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Chapter 562: Extremely Bad News

Chapter 562: Extremely Bad News

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Lin Feng had no idea what happened on the side of Dragon Capital University after the three hundred disciples had gone there, but he could imagine that Fu Su Rong was furious when he knew his plot had failed.

Lin Feng was right to think that way. Fu Su Rong was quite angry when the three hundred disciples came to cause trouble. He quickly realized that Lin Feng had thwarted his plot with a plot. His wife’s ex-boyfriend had ruined his plan once again.

He was a very resentful person, so he wouldn’t forget this. He had to get his revenge. Even though nothing extremely serious happened at Dragon Capital University, only a few hundred disciples died, it was a humiliation. They had already managed to capture the three hundred people.

The elders wanted to kill them, but Fu Su Rong prevented them from doing so. He came up with a new plan. Those people were already disciples of Champion University, so he could use them to plot against Lin Feng.

He needed to keep those three hundred people under control. He would use them to threaten Lin Feng, if Lin Feng didn’t care about them, then Fu Su Rong would tell everybody in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and he’d become a Ruler. How could people accept a Ruler who didn’t care about the lives of the people of the continent?

If people stopped trusting Lin Feng, it’d be difficult for him to remain their Ruler. Even though Lin Feng was strong enough to be the Ruler, it was useless to be the Ruler without the trust of the people.

At that moment, Fu Su Rong would just need to do his best to gain people’s trust, and then he’d become the official Ruler, the only one. Then, he’d finally be able to give Yan Ran Xue a wonderful gift, and he’d also finally be able to show her he was better than Lin Feng.

Thinking about that, Fu Su Rong smiled evilly. Yan Ran Xue noticed, but didn’t say anything. She just smiled indifferently. Then she looked at the blue sky outside. She felt confused.

Don’t worry, Fu Su Rong. I will do all I can to support you and help you become the only Ruler of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. You’re definitely better and stronger than him!, thought Yan Ran Xue, trying to convince herself.


Lin Feng was relaxed those days. He didn’t need to take care of Tiantai or Champion University too much, Mu Chen and the two ancestors did a great job already, and the two ancestors also had help from the seven core disciples.

Lin Feng gave the two ancestors more blood pills. Huo Wu gave the two ancestors godly emperor seeds. When the two ancestors broke through to the Godly Emperor Layer, they were amazed. It was completely different from when they only had the strength of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer. A dream had come true, they were finally Godly Emperors! And it had taken them less than a month to break through to the Godly Emperor Layer!

They couldn’t believe it. Even Lin Feng couldn’t believe it. Back in the days, it had taken him so long to break through to the Godly Emperor Layer.

But with the help of a strong cultivator, everything seemed easier. Lin Feng was lucky that he had been able to use the Blood Cauldron before Xuan Yuan had taken it back. He had been able to make thousands and thousands of blood pills. Back then, he had asked all the disciples of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty and Tiantai to go and kill beasts, and had obtained enough resources to make many, many blood pills.

Apart from Xuan Yuan and a few other people at the top of the Continent of the Gods, nobody else knew what his trump cards were, including Fu Su Rong.

“Brother Lin Feng, when do we go back to the Continent of the Gods?” Lin Feng was seated and blankly gazing into the distance. He came back to his senses and realized Huo Wu was next to him. He smiled wryly. He had forgotten there was a beautiful woman next to him.

“We’re not going back for the time being. I need to sort things out in the Continent of the Nine Clouds first,” Lin Feng said, smiling at Huo Wu and caressing her face. Huo Wu blushed. She didn’t look proud and angry like she once had.

“Brother Lin Feng, you probably know that it could be harmful for their future, right?” said Huo Wu, angrily pushing Lin Feng’s big hand away.

Lin Feng smiled at her gently and softly.

“I will not force people to do anything they don’t want to do. I will ask them what they think and then I will take measures. If they think my idea is good, then I will proceed.”

“Yes, that’s the best,” Huo Wu nodded.

“Little Lin Feng, Little Lin Feng!! Bad news!” shouted someone suddenly in alarm. It was Mu Chen’s voice. Lin Feng understood Mu Chen’s personality; it wasn’t his type to start shouting for no reason. Something serious was happening, otherwise, he wouldn’t have shouted like that.

Lin Feng stood up and rushed out of the room. He didn’t ask anything; he knew something serious was going on.

They both rose up in the air. Mu Chen was flying in the direction of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Lin Feng shuddered, and his heart twitched.

“Lin Feng, something happened in the Holy Spirit Dynasty,” said Mu Chen after they had flown for a long time. They were only a few thousands of li away from the Holy Spirit Dynasty.

Lin Feng looked grim. Since Mu Chen had learnt about it, it meant that the Dynasty had probably been in danger for a while already. So now…?

Lin Feng didn’t dare imagine. Trying to remain calm, he asked, “What happened?”

“Eh….” Mu Chen hesitated. He didn’t know how to tell Lin Feng. He was afraid Lin Feng would go crazy.

“Tell me. I can control myself,” Lin Feng ordered, taking a deep breath.

Mu Chen looked grim, he took a deep breath as well. He seemed extremely nervous.

“Tian Su may be… dead,” said Mu Chen.

His voice resonated in Lin Feng’s brain like an explosion.

His grandson might be dead!

Maybe… Mu Chen had said maybe… but Lin Feng knew that if Mu Chen said that, it meant the probability was quite high.

Lin Feng’s legs shook, and his face paled. Lin Feng rarely felt like that. Even when his primordial spirit had been destroyed, he hadn’t felt this afraid for a long time. How could he remain calm?

Mu Chen was extremely nervous and worried. He took Lin Feng in his arms to prevent Lin Feng from bursting into anger, which was also dangerous. His Qi could become unstable.

“Great Fellow disciple, do you know who the murderer is?” Lin Feng wiped off his tears and raised his head. His eyes were bloodshot, and demon Qi was rolling around him. He wanted to slaughter all his enemies at once.

When Mu Chen saw that, he shivered. Lin Feng rarely looked so sad. His eyes were filled with murder. The people around sensed his blood-curling energies and shuddered.

Mu Chen took a deep breath and told Lin Feng everything. “Some unknown cultivators attacked the Dynasty. Lin Tian Su showed up personally and was captured after three attacks. Then he disappeared with them.”

“Disappeared? So you’re not sure he’s dead?” asked Lin Feng after he heard Mu Chen. There was hope!

But what Mu Chen said after almost made Lin Feng lose his senses and go crazy.

“But the leader’s jade talisman was still in the Dynasty, and it broke apart, which proves…” said Mu Chen. He didn’t dare continue.

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