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Chapter 580: Secret Alliance!

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“Master, I’d like to meet Lin Feng,” Long Yi Tian said to Godly Emperor Blood.

When Godly Emperor Blood heard Long Yi Tian, he smiled calmly and shook his head, “No, I don’t intend to plan a meeting between you two.”

“Oh? But why, Master?” Long Yi Tian was astonished when he heard Godly Emperor Blood’s reply. He didn’t understand why.

Godly Emperor Blood waved and told him to calm down. He said straightforwardly, “I don’t want you two to meet because you both have to take care of your own groups, and because of the situation with the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, the Gods Government, and some other groups, you can’t meet.”

“What about the Dongs I handed over to Lin Feng?” said Long Yi Tian. He didn’t understand. What if everybody learned that he had handed the Dongs over to Lin Feng?

“Hehe, don’t worry. They’re still in my ring. I didn’t hand them over to Lin Feng. I’ll go back and talk to him.

“Now, if you have any condition, just tell me. Just don’t try and meet with Lin Feng. I can help you with anything else,” said Godly Emperor Blood, laughing softly.

Long Yi Tian nodded and said, “Master, let’s speak in detail in the main hall.”

“Alright,” agreed Godly Emperor Blood. He went to the main hall with Long Yi Tian to talk in detail. Godly Emperor Blood told Long Yi Tian that the Longs were not allowed to talk about what had happened in the Dynasty, otherwise, he wouldn’t forgive them.

Long Yi Tian naturally agreed, and since there were no more Dongs in the outside world, who would talk about it?

Long Yi Tian and Godly Emperor Blood discussed the situation of their alliance.


Late at night, Godly Emperor Blood went back to Tiantai. He told Lin Feng everything as soon as he arrived. Apart from Ruo Xie and Huo Wu, there was nobody else in attendance.

“Lin Feng, tell me what you think,” said Godly Emperor Blood after telling Lin Feng everything in detail regarding Long Yi Tian.

Lin Feng was surprised. He never thought Godly Emperor Blood would be the reason why the Godly Emperors of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty had all retreated.

At the same time, he also sighed with admiration. Who was more powerful? A cultivator of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer, or a hundred low and medium-level Godly Emperors? Godly Emperor Blood was much stronger and more influential than those hundred Godly Emperors!

Lin Feng also sighed with relief when he realized that Godly Emperor Blood had solved the issue with the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty. Now the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty and the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty were both Lin Feng’s allies. The other side would be the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and the Gods Government.

Lin Feng could see that things were changing. Even though the changes were not sizeable, the more changes, the bigger the difference. But if people really understood the scope of the changes, they would all be astonished. The whole continent would be shaken, including Tian Di.

“The Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty would like you to send a few people you consider important to the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty for consultations,” said Godly Emperor Blood, staring at Lin Feng seriously and gravely.

Lin Feng frowned. He knew what Long Yi Tian was thinking. He wanted to be sure the alliance was stable. No matter who Lin Feng would send, by sending people to the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty, that would be solid proof that the alliance was stable.

“I can accept, but they have to send a few important people to Tiantai for consultations as well,” Lin Feng agreed, after thinking for a few minutes. Lin Feng couldn’t be the only to make concessions, but he accepted that they had to be done.

Godly Emperor Blood laughed cheerfully and nodded, “I knew you would have such a condition, so I already told him you would say that, and he agreed.”

Lin Feng nodded. It was great news. Since both parties had already agreed, it proved that their alliance was already existent and becoming stronger.

“Second condition, Long Yi Tian would like to chase Fu Su Rong, along with Tiantai. They said we can’t let him rise any longer. We have to kill him, otherwise, he’ll pose a big threat to us in the future,” said Godly Emperor Blood. It was also proof that he attached importance to their alliance.

Lin Feng was happy to hear that, since he wanted to crush Fu Su Rong as well. He had killed so many strong cultivators in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and Mister Tian Ji… Lin Feng loathed him.

“I accept,” Lin Feng agreed without the slightest hesitation. His eyes were filled with killing intent. There was only one way to solve the issue!

“His third condition is that you don’t kill the Dongs. Just keep them imprisoned, but don’t kill them, they could be useful someday.”

“I accept. I won’t kill them for the time being.”

“His fourth condition is that you have a battle in public to show the world that we’re not allies, and that battle won’t have any impact on the world order,” said Godly Emperor Blood. Lin Feng also needed to accept the last two conditions.

When Lin Feng heard the last condition, he laughed. Long Yi Tian was a smart and wise man. Their alliance was a powerful one. They would accept members of the other group. They also had a common target, Fu Su Rong. Lin Feng wanted to get his revenge, and with them get rid of an enemy who would pose a huge threat to them all in the future.

Keeping their alliance secret was a good thing, because otherwise it would arouse curiosity among other groups in the continent. People would then watch them closely. If they told the world about their plot, people wouldn’t find them trustworthy.

“I accept, but I also have conditions,” Lin Feng agreed.

“Go ahead,” said Godly Emperor Blood. He was now the vice-leader of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty, and he was also Lin Feng’s “elder”. Therefore, he was also in charge.

“Master, my first condition is that the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty do their best to help the New Snow Region. They are both in Godsland, so it’s convenient for them to have good relations.”

“Alright,” nodded Godly Emperor Blood.

“My second condition is that the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty and the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty must correspond. They can’t let anything negative happen between them,” Lin Feng said. Yan Di was a great friend of his, and he already become the leader of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, so Lin Feng hoped the two Dynasties would maintain peaceful relations.

“Continue,” Godly Emperor Blood nodded.

“My last condition is that the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty must apologize to the Great Huang Dynasty. Back in the days, even though they didn’t send too many people, they still participated in the destruction of the Great Huang Dynasty. So please tell Long Yi Tian to deal with that situation.”

If both parties both accepted all of each other’s conditions, then their alliance would be official and truly powerful. If the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty refused one of the conditions, then Lin Feng and Jeston would take care of Fu Su Rong themselves and they wouldn’t form an alliance with them.


After they finished, Xue Ran immediately left for the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty. He was going to discuss those things with Long Yi Tian.

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