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Chapter 565: Life Hangs by a Thread!

Chapter 565: Life Hangs by a Thread!

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“You can’t kill me! I am also a member of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds, like you! If you kill me, it’ll be a violation of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds!” shouted Fu Su Rong, suddenly thinking of something. He had hope again. He was a member of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds, and Lin Feng had recently become one as well. Dong Fang Tian Xia had invited Lin Feng!

Since that was the case, maybe Lin Feng wouldn’t kill him. If Lin Feng killed him, it would be disrespectful towards Lei Gang, a low-level Supreme God. It would also be a violation of the rules of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds.

Thinking about that, Fu Su Rong started feeling more relaxed again. Thanks to the existence of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds, maybe he wouldn’t die. Fu Su Rong even started being excited again. If he survived, after this, he would seek help from the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty to shake Tiantai a little. He would teach Lin Feng a good lesson. Even if he couldn’t compete with Lin Feng, Lin Feng couldn’t compete with the Dynasty.

Fu Su Rong was rejoicing and smiling on the inside. Nobody noticed that, though.

“Let me go!” shouted Fu Su Rong when he saw Lin Feng didn’t seem like he was going to let him go. 

“Let you go?” asked Lin Feng indifferently.

Fu Su Rong was panicking again. He shouted, “Will you dare break the rules of the alliance?!”

“Yes, so what?” Lin Feng said, nodding and staring at Fu Su Rong. Lin Feng’s voice terrified Fu Su Rong, his heart felt like it might burst.

Lin Feng smiled icily. He had already decided to kill Fu Su Rong; why would he go back on his decision? He didn’t want to let a dangerous enemy live. He wasn’t stupid, he didn’t want to have more and more people like Di Shu and Ji Yang in his life. If he continued letting his enemies live, he would die soon!

“Fu Su Rong, you chose the wrong path. You didn’t have to have Yi Ren Lei contact me. You didn’t need to compare yourself to me. Now you have to bear the consequences,” Lin Feng said, glancing at Fu Su Rong indifferently. “Bury his corpse,” Lin Feng said, glancing at Yan Ran Xue indifferently.

When Yan Ran Xue heard how confident Lin Feng sounded, she understood there was nothing she could do anymore.

She had promised Fu Su Rong she would always support and help him. She had always thought he’d become the Ruler of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. She didn’t want Lin Feng to kill him.

“What if I say no?” said Yan Ran Xue icily. She had no sympathy for him at all. They were like strangers. At that precise moment, they had just become enemies.

“I don’t care about what you think. I’m going to kill him anyway,” Lin Feng said, smiling grimly. He couldn’t care less about Yan Ran Xue’s opinion. He didn’t even look at her again. He was just staring at Fu Su Rong.

“If you kill my husband, we will be sworn enemies forever, and I will avenge my husband’s death,” said Yan Ran Xue icily. She looked resolute.

However, Lin Feng just smiled. “Feel free to try anytime,” he replied coolly. Fu Su Rong’s face paled. He was terrified, sure Lin Feng could kill him now.

“No, don’t kill me! I can give up Yan Ran Xue, please, I beg you, let me go, Lin Feng!” babbled Fu Su Rong. He was panicked and terrified. Even though he had tried to shout, he had failed. He just had a desperate and trembling voice. Yan Ran Xue heard him perfectly, though.

Yan Ran Xue paled. She had the impression her world was collapsing around her. She was ready to die for her husband, but her husband was ready to abandon her to live.

When Lin Feng heard that, he went crazy and punched Fu Su Rong violently. He used as much strength as he could. His Qi had the power of a billion jin.

Crackling sounds spread through the air. Fu Su Rong fell on his knees, coughing blood. He looked like a wreck. Lin Feng promptly kicked his head, then jumped on him again. A crater ten meters across appeared around Fu Su Rong, who was embedded in the ground.

At that moment, Fu Su Rong had only one thread of Qi left. His circulatory system was completely destroyed. He just looked at the sky, and then at Yan Ran Xue.

