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Chapter 579: Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty’s Internal Issues!


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“Alright, I’m all ears,” replied Fu Su Rong, nodding angrily.

“The reason why I had the Godly Emperors retreat was because I had no choice. There are some things you have to give up even if you really want to do them,” said Long Yi Tian. He looked grim and stared at Fu Su Rong.

Fu Su Rong was surprised. He didn’t understand and shouted angrily, “That’s not very clear!”

“Who do you think you are to hold others accountable!?”

When Fu Su Rong said that, a voice came from outside. That voice was terrifying and the soundwave it formed contained demon Qi. Fu Su Rong’s expression suddenly changed. He turned around and looked at the old man who was slowly coming into the hall. Fu Su Rong started shaking.

“It’s… It’s you?” Fu Su Rong couldn’t believe it. What was that person doing there? Had Long Yi Tian formed an alliance with him?!

“Long Yi Tian, you little bastard, you dared betray the Dong Clan?” shouted Fu Su Rong wildly. However, Long Yi Tian just sneered at him. He didn’t care about Fu Su Rong’s shouts.

“Sometimes, an alliance is better for the group’s interests. You should understand that,” said Long Yi Tian, smiling with casual indifference.

Fu Su Rong took a few steps backwards and stared at the old man icily. He shouted at Long Yi Tian furiously, “Don’t blame me and the Dongs for betraying the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty, then!”

Fu Su Rong got ready to leave the palace. However, Long Yi Tian didn’t intend to let him leave. How could he possibly let him leave so easily?

“Stop him!” ordered Long Yi Tian, waving. A dozen high-level Godly Emperors showed up, the weakest ones having the strength of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer. They were all elders of the Long side of the Dynasty. None of them was a Dong. Fu Su Rong had a bad feeling.

“Long Yi Tian, could it be… How dare you-” Fu Su Rong suddenly thought of something, his eyes went wide, his face paled, and he stared at Long Yi Tian, looking desperate.

“Hehe, it’s too late. When you entered this hall, all the Dongs, both elders and disciples, were handed over to Tiantai and the Great Huang Dynasty,” said Long Yi Tian, sneering mockingly as he interrupted Fu Su Rong.

Fu Su Rong staggered, and nearly fell down. He was devastated. He thought of the members of the Dong family when they were having fun together and laughing. He also thought of the previous vice leader, who was a Dong. He also imagined the Dongs being tortured by his enemies.

However, now, Long Yi Tian had handed them over to Lin Feng. Fu Su Rong was frantic. He also remembered when Lin Feng had gone to the branch of the Dynasty to kill the Dongs. This time…

Fu Su Rong’s eyes were bloodshot when he thought that Lin Feng might be intending to destroy the remaining members of the Dong family. He shouted furiously, “Long Yi Tian, are you not afraid that the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty could collapse?”

“Haha! Collapse? How could that be possible? With Master Xue Ran, how could the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty collapse?”

Long Yi Tian didn’t let Fu Su Rong finish his sentence. He immediately burst into laughter.

Indeed, the old man next to him was Xue Ran, Godly Emperor Blood!

Xue Ran had made a deal with Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty at the most crucial moment. He had agreed to become their vice leader for a period of three years. Within those three years, Godly Emperor Blood and Long Yi Tian would collaborate, and they would get rid of the Dongs.

They didn’t need to have two clans within the same Dynasty, anyway. That’s what Long Yi Tian thought, at least. He didn’t want to share the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty with the Dongs. He wanted to be the ultimate leader of the Dynasty, and he wanted the Longs to have complete control over it, as well.

Indeed, he wanted more privileges!

Having Godly Emperor Blood with them was a huge advantage. He had the strength of the top of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer, and was much stronger than any member of the Dongs. That was the difference between strong cultivators and supreme cultivators. Supreme Cultivators considered strong cultivators tiny little insects.

Fu Su Rong had guessed what was going on. When Long Yi Tian said it himself, Fu Su Rong knew he was right. He calmed himself down, however. He nodded and sneered evilly, “Alright, hehe, very good. Hehe!”

“Fu Su Rong, don’t deliberately mystify things. Don’t pretend either. You’re doomed!” said Long Yi Tian. His eyes were filled with murder. He wanted to kill Fu Su Rong. By killing Fu Su Rong, he would get rid of an influential member of the Dong family, a future vice leader!

