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Chapter 578: Unimaginably Fantastic!


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“Brother, have them leave,” Lin Feng said, ignoring the old man’s explanation.

Ruo Xie nodded and looked at the old man angrily. The old man smiled wryly, feeling embarrassed, and quickly left Tiantai. Just before, he had said that because he was angry, but Lin Feng didn’t care about a tiny little leader like him…

Lin Feng didn’t even think highly of the Gods Government, or the Alliance of Gods City. At his level, his real enemies were the members of the three Dynasties and above. The world order had completely changed.

Lin Feng stood there in the hall and thought over the issue.

“Lin Feng, do you need help?” asked Jeston, coming in as Lin Feng was thinking. He could come into the hall as he wished, he didn’t need anyone’s permission. Lin Feng had even told him to stay in Tiantai when they were in the Continent of the Gods.

A few disciples had told him about the hardships Lin Feng was going through, so he had decided to visit.

“Lewis, come, sit down,” Lin Feng said to Jeston. He didn’t treat Jeston as a simple guest. They were both from the Earth. Lin Feng treated him differently from other people, but it was only natural. There were many things Lin Feng couldn’t tell anyone, with the exception of Jeston.

Jeston understood that Lin Feng was under great pressure. A hundred Godly Emperors had encircled Tiantai. It wasn’t something ordinary. Tiantai was in danger because they only had around a hundred Godly Emperors themselves, and the hundred Godly Emperors the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty had sent to encircle them represented only a third of the Godly Emperors they had. They were really strong.

Lin Feng was also worried that the Celestial Emperors Dynasty would get involved shortly after the beginning of the battle. Then, Tiantai would be even more in danger. Even with the help of the Great Huang Dynasty and the New Snow Region, it would still be extremely dangerous for them. What if Fu Su Rong then arrived with the members of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds? Lin Feng had just killed four of their judges, they would definitely not leave the matter at that!

It would be a catastrophe. Jeston had never gone through such a thing, and neither had Lin Feng.

“Lewis, what do you suggest?” Lin Feng said to Jeston.

Jeston frowned and thought of various solutions. No matter what, the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds, the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, and the Gods Government were all waiting for a war between the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty and Tiantai to start.

Jeston couldn’t tell Lin Feng that having killed the Dongs of the branch of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty was a mistake; it was risky, and Lin Feng liked risks, he wouldn’t do anything differently even if he could.

He had to face the consequences now.

“Lin Feng, I have an idea. I wonder if it could work,” said Jeston after a long time. He looked at Lin Feng gravely.

Lin Feng suddenly looked happy and asked, “What is it?”

“We join hands and killed Fu Su Rong. If Fu Su Rong dies, Long Yi Tian won’t support him anymore. If you get rid of him… then you can say ‘If you catch the leader, you usually win a battle’; if Fu Su Rong dies, the mastermind will be eradicated. Then you can deal with the other problems step by step,” said Jeston.

Lin Feng had thought of that, but it was extremely complicated. Fu Su Rong had probably considered that Lin Feng would try to kill him first, and he had thus probably taken precautions.

But when Jeston told Lin Feng that, Lin Feng couldn’t help but think of Jeston’s light Dao. It was like having an ultimate weapon on his side. No matter how many strong cultivators Fu Su Rong sent to attack him, as long as Lewis was there, Lin Feng would definitely be able to kill him!

In the past, he had the Blood Cauldron and could make blood pills. Blood pills had a similar power to Jeston’s light Dao, but of course, Jeston’s light Dao was much, much more powerful than blood pills. It was the reason why strong cultivators had chased Jeston for so many years.

Jeston was a living treasure. He was even more valuable than a supreme imperial weapon as constant source of pure Qi. With his help, people could break through more easily. Now Lin Feng was collaborating with him, what a powerful assistant!

Collaborating with Jeston wasn’t only about mutual interests; it was also symbolic, because they both came from the same world, the Earth.

“Don’t you fear danger?” asked Lin Feng, staring at Jeston.

Jeston shook his head naturally and said, “I’ve gone through similar things many years ago, but I survived. Now, together, we don’t need to fear anyone who has the strength of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer or less. Why would I be afraid?”

