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Chapter 557: Losing Again!

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“You better not piss me off!” shouted Fu Su Rong grimly. His face was distorted with hatred and ferocity.

Lin Feng still smiled insultingly; he didn’t care what Fu Su Rong said. “Why would I need to be afraid of someone whom I’ve already defeated?”

“You want to die!” shouted Fu Su Rong furiously. He couldn’t stand Lin Feng anymore. He turned into a sharp beam of light and charged at Lin Feng, throwing a punch at him aimed at his chest. His speed was incredible.

Mu Chen’s expression changed drastically. In the blink of an eye, Fu Su Rong had appeared in front of Lin Feng. His punch contained explosive energies. It felt like he could make the whole world explode with his attack.

The two ancestors were extremely worried that Lin Feng would be killed. They knew Lin Feng wasn’t weak, and they had also heard Lin Feng had won once against Fu Su Rong, but they hadn’t seen it personally, so they were still worried.

“Back!” shouted Lin Feng to all the people behind him. He swept out his left hand and pushed them away with his Qi. Without even having the time to react, Mu Chen, the disciples of Tiantai and the others were all shoved ten thousand meters away.

At that moment, Fu Su Rong’s fist was about to reach Lin Feng. Lin Feng raised his right hand and threw a punch back at him. His explosive Qi seemed to weigh ten thousand jin. Their fists collided.

Boom boom boom!…

The disciples of both Tiantai and Dragon Capital University were all dumbstruck. This duel was terrifying. If they had been punched by either one of them, they would have died instantly.

Mu Chen seemed confused and puzzled. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would have progressed so quickly. He remembered Lin Feng’s previous achievements. Back then, he had thought that Lin Feng would finally never change, he was their ultimate and only Ruler.

Boom! Explosions spread when their fists collided, and energies rolled all around the watchers. Lin Zhe Tian, Huo Wu, Mu Chen and the others all released energies to protect themselves.

But some of them still paled. Some of them had the impression their circulatory systems were going to explode, others coughed blood.

“Shouldn’t we get moving?!” shouted Lin Zhe Tian at Mu Chen. His father respected and admired Mu Chen, so he also had to respect him.

Mu Chen hesitated first. He looked at Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong, their fight was fierce. It was difficult to guess who was going to win. But one thing was sure; they had to get Champion University back from Dragon Capital University!

“Kill!” shouted Mu Chen furiously.

Suddenly, all the disciples of Tiantai were extremely enthusiastic. Everybody took out weapons and rose up into the air.

“For our leader! Until death!” shouted the disciples of Tiantai furiously, flying towards the kwoon of Champion University. They started fighting against the disciples of Dragon Capital University. This time, there wasn’t such a big difference between the two sides. There were mostly disciples of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

Both sides also had some Godly Emperors. Fu Su Rong had taken some from the Continent of the Gods, but Lin Zhe Tian and Huo Wu could fight against those Godly Emperors. Mu Chen had also broken through to the Godly Emperor Layer a short time before. Taking over Champion University wouldn’t be a problem.

But they hadn’t reached that critical moment yet. Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong’s duel was the most important thing. If Lin Feng lost, they wouldn’t be able to take back Champion University.

Therefore, Lin Feng was under more pressure, but he didn’t fear Fu Su Rong. That was Lin Feng’s temper. If he lost against someone the first time, even if he won the second time, he would still continue respecting his opponent. But if he won the first time, then no matter what, he would never really take that person seriously again.

Lin Feng and Fu Su Rong punched each other hundreds of times. After that, Fu Su Rong’s expression had already completely changed. The hundreds of attacks had been enough for them to test the water already.

Ten thousand meters separated them. Lin Feng threw himself at Fu Su Rong again. In the blink of an eye, he was above Fu Su Rong’s head and threw a kick at him. He condensed brightness strength in his foot, his white godly aura dazzling. His foot looked like a sharp blade as his Qi crashed against Fu Su Rong’s shoulders.

“Fuck! You want to die!” shouted Fu Su Rong furiously. Lin Feng landed on his shoulders. Fu Su Rong was now under pressure. He felt humiliated. What if Yan Ran Xue saw this?

Luckily, Yan Ran Xue wasn’t there. Fu Su Rong took a deep breath and descended from the sky as quickly as he could. Lin Feng chased him, but his expression changed drastically when he saw the direction Fu Su Rong was flying in.

“Oh no!” Lin Feng had a bad premonition because Fu Su Rong was flying towards Lin Zhe Tian and Huo Wu.

Lin Feng ground his teeth. He hated Fu Su Rong even more. Before, he just considered Fu Su Rong a rival; now he considered him a sworn enemy!

Lin Feng released space and time Dao and disappeared. In the blink of an eye, he reappeared in front of Huo Wu and Lin Zhe Tian. The two were astonished: how fast! Then he threw a punch at Fu Su Rong ferociously.

“Father!” “Husband!” Lin Zhe Tian and Huo Wu shouted at the same time.

Lin Feng was now infuriated. He used his Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill; its energy exploded out.

Fu Su Rong’s expression changed again. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng’s senses were so acute. He had been caught unprepared here.

Now he was panicking as he hastily threw a punch. He also used a celestial skill, but he was so worried that his movements weren’t precise enough. Besides, how could his celestial skill be as powerful as Lin Feng’s Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill? The Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill was one of the most powerful celestial skills!

Lin Feng aimed at Fu Su Rong’s chest. Fu Su Rong also aimed at Lin Feng’s chest, but in the air his fist only reached Lin Feng’s waist. Fu Su Rong coughed blood three times, his face extremely pale. Lin Feng crashed against a mountain a few li away, and the mountain collapsed.

Everybody was worried; who was the winner? As people were trying to guess who had won, Lin Feng had already turned into a beam of light and reappeared in front of the disciples of Tiantai. He looked at Fu Su Rong icily. Fu Su Rong had already collapsed, and kept coughing blood.

It was the second time that Fu Su Rong and Lin Feng had fought, and Fu Su Rong had lost again!

“Disperse!” shouted Fu Su Rong, grinding his teeth. He was furious and unwilling, but his people had to disperse. He had lost again, even though Lin Feng was weaker than him in terms of cultivation level.

“He won?” The two ancestors were dumbstruck. They blankly watched Fu Su Rong’s people leave.

Lin Feng nodded and smiled, “Indeed, I won!”

“Hahaha! Awesome! We won!! Hahahahahahaha!!” shouted Ancestor Xuan Tian excitedly, rejoicing. After three years of pressure, he could finally feel it lift away.

“Oh, oh! Our Ruler is powerful and mighty!”

“Our Ruler is powerful and mighty!”

All the disciples of Tiantai shouted in unison, lifting their weapons above their heads and jumping happily.

Huo Wu and Lin Zhe Tian felt extremely enthusiastic. Even if Huo Wu was a woman, she also loved fighting, and when she felt like fighting, she had to release her anger.

“Lin Feng, let’s fight!” shouted Huo Wu. She seemed extremely excited.

Lin Feng smiled, “Alright, I…”

However, he didn’t have time to reply, his face suddenly became black, he suddenly felt powerless and fell down.

Instantly, the atmosphere went silent. Everybody was stunned.

“Husband!” shouted Huo Wu. She crouched down and looked at Lin Feng. She was extremely nervous and worried.

The atmosphere was ice-cold…

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