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Chapter 561: Countering A Plot With A Plot!


Everybody looked at Lin Feng. They all looked furious and dissatisfied. If Lin Feng didn’t give them an explanation and a good reason, the five hundred people would cause trouble. How did Champion University dare call them ordinary disciples?

Lin Feng looked at those people and then at the tall and sturdy man with a rictus, then he said to the five hundred people, “Everybody, I think you misunderstood something.”

“Misunderstood something? What thing?” the five hundred people seemed confused. Someone dared ask what they had misunderstood but then he quickly stepped back because he was afraid Lin Feng would injure him.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently. Those people weren’t very smart but it wasn’t a reason to hurt them. Lin Feng shook his head and said, “Everybody, you misunderstood me, my good faith, my integrity. You don’t understand my state of mind!”

said Lin Feng slowly and icily. A sharp swift and fierce Qi emerged from his body. The five hundred people all made a few steps back. They didn’t dare look at Lin Feng in the eyes. They didn’t look furious anymore, they didn’t dare.

That was the difference between strong and weak cultivators. One glance was enough to almost make weaklings collapse. They weren’t furious anymore, they were terrified.

By glancing at those people, Lin Feng already reached his goal. Then he continued, “Everybody, you’re not mere stepping stones for the others, you’re not just stopgaps. Champion University doesn’t need stopgaps.”

“You maybe know about my past. When I was a student at Champion University, many people despised me. Many people bullied me. Many people called me and treated me like a piece of trash back in the days.”

“However, it was useless. Ji Chang, Chu Chun Qiu, and the others, all became my stepping stones. I, Lin Feng, am the ruler!”

said Lin Feng proudly and aggressively. He looked extremely determined. His reaction made everyone feel extremely enthusiastic.

“Why couldn’t you? When other people call you stopgaps, shouting, threatening and attacking them is not the right thing to do, this is what cowards do.”

“What you need to do is practice cultivation in Champion University. You need to improve your fighting abilities. You need to become more determined. You need to regain face. You need to show me, Lin Feng, that you are not stopgaps. You need to show those seven core disciples that you are stronger and more talented than them!”

“If you show me that you are determined and brave, I’ll make you become core disciples, but did you show me that?”

When Lin Feng said that, everybody seemed touched. They wished they hadn’t come there, they wished they had directly gone to practice cultivation. It was too late now.

Mu Chen was a bit surprised, wasn’t Lin Feng trying to inspire and encourage those people? Why did he sound like he was making fun of them then?

“Hehe, you’re not brave. You’re not honest, so you should be stopgaps only, indeed. You understand?”

“You’re dissatisfied? You’re unhappy? I inspected all of you before.”

said Lin Feng glumly to the five hundred people. He pointed at a cultivator in black clothes and shouted, “Who do you think you are to be angry?”

Lin Feng sounded ice-cold. The man in black clothes looked low-spirited and lowered his head.

And you, are you loyal and upright? In case of danger, aren’t you the kind of guy who abandons his friends?” said Lin Feng pointing at someone else impolitely.

“And you? Do you consider yourself a good person?”

“And you? Are you strong enough?”

“And you…?”


Lin Feng looked more and more serious. In the end, he even sounded furious and pointed at everybody. Instantly, they all felt guilty and ashamed. They regretted. They understood why they hadn’t passed the core disciple’s exam.

“Is anyone worthy? No.” said Lin Feng smiling icily.

“However, those seven people are.” said Lin Feng pointing at the seven core disciples approvingly.

“The seven people in front of you are Jing Guang, Tang Miao, Han Chang, Pu Ya, Zu Di and Ding Ru Yan. They all passed the exam that you failed.”

“They are not afraid of death. They are not afraid of working hard. They are not afraid of stronger people. They don’t care about material privileges. They are upright, honest, loyal, righteous and virtuous.”

“They’re your exact opposites. I don’t like dishonest people.”

said Lin Feng sighing, “But I didn’t reject you completely. I accepted to give you a chance, I agreed to recruit you as ordinary disciples to give you a chance, the chance to practice cultivation in Champion University, a wonderful place for cultivation, a place where you have access to a great deal of resources.”

“It’s the only thing I can do for you but it is already a chance. You’re ordinary disciples. They are direct or core disciples, is there a problem?” said Lin Feng indifferently. He sounded a bit gentler when he said that.

The five hundred people lowered their heads and seemed pensive for a while. After a long time, they slowly raised their heads. They all felt guilty. Around two hundred of them felt so guilty that they left Champion University. The others all nodded and shouted, “No problem!”

“Alright, congratulations on becoming disciples of Champion University then.” said Lin Feng nodding in satisfaction and looking at the remaining three hundred people.


Lin Feng then looked at the tall and sturdy man and waved, Lin Zhe Tian threw the man on the battle stage. Everybody looked at the battle stage. They were curious.

“Disciples, do you know why this person tried to cause trouble here?” asked Lin Feng pointing at the tall and sturdy man smiling.

The disciples shook their heads, they didn’t know why he had tried to cause trouble but they looked at him furiously. The tall and sturdy man was extremely worried when he saw so many people looked at him.

“He was dispatched by Dragon Capital University. His goal was to cause trouble. He wanted to make ordinary disciples feel confused. I remember Dragon Capital University said their disciples didn’t need to be heroic, they had to be sly.”

“The people of Dragon Capital University despise you. They wanted to infuriate you, they wanted you to cause trouble.” said Lin Feng. He seemed sad for those three hundred people.

Those people were initially furious, then Lin Feng had made them understand how foolish they were, and now that they understood they had been fooled, they were furious again.

“Fucking Dragon Capital University! They dared mess with us. Brothers, let’s go to Dragon Capital University to cause trouble then!”

“Indeed, brothers, let’s go. The disciples of Dragon Capital University are trying to be smart? I don’t think they’re smarter than us.”

“We’ll show them the price they have to pay for trying to humiliate us!”

After Lin Feng finished talking, the three hundred disciples started shouting furiously. Then they flew in the direction of Dragon Capital University. And when the others saw their comrades fly away, they naturally followed, so more and more people flew towards Dragon Capital University.

When Lin Feng saw that, he smiled mockingly. He had compassion for his disciples too.

“Oh Fu Su Rong… Fu Su Rong… you think I didn’t know you were plotting against me? Apart from Di Shu, nobody can plot against me.”

thought Lin Feng smiling mockingly. He glanced at the tall and sturdy man on the stage and then left.

Mu Chen, Lin Zhe Tian and the two ancestors looked at the tall and sturdy man, they didn’t say anything and left. When they walked away, they glanced at the seven core disciples.

The seven disciples understood that it was their first assignment as core disciples of the university.

To kill!

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