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Chapter 571: Danger After Leaving!


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“Great Fellow disciple, all things come to an end. Don’t be sad.”

Everybody gathered to see Lin Feng, their Ruler, off in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Many people felt extremely grateful because Lin Feng had helped them break through to the Half-Godly Emperor and Godly Emperor layers.

Mu Chen had brought the two ancestors to see Lin Feng off. He was very sad to part with Lin Feng. He missed the good old times when the eleven heroes of the Continent of the Nine Clouds spent time together.

The manager of Tian Chi, Mister Tian Ji could only watch Lin Feng from far, far away. He remembered his best disciple. That disciple had already become a public figure to the whole world. Things had changed so much. The old man was just disappointed because he knew he would never become as strong as Lin Feng.

“Master, hundreds of years have passed and you still look so young.”

As Mister Tian Ji seemed sad, he suddenly heard someone joking. He was startled, turned his head and saw Lin Feng, who was smiling at him.

Mister Tian Ji burst into tears of joy. He regretted nothing he had done back in the days. It was worth it. Tian Chi didn’t regret his decision.

“Hehe, with your blood pill, I became younger and stronger,” said Mister Tian Ji sighed and smiled.

Lin Feng scratched his nose and bowed before the old man. Lin Feng would never forget all the old man had done for him.

And now, with Lin Feng’s help, the old man had the strength of the first Godly Emperor Layer. That was more than enough in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Lin Feng still wondered how the three Zun cultivators were doing: the snow Zun cultivator, the fire Zun cultivator, and the sword Zun cultivator.

As if the old man could read Lin Feng like an open book, he smiled and said, “Little Lin Feng, my fellow disciples have also broken through to the Godly Emperor Layer. They wanted to come and see you, but I didn’t let them.”

“Alright, good. That way, they won’t be too sad. It’s better not to meet,” Lin Feng said, nodding approvingly. The three old men would have been sad if they had seen Lin Feng, but Lin Feng himself would have been sad too, he might not have wanted to leave the Continent of the Nine Clouds anymore.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the Holy Celestial Mountain. Apart from a few female disciples, there was nobody else. Mu Yun didn’t show up. Lin Feng smiled wryly and tried to think of something else.

“Go back, everybody,” Lin Feng said, bowing hand over fist to the people who had come to see him off.

“Little Lin Feng, next time you come, please bring Emperor Yu, Xing Zhan, Tian Chi and the others back,” said Mu Chen, waving at Lin Feng. He had missed Lin Feng, but he also missed the other disciples of Tiantai and Emperor Yu.

Lin Feng nodded. He didn’t tell anyone that Emperor Yu had lost his memories. He didn’t want Mu Chen to be too worried.


Lin Feng, Jeston, Huo Wu, Lin Zhe Tian, and Ye Chen flew towards the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit.

When they arrived in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, Lin Feng released some space and time Dao strength. Jeston also released light Dao. The five people jumped into the space and time vortex, and its absorbing strength absorbed them.

Lin Feng released brightness strength around the four others. Lin Zhe Tian and Huo Wu released as much pure Qi as they could, too. That way, they remained firmly connected to each other and wouldn’t end up in different places when arriving in the Continent of the Gods. They would all end up in Gods Village.

Lin Feng couldn’t imagine that even as they went back to the Continent of the Gods, the Continent of the Nine Clouds was undergoing incredible changes.

“Everybody can disperse,” said Mu Chen, waving off the hundreds of thousands of people. Lin Feng was already in the space and time tunnel. They couldn’t see him and the others anymore, so it was useless to stay there.

The two ancestors of Champion University nodded and had the crowd disperse as well.

“Hahahahahahaha! Could it be that the Continent of the Nine Clouds has become that little boy’s nest?”

Just as everybody was about to leave, they heard someone burst into laughter. That laugh echoed hundreds of thousands of li away. Many people shuddered and raised their heads. Suddenly, a dozen strong cultivators in fine clothes appeared.

Mu Chen looked grim and asked, “Who are you?”

Mu Chen had a bad feeling. He had broken through to the second Godly Emperor Layer, so he could see how strong those people were; they all had the strength of the second and third Godly Emperor Layers. Their eyes were filled with killing intent. They hadn’t come in peace.

Suddenly, Mu Chen thought of Lin Feng’s enemies. Those people probably came from the Continent of the Gods and they were here to get their revenge.

“Everybody, hurry up and run away! All the other Godly Emperors, stay with me and rise, get ready to fight!” shouted Mu Chen, rising up. When the crowd heard him, hundreds of thousands of people flew away. Mister Tian Ji, the two ancestors of Champion University, and some other Godly Emperors rose up in the air.

