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Chapter 569: Solving Issues!

Chapter 569: Solving Issues!

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The two people shook hands. Lin Feng was extremely surprised.

Jeston opened a ring he had on his left hand, and blue lights flashed. A young man in golden clothes appeared, laying calmly in midair.

Lin Feng’s heart twitched. He looked at that young man, who looked like a young version of Lin Qiong Sheng. It was his grandson, Lin Tian Su!

“Lin Feng, I would like to apologize. Using Ji Yang to have you come to me was the only solution. Otherwise, we would have never been able to meet.

“Your grandson isn’t dead, and his soul jade talisman isn’t broken either, look!” said Jeston. He raised his left hand and golden lights flashed in it. The temperature suddenly increased around them, as if a sun had appeared. The lights felt oddly nice. It sparkled like golden powder on their clothes. Lin Tian Su appeared in the golden lights.

At the same time, the broken talisman Lin Feng had taken started trembling. Lin Feng took it out and it floated into the air.

After a few seconds, the talisman was back in one piece, not broken anymore. It was glittering and translucent. Lin Tian Su appeared at that moment, safe and sound.

“Lin Feng, put your grandson and his talisman in your ring, then go out. The hatred you feel for Ji Yang is real, but our collaboration is real, too.

“I can’t help you kill Ji Yang, because he helped me when I was going through hard times. I can’t help him kill you either, because we are both pieces used by the same person; we have to fight hand in hand.

“Therefore, I will just watch. Together, we can win.

“You must be excited to have someone like me, right? I can control Light Dao after all,” said Jeston, trying to arouse Lin Feng’s curiosity.

Lin Feng was in a great mood, he laughed freely and nodded as he put his grandson in his ring.

He raised his left hand, and his space and time Dao disappeared. They were back in the real world, in the meeting room.

Jeston and Lin Feng glanced at each other and laughed.

“You might not be alive anymore in the afternoon!” said Jeston. He slowly walked out of the meeting room. Lin Feng stood there and watched Jeston walk away. Jeston had just said that for Ji Yang to hear.

How strong was Ji Yang? Second Godly Emperor Layer. What about Lin Feng? Fifth Godly Emperor Layer. Did they even need to fight? Lin Feng could kill Ji Yang by just slapping him.

If Lin Feng hadn’t collaborated with Jeston, maybe that he wouldn’t have been able to kill Ji Yang for a very long time, because Jeston could help him become stronger extremely quickly with his Light Dao.

That was also why Jeston had decided to ask Lin Feng to collaborate with him. He knew that it was better to collaborate with Lin Feng than with Ji Yang. It would also be easier to break free from the chessboard they were stuck in.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He felt extremely good. He had already killed Fu Su Rong, getting rid of a dangerous enemy. His grandson was safe and sound, and Jeston had even blessed him with his Light Dao. Even though it was difficult to evaluate the difference with or without Light Dao, it could only be beneficial.

Now Lin Feng would also be able to get rid of Ji Yang. That felt so great. At least, he wouldn’t have to face another Di Shu-like enemy. If Ji Yang had had the opportunity to rise like Di Shu, it would have been a catastrophe.

To kill or not to kill? Lin Feng started wondering whether killing Ji Yang was a good idea or not. Back in the days, the members of the Ji Clan posed a constant threat to him, but Lin Feng wasn’t that cruel. He didn’t want to take drastic measures all the time.

Maybe crippling his cultivation was a better idea? Turning him into an ordinary person. At least, the Ji Clan wouldn’t be completely wiped out and that’d be a good way of showing his gratitude to the Ji Clan for having raised people like Ji Chang, it was great to have enemies like that. Those enemies had contributed to making him stronger.

Lin Feng finally decided to cripple his cultivation and destroy his Qi circulatory system.

