. No matter what Lin Feng did, Fu Su Rong could do it, too.

Lin Feng despised Fu Su Rong.

Lin Feng couldn’t care less about Yi Ren Lei. They had already had a talk. They had nothing to do with each other anymore. However, by doing all those things, Fu Su Rong prevented Lin Feng from mourning over the end of his special relationship with her…


During the next few days, Lin Feng remained discreet, so discreet that it felt as if he had left the Continent. Fu Su Rong didn’t understand. Lin Feng knew that Fu Su Rong had become a Ruler in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and he still didn’t do anything?

Fu Su Rong didn’t know what Lin Feng was preparing, but he was ready to fight in case Lin Feng decided to counterattack. Fu Su Rong was sure he would win; he was proud and confident.

He had been preparing for several years already. After he had met Yi Ren Lei, he had decided to offer her the Continent of the Nine Clouds, but after learning about Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei’s past, and  that Lin Feng was the Ruler of the continent, he had decided to use the Continent of the Nine Clouds to defeat Lin Feng and render him unable to ever get it back.

Thinking about that, Fu Su Rong’s face was completely distorted with hatred and his thirst for vengeance.

The reason why Lin Feng was so discreet and calm during those few days was clear; he was waiting for the disciples and elders of Tiantai to break through after taking the blood pills. He was waiting for them to break through to the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and for Mu Chen to break through to the Godly Emperor Layer.


Five days passed. Lin Zhe Tian kept coming back with good news. Fifty disciples and elders had already broken through.

There was still no news from Mu Chen, Ancestor Xuan Tian and Ancestor Shi Tian had meditated in seclusion and when they broke through, the hut they were in exploded.


One more day passed, and Mu Chen broke through to the first Godly Emperor Layer. His Qi wasn’t stable though, and his cultivation level could fall back to the Half-Godly Emperor layer anytime. It was a dangerous situation. Accordingly, Lin Feng gave him another blood pill to help him stabilize his cultivation level.

Lin Feng, Huo Wu, Lin Zhe Tian, the two ancestors and some heroic elders and disciples from Tiantai left for Champion University.

Tiantai was quite far from Champion University, but Lin Feng had already made teleportation portals between the two places long ago. They hadn’t used them for a very long time, but they still worked. Even though it was a teleportation deployment spell, it still took a little while to teleport so many people.

It took three hours to get everybody near Champion University.

Lin Feng was at the very front. The two ancestors were just behind Lin Feng, the others were behind them. They were all in the sky of Champion University. The place was familiar, but the disciples who practiced there weren’t, they were all strangers. Some disciples from Dragon Capital University also guarded the place.

Lin Feng frowned when he saw the place. A man in white clothes smiled when he saw Lin Feng. Lin Feng knew that Fu Su Rong had guessed what his plan was regarding Champion University. Therefore, a confrontation would be inevitable.

Fu Su Rong laughed loudly. He was holding a fan and standing high up in the sky. Their Qi collided loudly, swift and fierce. People around were scared when they saw the Qi of the two.

The ancestors were extremely nervous when they saw Fu Su Rong. “Lin Feng… That’s…that’s Fu Su Rong,” said Ancestor Xuan Tian, pointing at Fu Su Rong.

Huo Wu and Lin Zhe Tian smiled. The two ancestors didn’t know Fu Su Rong and Lin Feng were enemies.

“Lin Feng, it seems like you took drastic measures,” said Fu Su Rong, smiling broadly and looking at the fifty cultivators behind Lin Feng. They all had the strength of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. He was surprised, but he knew Lin Feng had precious items to help people break through quickly, the blood pills.

Any cultivator would go insane for blood pills. When people of the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer took blood pills, they could even break through to the first or second Godly Emperor Layer!

Fu Su Rong understood why Lin Feng had disappeared during these last few days. He had helped the disciples of Tiantai break through. In less than a week, Lin Feng’s group had caught up with his own.

When the two ancestors saw that Fu Su Rong had talked first and that he looked completely different from usual, they were puzzled.

But Lin Feng didn’t explain anything. Huo Wu explained a few things to them about Fu Su Rong.

The two ancestors couldn’t believe what Huo Wu had just told them. Their heartbeats accelerated. Fu Su Rong had lost against Lin Feng? How strong was Lin Feng, then?

Initially, the two ancestors had no hope, but now they felt extremely enthusiastic.

“Fu Su Rong, get the hell out of Champion University, you and your people!” Lin Feng said impolitely, smiling coldly.

The disciples and ancestors of Tiantai were astonished, and trembled. Lin Feng was incredible. They knew how strong Fu Su Rong was. They didn’t feel confident at all.

Lin Feng ignored everybody’s reaction. He stared at Fu Su Rong coldly.

Fu Su Rong’s expression changed a little, and he looked at Lin Feng icily. He smiled mockingly and said, “You want Champion University? You think you’re strong enough?”

“What do you think?” Lin Feng replied coolly.

“I think that you better leave,” answered Fu Su Rong. His Qi became ice-cold, and eyes were filled with killing intent and anger.

“What if I say no?” Lin Feng smiled back mockingly. He was amused. He stretched out his left hand.

Everybody knew that a battle was on the verge of breaking out!


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