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Chapter 577: Prelude of a Great War!


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“Good little boy, you went straight to the Dynasty’s branch and killed all the disciples and elders named Dong?!”

When Lin Feng went back, he went straight to Godly Emperor Blood. Godly Emperor Blood had already heard the whole story and Lin Feng confirmed everything he had heard. The old man smiled in proud approval. He liked it when Lin Feng did things like that. It proved he had a bad temper.

“You’re joking, Master,” Lin Feng said, smiling calmly and not paying attention to Godly Emperor Blood’s teasing smile.

“If I were you, I would have gone straight to the main branch of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty and killed everybody. Hey, little boy, would you dare come with me to the main branch of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty?” asked Godly Emperor Blood eagerly. He seemed excited and impatient, smiling strangely. He seemed amused, was trying to provoke Lin Feng.

Lin Feng remained silent at the beginning. He had thought of that before, but there were many people in his circle. They weren’t as strong as him and couldn’t protect themselves against all his enemies. They also feared death, unlike him. Some people who were close to him also had their own groups, so they had to be careful. Lin Feng had to take all factors into consideration.

If Lin Feng wanted to truly get his revenge, he had to do more than just kill those whose family name was Dong in the branch of the Dynasty. He had done that because he wanted to do something similar to what Fu Su Rong had done. Lin Feng despised him, and couldn’t let him humiliate him.

“Alright, I know you’re spending a lot of time on your schemes. But only the two of us, what do you say? Will you come with me?” said Godly Emperor Blood. He was excited.

The answer was simple. He would have even accepted going to the Celestial Emperors Dynasty with Godly Emperor Blood.

Godly Emperor Blood didn’t need Lin Feng to speak, he knew what he was thinking, which made him smile. He had chosen the right heir and the right person to inherit his Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill.

Only someone who was a bit unstable psychologically could study the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill. The more they defied the laws of universe, the stronger their Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill became.

Godly Emperor Blood left the palace. He knew what Lin Feng thought and it was enough because he was about to do various things. He was still grateful that Lin Feng had helped him return to life.

Lin Feng was seated in the palace. He didn’t think about the slaughter anymore. Even though everybody was talking about it in the continent, Lin Feng was perfectly aware that killing the elders and disciples whose family name was Dong wouldn’t have a serious impact, at least if the leader of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty was a smart man…


But Lin Feng was wrong, very wrong. The Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty was furious about what had happened and now, they had already dispatched a hundred Godly Emperors who were in the region of Gods City. They had already completely surrounded Tiantai.

Qi whistled in the sky of Gods City. The alliance of Gods City sent people to Tiantai to tell them about the hundred Godly Emperors who were surrounding Tiantai.

Lin Feng was surprised when Lin Zhe Tian told him about what was going on, but he quickly understood. Maybe they were all there for him, and there were probably people from both branches of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty.

Lin Zhe Tian told Lin Feng that seventy percent of the Godly Emperors were surnamed Long, which meant almost all of them. Lin Feng understood that Fu Su Rong’s astuteness and resourcefulness was more advanced than he had thought.

If Tiantai injured any member of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty, then Fu Su Rong’s plan would be a success, especially if he injured people named Long. It would allow Fu Su Rong to take drastic measures, and would mean that they had already reached a point where one of them had to die.

How cruel, sighed Lin Feng to himself. Fu Su Rong was good at plotting, no worse than Di Shu. If Lin Feng didn’t get rid of him as quickly as possible, he’d become the new leader of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty and things would get dangerous for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng wondered what the best solution was. Was it to kill all those Godly Emperors? Even if it was part of Fu Su Rong’s plot, they had come to provoke and attack Tiantai, and soon after, more strong cultivators from Gods City would probably come and get involved.

“Leader Lin Feng, some people from Gods City have arrived,” someone called out as Lin Feng was hesitating. It was a manager of Tiantai. He usually only asked Lin Feng for tips in case of a problem.

Lin Feng sighed. He knew that Gods City would get involved. If anyone in Gods City wasn’t careful, the conflict would probably spill over and everybody would be in trouble there. Apart from the Great Huang Dynasty and Tiantai together, who could fight against a hundred Godly Emperors?

“Let’s go, fellow disciple,” Lin Feng nodded. He followed Ruo Xie, and they went to the meeting room. Inside, Lin Feng saw the Great Leader of Gods City, the old man in grey clothes. He seemed extremely nervous as he asked, “Leader Lin, what to do?”

Lin Feng knew that everybody in Gods City was extremely worried, but he hadn’t thought the town’s great leader would come personally.

It was a bit surprising. It proved that Gods City couldn’t find anyone who was strong enough to help them. Most people’s cultivation levels in Gods City were quite low.

“Master, don’t worry, we’ll find a solution,” Lin Feng said, trying to cheer the old man up. He didn’t want the whole town to sink into panic and chaos.

But the old man just shook his head and said, “How can I keep calm? Gods City is surrounded by Godly Emperors of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty. We don’t even have the opportunity to get close, they can kick us far away. They’re extremely aggressive and violent. We can only rely on you and the Great Huang Dynasty.”

“I went to the Great Huang Dynasty, but the princess said that we had to listen to your orders, so I came here,” said the old man. The atmosphere in the room grew heavy. Lin Feng couldn’t think of a satisfying solution, either. Now, it wasn’t as simple as asking who was called Long or Dong.

Those called Long were there to support those called Dong this time; it was a completely different situation, and probably all part of Fu Su Rong’s plot.

Fu Su Rong had already anticipated everything. If the Longs refused to help the Dongs after Lin Feng had killed so many of their people, then the Dongs could have left the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty directly. Why stay in a group that didn’t care about them? Long Yi Tian had naturally thought of that, too.

Therefore, he couldn’t just kill the Dongs to solve the issue.

“Leader Lin, your son Lin Zhe Tian is about to break through to the fourth Godly Emperor Layer. We’re going to do our best to help him break through because the Alliance of Gods City needs him, since he’s the leader of the alliance, but…” said the old man. He looked grim.

Lin Feng knew what the old man meant, but Lin Feng was angered because he hated it when people threatened him. The old man was definitely warning him that since those things were happening because of him, and because of those things, it would be more difficult for Lin Zhe Tian his son to break through, and he’d even be in danger. He had to solve the issue himself, otherwise he would regret it.

“You better not harbor evil intentions against my son, otherwise I don’t mind destroying Gods City, and then I’d be the only leader here,” Lin Feng replied icily, his face expressionless. His words felt like sharp ice blades in the old man’s heart, making him twitch. He could sense some evil Qi, which made him tremble. His face suddenly paled, and he took several steps backwards.

He regretted what he had just said. He had forgotten that Lin Feng hated it when people threatened him, especially when they used his family members to threaten him.

“Great Leader Lin, I’m just extremely worried. Please forgive me.”

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