When he crippled Ji Yang’s cultivation, Ji Yang thought he was dreaming. He hadn’t been blessed by Jeston; on the contrary, his cultivation had been crippled. Lin Feng took him to an isolated place in the Continent of the Nine Clouds where people had ordinary lives. He would never have a future as a cultivator.

Lin Feng had constricted his cultivation. After breaking through to the Ling Qi layer, his cultivation would stop and he would never be able to rise further.


Lin Feng went back to the Ji Clan’s site to see Jeston.

“You’re really too kind,” said Jeston. He seemed confused.

Lin Feng sighed and said, “Maybe, but I destroyed the Ji Clan hundreds of years ago. I am the winner. I didn’t need to kill that guy.”

“Well, as I see it, you’re a pussy, and I don’t like that,” said Jeston straightforwardly. He didn’t like the way Lin Feng had behaved. He admired Lin Feng when he used to take risks and kill all his enemies ruthlessly, cruelly, and unscrupulously.

Lin Feng laughed indifferently. “Nah, I used to be crazy and neglect the consequences of my actions. I am not kind; I just anticipate now.”

“Anticipate?” Jeston was curious.

“I understand life and death, I understand good and bad. I understand wrong and right.

“But I don’t understand feelings, and because of feelings, I almost go insane sometimes. I killed Fu Su Rong because I was furious. I also wanted to slaughter Ji Yang but when I learned that my grandson was fine, I calmed down. I regret that I went insane.

“You don’t know, but in the past, I killed a woman because her clan were my enemies. They wanted to kill me, but she was my friend, we were close to each other, and because of my hatred for her clan, I killed her. When I came back to my senses, I regretted it a lot.

“Therefore, when she reappeared in front of me, I felt extremely grateful and felt less guilty.

“That’s all. When you feel like killing, you feel like it’s never enough. You just want to kill and kill and kill. But when you think about it later on, you feel ridiculous. Killing without limits is immature.”

When Lin Feng said those things, he felt moved by his own words. He realized something.

“Lin Feng, you’re very mature,” said Jeston, sighing as if he had just been listening to an old wise man.

“I am not mature, it’s just the conclusion I came to after killing so many people,” Lin Feng replied, shaking his head and smiling wryly.

Jeston nodded. He understood that as well. Killing people wasn’t the ultimate solution to solving all issues.

“Lin Feng, no wonder you became the Ruler of this world. I admire you,” said Jeston, bowing hand over fist in respect and admiration.

Lin Feng smiled calmly as he looked at the blue sky. He was done with the Continent of the Nine Clouds for the time being. He had sorted out all the issues he had come for. He just needed to wait for some Godly Emperors to emerge in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and then he’d be able to leave.

“Little Lin Feng, are you alright?” someone asked suddenly, as the two of them were chatting happily. Lin Feng raised his head and saw Mu Chen, Huo Wu, and the others. They seemed alarmed and worried as they landed in front of him.

Lin Feng looked at Mu Chen, Huo Wu, Lin Zhe Tian, the disciples of Tiantai, the seven new students of Champion University…

He had to protect these people. If they were in danger someday, he wouldn’t mind going into a killing frenzy again.

There were still issues which could be solved only by killing people!

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  1. Gray July 13, 2019 at 1:01 pm - Reply

    Well, as I see it, you’re a pussy, and I don’t like that,” said Jeston straightforwardly. He didn’t like the way Lin Feng had behaved. He admired Lin Feng when he used to take risks and kill all his enemies ruthlessly, cruelly, and unscrupulously.

    Lin Feng laughed indifferently. “Nah, I used to be crazy and neglect the consequences of my actions. I am not kind; I just anticipate now.”

    Exactly, Lin Feng become a Pussy.
    and what the hell with this self justification with saying “i have matured” shit things?
    so you are hoping it the enemy will become a lovely-dovy barbie-heart to you? this is the sign of “naive” and what the naive mean? yea totally immature.

    what makes it ridiculous is when he said he killed that girl. seriously wrong story.

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