“Alright. Let’s go and do all we can to kill Fu Su Rong, then,” Lin Feng agreed when he heard Jeston. He decided to go and kill Fu Su Rong. He needed to get rid of that man, anyway…

Jeston smiled. He had wanted to teach those young geniuses a good lesson for a long time; the heir of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty, Dong Fei Yu’s descendants!

Among the people who had chased him back then for his light Dao was Dong Fei Yu. Dong Fei Yu knew Jeston was a living treasure.

After that, he had always been cautious. Back then, he didn’t understand why he had ended up in this world, it was like being in a fantasy fiction book. Jeston didn’t ask himself such questions anymore, his main concern was to survive.

Lewis was starting to rejoice about his light Dao. He had never really shown the world how strong he could be. Now, it was maybe time for him to show everyone how powerful someone who controlled light Dao could be!

“Let’s go!” said Lewis, excited now. It was an opportunity for him, he would be able to show how strong he was. Then, people would never chase him again. He wasn’t just a weakling who controlled light Dao anymore, especially now that he could fight with Lin Feng on his side!

“Little Lin Feng, they withdrew, they are all gone!”

However, as Lin Feng and Jeston were about to leave to go and find Fu Su Rong, Ruo Xie came in excitedly.

Lin Feng and Jeston glanced at one another. They were curious. The hundred Godly Emperors were retreating?

“Brother, what’s going on? Explain!” Lin Feng frowned.

Ruo Xie nodded and told Lin Feng everything.

“Suddenly, an order came from the main branch of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty, and they had to go back. I don’t understand either. They all left.”

“They all left?” Jeston was surprised and disappointed. If the Godly Emperors had left, they wouldn’t go to kill Fu Su Rong right now.

When Lin Feng heard Ruo Xie, he was surprised as well. Had something happened in the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty’s main branch? Otherwise, the Godly Emperors couldn’t possibly have left so quickly. That was just unimaginably fantastic!…


Many people thanked Lin Feng. The people of Gods City all admired Lin Feng even more. But Lin Feng didn’t understand; he hadn’t done anything, and the Godly Emperors had left, just like that.

“By the way, when the Godly Emperors left, didn’t they say anything?” asked Lin Feng.

Ruo Xie shook his head and said, “No, they just left suddenly.”

“How strange!” said Jeston, shaking his head. Was it part of Fu Su Rong’s plot? If Tiantai thought that they weren’t in danger anymore, then the Godly Emperors would be able to attack suddenly and Tiantai would be caught unprepared.

At least, that’s what Jeston said to Lin Feng. Lin Feng thought of that, too. Jeston and Lin Feng didn’t feel relaxed. On the contrary, they were even more cautious.

“Brother, tell Tiantai that all the members should be ready to battle. Be prepared in case of a surprise attack,” Lin Feng said. Ruo Xie knew that things weren’t as simple as they looked. So he quickly ran away and told the members of Tiantai what Lin Feng had just told him.

The atmosphere in Tiantai remained tense. Lin Feng also told the Great Huang Dynasty and the New Snow Region that they had to be vigilant and on the lookout. He also told his son Lin Zhe Tian that the Alliance of Gods City had to be vigilant, as well.


At that moment, in a great palace of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty, the atmosphere was heavy. It was difficult to breathe in there.

Fu Su Rong and Long Yi Tian were there together. Fu Su Rong was standing behind Long Yi Tian, the leader of the Dynasty.

Fu Su Rong was angry. He didn’t understand why the Godly Emperors of the Dynasty had suddenly been withdrawn. Didn’t he care about the Dongs in the Dynasty? The ancestor of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty was Dong Fei Yu, his family name was Dong, and without the Dongs, the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty would be in peril!

Finally, Fu Su Rong asked what he wanted to. “Leader, give me a good reason regarding why the Godly Emperors withdrew from the battlefield? Why did you spare Lin Feng’s life?”

Fu Su Rong sounded ice-cold. Long Yi Tian frowned. He wasn’t happy hearing Fu Su Rong talk to him like that.

“Alright, I’ll give you a reason,” Long Yi Tian nodded. He turned around and looked at Fu Su Rong.

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