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Chapter 574: Slaughter!

Chapter 574: Slaughter!

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 “Hehe, Tiantai, so what?” replied the leader of the judges, smiling disdainfully.

Lin Feng nodded and asked, “Since you know you’re in Tiantai and that I am the leader of Tiantai, who makes you think you can come here and act arrogantly and insolently? What makes you feel so entitled?” Lin Feng looked grim. His eyes were filled with murder.

Wen Ao Xue was panicking. She couldn’t help, but hit Lin Feng with her elbow to make him shut up. How could he talk to the judges like that?

Lin Feng knew that there were many geniuses in the Continent of the Gods who lived in seclusion, people like Bai Qi and Tian Fan were just the tip of the iceberg. Lin Feng was like them, however, and he didn’t need to belittle himself in front of the four judges.

When the four people heard Lin Feng’s cold words, they were astonished, and couldn’t believe it. The rumors about Lin Feng were really true!

“How dare you talk to us like that? Do you know who we are?” shouted the leader of the judges angrily. Deadly energies emerged from his body and filled the sky of Tiantai.

Many disciples and elders appeared behind Lin Feng and stared at the four people icily. Lin Feng waved to make them leave because all this had nothing to do with Tiantai, it was related to the alliance. Lin Feng couldn’t let the members of Tiantai get involved.

Lin Feng regarded the four people emotionlessly, but they looked back at him with cruel expectations. Only Wen Ao Xue looked afraid.

“Lin Feng, you’re arrogant and proud; you are not loyal; you have no moral principles; you are ungrateful as well! Now, you either go and apologize to Fu Su Rong, or get prepared to be punished!”

“Indeed, go and apologize to Fu Su Rong. Otherwise, we won’t spare your life!”

Qi whistled and rolled in waves in every direction. They talked to Lin Feng like they were talking to a slave.

Lin Feng smiled broadly. He couldn’t help, but burst into laughter. Wen Ao Xue was terrified.

“No! Lin Feng, come back!” shouted Wen Ao Xue furiously. But it was too late. Lin Feng disappeared and threw himself at the four judges.

The four judges got ready to fight.

In less than a second, the crowd heard a ripping sound. A red mark appeared on the neck of one of the four judges and grew bigger. Blood gushed and the judge collapsed without any Qi left.


All the disciples and elders of Tiantai were dumbstruck. Lin Feng had killed a cultivator of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer so easily. How astonishing!

Wen Ao Xue was astonished. She didn’t know what to do or say. Lin Feng was as aggressive and violent as in the past, but the consequences of what he had just done would be costly!

When the judge died, the three others were astonished.

It felt as if they had been struck by thunder. They stared at Lin Feng with their eyes wide, their hearts pounding.

“How… How dare you kill a judge!?!” shouted the leader of the group in a trembling voice.

Lin Feng glanced at him, but didn’t reply, showing exactly how he felt.

The two judges behind the leader came back to their senses. They looked at Lin Feng and shouted furiously, “You’re really not afraid of death!”

“Kill him!” shouted the leader furiously, charging towards Lin Feng. His ice-cold energies surged as the two other judges also followed.

However, those three people couldn’t compete with Lin Feng. They didn’t pose a single threat to him. Lin Feng flashed, space and time strength surrounded him. His godly aura was misty. He threw a punch at the leader of the judges.

Phwap! The leader of the group was smashed away, crashing into a building of Tiantai. There was explosion as the building collapsed. The judge died instantly. He hadn’t even had time to scream.

Suddenly, the area became completely silent. The strongest of the judges had been killed by Lin Feng in the blink of an eye, a cultivator of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer!

The disciples of Tiantai were astonished. Their leader was too incredible! They felt extremely proud when they saw that, and they all shouted his name in unison.

The two remaining judges paled. Their leader had been killed by Lin Feng in one punch? They stood absolutely no chance against him!

Thinking about that, the two judges’ legs trembled. They looked at Lin Feng in a way showing they were begging him to spare their lives. However, Lin Feng just stared at them icily. They both swallowed, shaking with fear.

“Ao Xue, bring me to Fu Su Rong,” Lin Feng said. After having killed the two judges, he still looked expressionless. He wasn’t worried about the two others either, because they didn’t pose a threat to him at all. The only one Lin Feng was worried about was Fu Su Rong.

Mister Tian Ji and a lot of people had died in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Mu Chen, the two ancestors of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and some others had been severely injured. It was all Fu Su Rong’s fault, he was responsible for all that. Lin Feng had to kill Fu Su Rong.

Lin Feng didn’t know how Fu Su Rong had come back to life, but since he was alive, then Lin Feng had to kill him no matter what.

Even if he had to use lots of pure Qi, he would get rid of Fu Su Rong. He couldn’t let him turn into a second Di Shu!

Wen Ao Xue didn’t feel like bringing Lin Feng to Fu Su Rong. However, when she saw how resolute and determined Lin Feng looked, she had no choice but to sigh and agree. Lin Feng was the same as hundreds of years before after all, very aggressive. He had just calmed down a little bit, and was a little bit less compulsive.

“When we arrive, don’t act recklessly, the members of the alliance are all there,” said Wen Ao Xue. Even though she agreed to bring Lin Feng to Fu Su Rong, she still warned him. Lin Feng was furious and wanted to kill at that moment, though, and probably didn’t care about what she was saying.

Lin Feng turned his eyes and stared at the two judges again. The two men lowered their gazes. They didn’t look proud and arrogant anymore. They were sure Lin Feng was going to kill them.

“Since I already killed two judges, my circumstances can’t be worse. Why wouldn’t I get rid of all the villains at once?” Lin Feng said suddenly. He disappeared, and Wen Ao Xue’s expression changed drastically. She was extremely worried that he wanted to kill all four judges. That would be the worst crime ever for the alliance!

However, Lin Feng didn’t care about the consequences. Nobody could influence him when he had something in mind.

The two judges started to panic. They wanted to escape from Gods City, but Lin Feng wasn’t going to give them the opportunity. Lin Feng used the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill, and its terrifying strength surrounded the two cultivators.

Their Qi instantly disappeared.

Lin Feng went back next to Wen Ao Xue and didn’t look at the two judges again. He flew directly to Tiantai. Wen Ao Xue had no choice, but to follow him.

Huo Wu, Lin Zhe Tian, Ruo Xie and the others also followed Lin Feng, but Lin Feng clearly told them that he didn’t want them to get involved. Therefore, everybody had no choice but to stop. They looked back at the two judges; what about them?

However, they didn’t see any silhouettes, only a blood-red cloud!

The few disciples of Tiantai then saw two skeletons with pieces of flesh hanging on them. All the disciples felt extremely enthusiastic when they saw that. They wouldn’t forget about that sight for a long time.

“How strong is our leader?”

“Our leader can crush cultivators of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer so easily?”

“So what about our Great Leader? Is he a high-level Godly Emperor already?”

Ruo Xie looked at the skeletons with pieces of flesh on them fall from the sky and thought of one word:

Sadistic killing!

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