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Chapter 566: Ji Clan’s Site

Chapter 566: Ji Clan’s Site

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Fu Su Rong never thought that after dying, nobody would even bury his corpse. Maybe he would stay in that crater forever. Maybe he would be buried by sediment.

Yan Ran Xue left the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Nobody knew where she went. In the past, she relied on Fu Su Rong, and she didn’t need to face some issues herself. She had given up some things for her peace of mind.

Then, what Fu Su Rong had said before dying had made her understand that it was extremely difficult to find someone like Lin Feng. At least, she had never met someone else like him again. Fu Su Rong had disappointed her. It also made her make a decision, to head for destruction.


On the way back, Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He just looked at the broken talisman every day. Huo Wu was worried at the beginning, but then when she saw that Lin Feng was thinking, she was relieved.

Huo Wu didn’t stay with Lin Feng the whole time. He needed calm. He was extremely worried about Lin Tian Su, and on top of that, he didn’t even know where Lin Qiong Sheng was. He also imagined how Tang You You would react if he told her about Lin Tian Su’s disappearance, or even potential death.

Lin Feng brushed the broken talisman with his fingers. He remembered Ji Yang ever more clearly. Ji Yang was Ji Chang’s biological brother, the only one he hadn’t killed after he had destroyed the Ji Clan. Before this had happened to Lin Tian Su, Lin Feng didn’t even remember Ji Yang was still alive.

Forgetting about enemies could be costly sometimes. Lin Feng had to bear the consequences. He didn’t know how or where to look for Ji Yang.

Since Ji Yang had come to the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he could probably travel easily between the Continent of the Nine Clouds and the Continent of the Gods. He had probably gone back to the Continent of the Gods.

Lin Feng thought of a problem. Wouldn’t Ji Yang go back to the Ji Clan? Even though he had destroyed the Ji Clan, the site of the Ji Clan still existed; many of their buildings hadn’t been destroyed.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng raised his head, his eyes filled with flames of fury. He had gotten rid of Fu Su Rong, he didn’t have to waste time with him anymore. Now, he could solely focus on Ji Yang!

Lin Feng left his room. There were no guards posted. He rose into the air and flew out of Tiantai. He flew to the teleportation portal and teleported to Champion University.

Dragon Capital University had been dismantled. All the outstanding disciples of Dragon Capital University were now disciples of Champion University. A university couldn’t have only a few disciples, otherwise, the people of the continent would make fun of them. Even if they weren’t extremely loyal, as long as Lin Feng was there, they wouldn’t dare cause trouble or betray the university, especially since Lin Feng had killed their former leader.

From the sky, one could only see a gigantic ocean of people, all disciples of Champion University. They were all cultivating. When Lin Feng saw that, he smiled, but then he looked in the direction of the Ji Clan and his eyes were quickly filled with murder again.

The Ji Clan and many other older clans were close to Champion University. Lin Feng flew towards the Ji Clan’s site. He needed to check things there.

That afternoon, Huo Wu realized that Lin Feng wasn’t in his room, and was alarmed. She called Mu Chen and Lin Zhe Tian. The two of them didn’t know where Lin Feng was, either. Suddenly, everybody in Tiantai was alarmed and started looking for him.

But they didn’t find him anywhere. They searched hundreds of li around. Mu Chen gave members of Tiantai the order not to give any information about the issue to anyone, or he’d kill them!

Mu Chen called Huo Wu and Lin Zhe Tian and told them, “I think that Little Lin Feng went to look for Ji Yang.”

“But where is Ji Yang?” asked Huo Wu. She looked grim. She was also one of the godly children of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine like Ji Yang, so she understood him the best. Ji Yang was one of Lin Feng’s sworn enemies, so she was furious.

Lin Zhe Tian looked grim as well. He tried to think of all the solutions. Then he raised his head and said to Mu Chen, “Uncle, father may have gone to the Ji Clan.”

“The Ji Clan? Little Tian, you mean that…?” Mu Chen’s eyes were wide, as if he had also thought of something, then he nodded and said, “Let’s go to the Ji Clan’s site immediately. Lin Feng must be there.”

Lin Feng flew from Champion University to the Ji Clan’s site. It took him only half an hour. When he arrived in the sky of the Ji Clan’s site, he glanced around at the ruins. There were a few pavilions which hadn’t been destroyed, but they were still covered with dust and spider webs. Nobody lived in them or used them.

People frequently came to see this place, which had been destroyed by Lin Feng long ago. It was like a museum to them. At that moment, there were many other people here, as usual.

Lin Feng’s appearance quickly drew many people’s attention. Some of them didn’t understand, but others immediately recognized Lin Feng and gasped with amazement.

“Oh my god! It’s Lin Feng! Great Ruler Lin Feng!” shouted a man in black clothes pointing at him. Everybody heard him.

Many people raised their heads and looked at him. All those who recognized Lin Feng gasped in amazement.

“Hurry up! Look! It’s our great Ruler!”

“I’ve heard that he’s become enigmatic and unfathomable. He also killed Fu Su Rong, the founder and leader of Dragon Capital University.”

“I also heard that our leader issn’t in a good mood these days because Leader Lin Tian Su from the Holy Spirit Dynasty, his grandson, has been killed by mysterious people. Our leader is furious. That’s also why he killed Fu Su Rong so quickly,” someone sighed.

“Hehe, Fu Su Rong was stupid, why did he offend our great leader? He’s dead, he had it coming!”

More and more people gathered there. They all looked at Lin Feng and whispered. Lin Feng glanced at them and then continued looking around the Ji Clan’s site. He looked at a pavilion which was in perfect condition. On the top of the pavilion was a person in black clothes, looking at Lin Feng. That person was also holding a plaited bamboo hat in their hand.

Lin Feng suddenly remember who that person was: Ji Yang, Ji Chang’s biological brother, the last descendant of the Ji Clan!

“Haha, Leader Lin, you’re very smart, you knew where to find me!” exclaimed Ji Yang, smiling tauntingly.

Many people were stupefied. That person dared talk that way to their Ruler? Was he extremely strong as well?

“Where’s my grandson?” asked Lin Feng, staring at Ji Yang coldly. People were so scared that they started running away. Some braver people just hid behind walls and buildings.

“Haha! Haven’t I told you? You will never see your grandson again, because I will flay his skin slowly. Hahahahaha!” said Ji Yang laughing manically.

When he saw Lin Feng’s expression, he laughed even more, but his eyes were filled with hatred.

“Are you sad? Do you feel powerless and furious? How do you think I felt back in the days, after you destroyed the Ji Clan? When I learned that you had killed my family members, my brother, my parents, how do you think I felt?

“Hehe, you’re the Ruler of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, you can do whatever you wish. You can also destroy clans who pose a threat to you!

“That’s how you are, Lin Feng! You always think that people make fun of you, and then you kill them because you’re always trying to prove to everybody that you’re not a piece of trash. And as you became strong, things like that happened more and more. However, did you ever think something like this would ever happen?”

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