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Chapter 563: A Note!

Chapter 563: A Note!

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Lin Feng remained silent for a long time high up in the sky. Many cultivators noticed the two people in the sky. Many people didn’t recognize Lin Feng, but they recognized Mu Chen, the executive manager of Tiantai.

“Let’s go to the Dynasty first,” Lin Feng said, ignoring the people who were looking at them excitedly. Lin Feng found them pathetic and boring. Mu Chen and Lin Feng flew towards the Dynasty. That was the first place to search if they wanted to find clues.

When Lin Feng arrived at the Holy Spirit Dynasty, he used brightness strength to accelerate. The whole Dynasty was now destroyed. It initially looked imposing and splendid, but at that moment, there were crumbling fences and dilapidated walls. It looked desolate.

Lin Feng and Mu Chen landed on the ground. Pieces of stones and wood crumbled under their feet. Each time Lin Feng heard that sound, it felt as if his heart had been breaking along with the landscape. He had a very bad premonition, and hoped he wouldn’t learn something horrible. As he was thinking, he walked a bit slower.

Mu Chen could understand Lin Feng. Losing a child was one thing, but losing a grandchild was another. If Lin Feng lost his son, maybe that he would go crazy and lose his senses, but it wouldn’t be as bad as if he lost a grandchild. Losing a grandchild would feel like if his world had collapsed around him.

The reason was that a grandson inherited even more things than a son. Lin Feng came from the Earth, and he had the mentality of an Earthling.

“Ruler, you’re here.”

Lin Feng walked slowly, but finally arrived in the great palace. All the elders of the Holy Spirit Dynasty were waiting there. They knew that Lin Feng would definitely come. However, when they saw Lin Feng, they noticed his Qi was unstable, and his face was pale. They were all surprised to see him like that.

But they knew that his grandson was in danger, and he might be dead already, so how could he remain calm?

Lin Feng looked at the few elders in front of him, who were all on their knees. They were the same elders he had seen on the other day, those who had come from Champion University.

“Who were they?” asked Lin Feng, staring at the old man in front of him.

When the old man heard Lin Feng’s blood-curling voice, he shuddered in fear. He replied, “I don’t know, but they were extremely strong. From their Qi, I had the impression they were even stronger than you or Fu Su Rong.”

“Stronger than us? Are you sure they weren’t sent by Fu Su Rong?” asked Lin Feng. He was stupefied.

The old man shook his head and replied, “I’m sure. Fu Su Rong doesn’t have such strong assistants. And from their clothes, I noticed that those people were all extraordinary.”

“What were they dressed like? And what did they say when they came?” asked Mu Chen. He knew that Lin Feng was furious and on the verge of bursting into rage. If he weren’t strong-willed, he would have gone crazy and lost his senses already.

“The leader of the group was wearing a plaited bamboo hat and a pitch-black cloak. The others were wearing blue clothes and their faces were covered, too. But their Qi was evil. Their Qi resembled demon Qi.”

“And did they say anything?” 

The old man seemed pensive. “They asked us if they were in the Holy Spirit Dynasty. We asked why he wanted to know and that this place was a holy place, they couldn’t act insolently here. But they smiled disdainfully and killed a group of disciples in one punch.

“When the leader of the Dynasty heard what seemed like people fighting, he rushed over, but after three or four attacks, he was captured and they took him away. We don’t know where they went,” said another old man, telling everything.

When Lin Feng heard that – a plaited bamboo hat, black clothes, etc. – he quickly thought of Dong Fang Tian Xia, but he already knew who Dong Fang Tian Xia was, Wen Ao Xue! It couldn’t be Wen Ao Xue…

Maybe his enemies had tried to look like Dong Fang Tian Xia on purpose; it also meant that the enemies knew Lin Feng and Dong Fang Tian Xia’s special relationship.

Lin Feng was sure of one thing though; those people had to have come from the Continent of the Gods, because they were as strong as him and Fu Su Rong. On top of that, they also understood the situation of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“Where is my grandson’s broken jade talisman?” asked Lin Feng suddenly.

“I’ll take you there, Ruler,” said the leader of the elders, quickly standing up and leading the way. They arrived in the first palace of the Dynasty, the palace of the leader.