“Haha! Long Yi Tian, you underestimated me, Fu Su Rong! I managed to deceive Lin Feng, I killed so many of his people in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, don’t you think I could do the same to the Longs?” said Fu Su Rong laughing madly, looking ever more sinister.

Godly Emperor Blood had a bad feeling. Well, nobody posed a threat to him, but it was different for Long Yi Tian and the Dynasty.

Long Yi Tian looked grim. He looked at the dozen Godly Emperors and said, “Kill him!”

“Hmph! I will kill all the Longs of the Dynasty!” Fu Su Rong kept laughing madly. He flashed and threw a punch at a cultivator of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer next to, who was smashed away. Then Fu Su Rong kicked the Godly Emperor even farther away.

Fu Su Rong raised his left hand and a golden imprint appeared. A second later, a bloody mark appeared on the head of a member of the Long family. Blood gushed and he was hurled away. Fu Su Rong flashed in and threw another punch at the corpse, which exploded.

Fu Su Rong didn’t stop. He threw punches one after the other. After crushing all the Longs who could pose an instant threat to him, he tried to escape.

“Where are you going?” shouted Long Yi Tian furiously. Fu Su Rong was furious and in a killing frenzy. He had killed four Godly Emperors around him.

Long Yi Tian jumped in and threw a punch. There was a rumble of thunder as he disappeared and reappeared five meters away from Fu Su Rong. He had the strength of the top of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer, his Qi was explosive. He punched Fu Su Rong, who was blown away and crashed against a wall. He coughed up blood and his face paled.

Long Yi Tian punched Fu Su Rong in the chest, and a loud explosion rang out. The walls of the palace all collapsed. Fu Su Rong was blown out of the palace and landed thousands of meters away. He then sat up powerlessly. He raised his head, his eyes filled with murder. Surprisingly, he was still smiling sinisterly.

“Long Yi Tian, I will never forget you. In less than five years, I’ll be the leader of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty! Hahahahahahahaha!” shouted Fu Su Rong laughing madly and opening his arms. He looked crazy as he shouted, “Lin Feng, Xue Ran, Long Yi Tian, wait and you’ll see! An eye for an eye!”

Energies rolled out. Many strong cultivators gathered in the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty, looking for the origin of the power.

Long Yi Tian looked grim and threw another punch, trying to get rid of Fu Su Rong.

At that moment, Fu Su Rong’s eyes were suddenly filled with lightning. They contained a secret evil energy. Fu Su Rong slowly stood up, as if his injuries had instantly disappeared.

His Qi made Long Yi Tian step back cautiously. Long Yi Tian looked at Fu Su Rong blankly, astonished.

“Wait until my disciple comes back! He will kill you! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” shouted Fu Su Rong, suddenly bursting into laughter. There was another explosion; Long Yi Tian coughed blood and was blown a hundred zhang away.

Xue Ran studied the energies. At the same time, he released protective energies to protect the whole Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty.

The energies continued rolling for a few minutes before fading away. Xue Ran looked in Fu Su Rong’s direction again, but he wasn’t there anymore. There was only blood on the ground. Xue Ran knew that there was someone extremely strong behind Fu Su Rong, and that person was much stronger than him!

“Low-level Supreme God layer?” whispered Xue Ran softly. He suddenly had the impression that the strength of the top of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer wasn’t enough. He might not be able to help Lin Feng for too long.

Long Yi Tian was injured. He flew back to Xue Ran and looked at the Dynasty, which hadn’t been destroyed. Long Yi Tian bowed and said gratefully, “Thank you very much, Master, for protecting the Dynasty.”

“No need to thank me. We are allies. I can also be considered a member of the Dynasty. It was my duty to do that,” said Godly Emperor Blood, waving it off.

Long Yi Tian nodded. Even though he was severely injured, he rejoiced. Godly Emperor Blood had seized the opportunity to show how strong and concerned he was. He hadn’t disappointed anyone and people would talk about him in a positive way.

“But even more dangerous things are going to happen,” said Godly Emperor Blood, looking in the direction of Fu Su Rong before he had disappeared. He had the feeling that things were going to get much worse and more dangerous. They had to be extremely cautious.

Long Yi Tian raised his head and nodded. He hated Fu Su Rong, and now there was no way out. All they could do was move on with indomitable will, carefully.

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