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Chapter 560: Instigating a Rebellion?

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The next day, Lin Feng rushed over to Champion University. When the two ancestors saw that Lin Feng was safe and sound, they were relieved. The recruitment process also went smoothly. Many people who had heard Lin Feng was back in the Continent of the Nine Clouds were excited and wanted to rejoin Champion University.

Lin Feng and the two ancestors stood at the top of the battle stage, where students would take the admission exam of Tiantai. There was an ocean of people. There were Supreme Holy Kings, Peerless Holy Kings, Low-Level Holy Emperors…

They were all there for Lin Feng. Back in the days when Lin Feng had left the Continent of the Nine Clouds, many people didn’t know their Ruler had left. But when Fu Su Rong came to the Continent of the Nine Clouds, they understood he wasn’t there anymore.

The Continent of the Nine Clouds had then sunk into chaos again. Luckily, Tiantai had kept the situation under control, or the whole continent could have collapsed. Then Dragon Capital University had been established. Many disciples had joined Dragon Capital University. Dragon Capital University had rapidly become the strongest group in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

That was the case until Lin Feng came back. Then, he defeated Fu Su Rong and retrieved Champion University’s territory.

Champion University had returned and started recruiting students. On the other side, Dragon Capital University surprisingly also started recruiting more students again. It was a great opportunity for everybody in the Continent of the Nine Clouds; an opportunity to become stronger, and to join a powerful group.

The first group was the Ruler’s group. When the leader wasn’t there, Fu Su Rong acted as the Ruler, but when the real Ruler was there, Fu Su Rong didn’t dare act arrogantly anymore. Lin Feng had oppressed him.

Therefore, many people wanted to join Champion University.

On the other side, people considered Fu Su Rong their Ruler. The Continent of the Nine Clouds was in a unique situation, who knew what would happen in the future? Would there be more Rulers in their world? Even though Fu Su Rong had lost a battle against Lin Feng, it didn’t mean he’d never be able to defeat him.

Fu Su Rong had been in the Continent of the Nine Clouds for three years and he already had control over half of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He also controlled many small influential groups. Even if Lin Feng was strong as a cultivator, how strong was his group?

That’s what people who decided to join Dragon Capital University thought. More and more cultivators joined the two groups.

However, Lin Feng put quality before quantity. He didn’t need many people. With too many people, a group wasted their resources. Lin Feng wanted heroes, and he wanted to spend resources only on those who deserved it. The two ancestors initially wanted to recruit as many people as possible, but Lin Feng had given them the order to recruit only the most talented ones.

The two ancestors listened to him. Nobody dared go against Lin Feng’s orders after all, not even the two ancestors.


In the end, Lin Feng only kept seven cultivators, a ridiculously small number. Champion University recruited only seven people!

Only seven people were chosen out of thirty thousand people. Those seven people weren’t the strongest ones, and they weren’t that advanced on the path of cultivation. Some of them were in their twenties and only had the strength of the Huang Qi layer. Some of them had the strength of the Low-Level Holy Emperor layer and were a thousand years old.

Lin Feng attached importance to them because they were extremely talented. In the future, they’d become extremely strong.

The two ancestors sighed. Lin Feng was trying to reproduce the past; the people he had chosen resembled the eleven core disciples of Tiantai. Perhaps those seven people would become war gods. The two ancestors were excited and wished they could see the future. They trusted Lin Feng and didn’t think he made a mistake.

Lin Feng remembered those seven people’s traits and names: Jing Guang, Tang Miao, Han Chang, Pu Ya, Zu Di, Xing Zhao Yin, and the only woman, Ding Ru Yan.

Those were the seven people Lin Feng selected for Champion University. Those seven people were brave, charismatic, talented, wise, good, and honest. Lin Feng had come to those conclusions thanks to a thorough exam. He had put them all in an illusory world.