In the palace, there was a jade talisman cut in two. It was on the throne of the palace.

When the elder looked at the talisman, he was angry. He felt guilty too, because he hadn’t been able to help their leader.

Lin Feng raised his head and the talisman moved into his hand. Lin Feng’s expression changed when he looked at the talisman. He smelled some familiar Qi, and a note slowly appeared on the broken talisman.

Lin Feng took the note and put the talisman into his ring. He opened the tiny scroll and a gleaming message appeared.

“Lin Feng, are you furious? You want to kill me? Don’t you want to crush me to mush?

“Haha! You’re angry! I also hate you. You killed my brother and destroyed the Ji Clan. You never thought something like this would ever happen, right?

“I worked hard all these years, without attracting public attention. I’ve always dreamt of doing something that would make you suffer, that would make you feel extremely sad.

“And now it’s time. Lin Feng, you will never see your grandson again. I will kill him slowly, bit by bit. I will cut his body slowly. I will flay his skin slowly, I will remove his hair.

“Lin Feng, I, Ji Yang, will become the second Di Shu. I will hide in darkness and constantly plot against you until you die. I will do my best to get your wives killed in front of you, your friends, your relatives, your sons, everybody! Hahahahahaha!”


Lin Feng ground his teeth. His energies exploded around him. The palace started collapsing. Many disciples and elders of the Holy Spirit Dynasty were astonished.

Lin Feng crushed the note in his hand. He was raging mad. He wanted to kill Ji Yang, Ji Chang’s brother, the only member of the Ji Clan who was away when Lin Feng had destroyed the Ji Clan back then.

“Ji Yang, since you want to become the second Di Shu, I will help you become the second one!”

Lin Feng clenched his fists so hard the bones crackled. His eyes were bloodshot, his face was distorted with fury. It was the first time Lin Feng was that angry.

Lin Feng regretted that he hadn’t he done more to kill that one long ago. How could he have let someone live, become strong, and become a threat? Ji Yang was even more dangerous than Ji Chang. He was more dangerous, and more evil.

Mu Chen walked up to Lin Feng. He didn’t know about Ji Yang. He didn’t know anything about the Continent of the Gods, either. But he knew that Lin Feng was furious. If anyone said anything unpleasing, it would be the final straw.

“Haha, Lin Feng! I came to Tiantai to see you, but you weren’t there. Hahahah!”

Mu Chen was wondering what to say when suddenly, someone laughed out loudly and mockingly. Fu Su Rong and a few Godly Emperors appeared in the sky of the wrecked Holy Spirit Dynasty.

“Eh…? What’s wrong here?” asked Fu Su Rong. He seemed puzzled. What had happened in the Holy Spirit Dynasty?

Bad luck, Mu Chen thought. Lin Feng was already furious, and now Fu Su Rong was provoking him? That was probably the final straw.

Mu Chen told Huo Wu, Lin Zhe Tian, and Ye Chen to withdraw telepathically.

Fu Su Rong noticed there was something wrong because Lin Feng wasn’t like usual. His eyes were filled with flames of fury and he was staring ahead blankly.

Fu Su Rong suddenly recalled that Lin Feng’s grandson was in the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Had something happened to him?

Fu Su Rong had a bad premonition. He could feel something ominous would happen if he stayed, so he decided not to take risks.

“Since you’re in a bad mood, I’m off,” said Fu Su Rong. He didn’t want to worsen the situation.

However, it was too late.

“You’re here, so you won’t leave!” Lin Feng said hoarsely. He sounded like a demon. It was terrifying. It was the first time Fu Su Rong had seen Lin Feng like that. He looked insane.

“I’m not afraid,” said Fu Su Rong, when he thought of Yan Ran Xue. Even if Lin Feng were insane, Fu Su Rong didn’t fear him!

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  1. Gray July 13, 2019 at 11:32 am - Reply

    Lin Feng regretted that he hadn’t he done more to kill that one long ago. How could he have let someone live, become strong, and become a threat? Ji Yang was even more dangerous than Ji Chang. He was more dangerous, and more evil.

    Why feel regret?
    its all because you become a coward pussy in this PMG 2.

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    I really hate how ling feng is unable to use his spirit world, and do bitch moves like leave ji yang alive. He better torture limb by limb and the future chapters

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