Yan Ran Xue walked over to the crater. She was extremely sad, and had mixed feelings. She had done so much for Fu Su Rong, and now he said he was ready to give her up to live. She realized she had chosen the wrong man.

Why? Why? She knew there wasn’t a second one like Lin Feng, but she had at least hoped she’d find a man with whom she’d be able to live her life the way she wanted with a man who would love her unconditionally, until death tore them apart.

She thought Fu Su Rong was like that, but now it seemed like she had made a mistake, a really big mistake.

Fu Su Rong noticed Yan Ran Xue looked extremely sad. He knew she had probably heard him. He really liked her, but he was still ready to give her up for his life.

Fu Su Rong smiled sadly. No matter what, his circulatory system was destroyed, and even if he didn’t die there, he would still die sooner or later from shame. How could he continue facing Yan Ran Xue?

“You regret, right? You really chose the wrong man,” Lin Feng said, slowly clenching his fists. He stood on the edge of the crater. He first glanced at Fu Su Rong and then at Yan Ran Xue.

Yan Ran Xue paled, and smiled wryly. She said calmly and serenely, “I don’t regret. I chose him because I liked him.”

“Alright, I understand,” Lin Feng nodded. He looked back at Fu Su Rong and said coldly, “Dragon Capital University will never return. The Continent of the Nine Clouds is now entirely mine again.

“Fu Su Rong, you showed your true colors before dying. You gave up the woman you loved for your own life. The only thing I want to tell you is that I despise you. How could you even try to compare yourself to me? By trying to compare yourself to me, you humiliated me!”

Lin Feng raised his left hand and threw a silent punch at Fu Su Rong’s face. Fu Su Rong looked at that fist with his eyes wide open. He was devastated as he glanced at Yan Ran Xue. How could he die like this? Why had he provoked Lin Feng? And the saddest thing was that he was an heir of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty, dying like this was a tragedy.

He was unreconciled!

However, that punch put an end to his life. Fu Su Rong died, and Dragon Capital University collapsed along with him. Everything returned to normal in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

But Lin Feng wasn’t relieved. What about his grandson? Had Ji Yang killed him?

Lin Feng was extremely worried. He had already forgotten about Yan Ran Xue, who was there in front of him. The man she had chosen was dead already. Before dying, he had shown his true colors. Yan Ran Xue didn’t really regret because remorse was useless.

Lin Feng would never become her husband. Fu Su Rong had hurt her feelings, and back then, she had hurt Lin Feng’s feelings.

Now that Lin Feng had killed Fu Su Rong, there was nothing between Yan Ran Xue and Lin Feng anymore at all.

That punch was the symbol of the end of something.

Lin Feng walked past Yan Ran Xue. He grabbed Huo Wu’s hand and slowly walked away.

Huo Wu glanced at Yan Ran Xue. Poor girl. The others, such as Mu Chen, also glanced at that woman. Even though they didn’t know she was Yi Ren Lei, Mu Chen knew that there had probably been something between her and Lin Feng, but now…

Everybody left, including the elders and disciples of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. They all flew towards Tiantai. Lin Tian Su had disappeared, nobody knew whether he was still alive or not, and the Dynasty was now a dangerous place, having been razed to the ground. There were just crumbling fences and dilapidated walls everywhere. It was useless to cling to it.

Therefore, Mu Chen decided to bring all the disciples and elders of the Dynasty to Tiantai. At least, that way, Tiantai would become stronger.


Yan Ran Xue was standing there alone next to Fu Su Rong’s corpse. After a long time, she wiped off her last tears. She seemed devastated.

“You must be satisfied,” whispered Yan Ran Xue, looking at the blue sky. It was like she could see a pair of cold eyes looking down at her.

“Lin Feng, I am the only one who knows whether it was heartlessness or unreason, whether it was treachery or grievance. I will always choose myself over you. Don’t blame me, Lin Feng, hus… hus… husband!” whispered Yan Ran Xue. She was still extremely sad. After that, she quickly disappeared. Her Qi was growing colder and colder.

“I am still Yan Ran Xue!” said Yan Ran Xue. She didn’t even glance at Fu Su Rong’s corpse again.

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