At the beginning, he had chosen fifteen people, but the eight other ones weren’t as honest as the seven others, so Lin Feng failed them. Honesty was extremely important. Tiantai lived on because its members were loyal and honest. It was how the eleven core disciples of Tiantai managed to keep Tiantai alive.

Lin Feng wanted the same thing for Champion University as for Tiantai. He hoped those seven people would remain loyal and would make Champion University an incredible group in the future. He also hoped those seven people would form a great team.

Lin Feng called those people the seven champions, and he wanted the seven champions and the eleven core disciples of Tiantai to be known by everybody in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He wanted them to become a religion for the whole people of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Even though the two ancestors thought Lin Feng’s idea was laudable, they still thought that seven people weren’t enough. So they talked to Lin Feng again. Lin Feng decided to give them face and in the end, he also recruited five hundred ordinary disciples.

There were only five hundred and seven disciples in Champion University. It was the first time in history that Champion University had so few disciples. The most important ones were the seven battle champions.

Lin Feng had come to the Continent of the Nine Clouds for pure purposes. He wanted the Continent of the Nine Clouds to develop even more. He hoped that if the passage between the Continent of the Nine Clouds and the Continent of the Gods ever collapsed, then the people of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and especially their Godly Emperors, would be able to resist the cultivators of the Continent of the Gods. He didn’t want to see the people of the Continent of the Nine Clouds humiliated by anyone.

His second goal was to expel Fu Su Rong from the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Actually, he wanted to kill him. He didn’t care about what Yi Ren Lei thought, because he had nothing to do with that woman anymore.

Lin Feng didn’t believe that Fu Su Rong had taken control over the majority of the influential groups of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. If Yi Ren Lei hadn’t been there, he wouldn’t have understood anything about it. The Continent of the Nine Clouds was quite complex, after all.

Champion University’s recruitment process was over already. Dragon Capital University continued recruiting students, half of them had a chance to be selected. In the end, out of twenty-thousand people, ten thousand were recruited.

With the thousands of people they already had, they now numbered about fifty thousand. It was more than Champion University had ever had.

When Fu Su Rong heard about Champion University and that they had only seven real disciples, and five hundred ordinary disciples, he was puzzled. He couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“Hehe, Lin Feng, you’re a real moron! You just recruited five hundred people? Hehe, great, I’ll instigate rebellion within your camp and they’ll destroy Champion University themselves.”

Fu Su Rong laid down. His face was pale, but he seemed excited and eager. He laughed for a long time, thinking about Lin Feng’s way of handling things. His new plan was to instigate rebellion within the enemy camp.

If he made them believe Lin Feng was using them as cannon fodder, they probably wouldn’t be happy.


Time passed. It was the afternoon already. However, when Champion University announced to the five hundred people that they were ordinary disciples, many were furious. Why were they less important than the seven battle champions?

“I’d like to ask why we’re mere ordinary disciples? Why would we be less important than the seven disciples?” shouted a tall and sturdy man angrily.

“Indeed! How come you despise us!” Very quickly, many people started shouting. More and more people joined them. At the beginning, they were extremely happy, excited to become disciples in Lin Feng the Ruler’s group, but now he was bullying them.

Very quickly, more and more people felt aggrieved. They all looked at the battle champions. The tall and sturdy man who had spoken first smiled scathingly and got ready to leave.

Suddenly, someone appeared in front of him: Lin Zhe Tian! Lin Zhe Tian grabbed him by the neck and threw him to the battle champions. The tall and sturdy man coughed up blood and his face paled.

When those few people saw that the tall and sturdy had been thrown away violently, they closed their mouths. But many people still looked at Lin Feng angrily, even more furious.

Lin Feng glanced at the tall and sturdy man and then at the five hundred people. He understood what was going on because it was exactly what he had planned.


Lin Feng glanced at the tall and sturdy man and smiled icily: he had just caught a fish!

“Everybody, calm down and listen to me,” shouted Lin Feng suddenly. Everybody stopped talking when they heard Lin Feng, and stared at him in silence.

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