Those people were all loyal. They all considered helping Lin Feng one of their most important duties.

When Mu Chen and the others rose up in the air, the atmosphere turned ice-cold and grim. The cultivators’ robes fluttered in the wind as their energies blotted out the sky. It was impossible to see buildings even when they weren’t that far away.

“Let’s destroy Lin Feng’s nest. Hahahahahahah!!” shouted the leader of the group, bursting into laughter. Three Godly Emperors’ clones appeared and charged at the weaker disciples.

Mu Chen, Mister Tian Ji, and the others were furious. There were a dozen Godly Emperors, and they all started a fierce battle.

In the blink of an eye, the Continent of the Nine Clouds sank into chaos again. The sky became red with blood Qi. The ground was covered with blood and energies. Mu Chen and the others were instantly covered all over with cuts and bruises.

The sound of a blade cutting through flesh spread through the air. Mu Chen was devastated. He looked at Mister Tian Ji, who was a hundred meters away. His eyes were open wide, his wrinkled face extremely pale. A sword was stuck in his chest, blood gushing out of the wound.

The killer took the sword out of Mister Tian Ji’s chest and laughed cruelly, kicking away Mister Tian Ji. Mister Tian Ji was smashed away and crashed to the ground far away.

“Lin… Lin Feng, I… I failed… Don’t bla… blame… Uhhh!”

The old man’s eyes were wide, his mouth relaxing as Qi disappeared.

“NO! MISTER TIAN JI!” Mu Chen shouted. His robe was tore apart, deadly energies rolled in waves all around him.

“You! Tell us who you are!” shouted Mu Chen furiously.

The leader of the group laughed confidently and said icily, “You’re as good as dead, how dare you talk to us? Brothers, slaughter them all. Lin Feng is not here. Kill all the people of the Continent of the Nine Clouds! Hahahahahahahahaha!

“Lin Feng will go insane! He will have no roots anymore! Hahahahaha! I hope I’ll see his face when he learns all his people have been killed! Hahahahahahaha!” the man laughed madly. He raised his left hand and charged at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen shouted furiously. No matter what, he had to kill as many of these invaders as he could; he couldn’t let them destroy the Continent of the Nine Clouds!

Mu Chen felt like the ruler when Lin Feng wasn’t there; his main duty was to protect the Continent of the Nine Clouds!

“When Lin Feng learns about this, he will destroy your group,” said Mu Chen, smiling ferociously and grinding his teeth. He clenched his fists and went to meet the attack.

The man laughed mockingly, “He will never know who we are, even when he dies. I am the real Fu Su Rong! Hahahahahahahahahaha!”

Then, he put his hands on his face and tore his skin off. His real face appeared.

Mu Chen blinked in astonishment.

“You’re… You’re not…?” Mu Chen was dumbstruck.

“Hehehe, I’m not dead! Indeed. You really thought I was that stupid? You think I would go and provoke him right after his grandson’s death?

“Quit joking. That was just a clone. My real goal was to make him believe I was dead and leave the continent. Now that he’s gone, I can take care of all of you.

“Mu Chen, you have two options now. The first one is to continue pledging allegiance to Lin Feng, in which case you and everybody else will die!

“Of course, the second option is to closely follow me. If you all pledge allegiance to me, you will live,” said Fu Su Rong, smiling and glancing at the few Godly Emperors behind Mu Chen. They were all injured. Mister Tian Ji looked even more miserable than the others.

Mu Chen was determined. He didn’t reply. Ancestor Xuan Tian and Ancestor Shi Tian shouted furiously, “We prefer dying to betraying Lin Feng! Forget it, Fu Su Rong!”

Mu Chen was worried that someone would agree to betray Lin Feng but it seemed like he didn’t need to be concerned.

When Fu Su Rong heard that, he smiled icily, “Hehe, good, very good! Since it’s that way, don’t blame me. Brothers, kill everyone, without exception!”

“Yes!” The Godly Emperors he had brought instantly attacked Mu Chen and the Godly Emperors he had come with.

Fu Su Rong smiled mockingly. Lin Feng hadn’t thought something like this would happen. Finally, his plan was working!

“Fu Su Rong, you… disappointed me.”

However, as everybody was having a fierce battle, a female voice intervened. It came from behind Fu Su Rong.

Fu Su Rong’s expression suddenly changed. He hastily turned around as his heart twitched.

“Little Xue?”

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