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Chapter 581: A Call?

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Three days later, the two parties accepted one another’s conditions.

Tiantai and the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty were officially allies, but secretly. Lin Feng sent Ye Chen to the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty. Ye Chen had asked Lin Feng to let him go.

Lin Feng initially didn’t think of Ye Chen, but Ye Chen had nothing to do in Tiantai and was quite weak. He would learn a lot in the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty. He might even become stronger there, so Lin Feng had accepted.

When Long Yi Tian heard that Ye Chen was Lin Feng’s chief disciple, he confirmed that Lin Feng was serious and honest about their deal. Sending Ye Chen to the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty was very symbolic.

To show Tiantai they were also honest and serious, Long Yi Tian sent Long Yan, his own direct disciple. He had the strength of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer.

Lin Feng didn’t treat Long Yan unfairly. They were both young geniuses of the Continent of the Gods. For his safety, Lin Feng put him in a great place in Tiantai. But Long Yan changed his physical appearance for his safety.

Ye Chen didn’t need to change his physical appearance because he had never been in Continent of the Gods before, and nobody knew he was Lin Feng’s great disciple. He was just one more person in the huge Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty.

Long Yi Tian gave Ye Chen the title of chief disciple in the Dynasty. He was too weak to have a higher social status, and if Long Yi Tian had given him a higher social status, people in the Dynasty would have found it strange.

But in any case, the Alliance was now concrete and real!


Early in the morning, the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty dispatched thirty Godly Emperors to attack Tiantai. Tiantai fought back. The Great Huang Dynasty helped Tiantai. The atmosphere became tense and everybody in the continent learned that there was a war going on between the two.

The two fought for one day and one night, and in the end, Tiantai lost three Godly Emperors and the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty five. Then the battle ended. The people of the Continent of the Gods were stupefied. They found the whole situation quite strange.

But had people really died? Only Lin Feng and Long Yi Tian knew the truth.

In the outside world, people just thought that the situation between the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty and Tiantai was worsening. Nobody knew about the internal conflict of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty. The main branch of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty had lost some strength and influence, but with their secret ally Xue Ran, Long Yi Tian didn’t need to worry.

Lin Feng was relaxed. Jeston blessed the weakest disciples of Tiantai every day to help them. Tiantai was slowly becoming stronger and stronger.

But Lin Feng couldn’t relax for too long. The Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds, which had been laying low for a few days, sent some people to Lin Feng again, but maybe that they now understood how explosive Lin Feng’s temper was. Lin Feng had killed the four judges from before, so this time the judges they sent seemed calmer and more respectful.

But they were still judges. The crowd was surprised when they saw those people lower their heads awkwardly.


Lin Feng received the two judges in the meeting room. He knew that he couldn’t go too far sometimes, especially when Wen Ao Xue was also a member of the Alliance. If Lin Feng went too far, the Alliance might release their anger on Wen Ao Xue. Lin Feng couldn’t attract trouble to her.

“What do you want?” asked Lin Feng, pouring some tea for the two judges. The two men in white were seated opposite him.

The two men glanced at one another. The younger man cupped his fist and said firmly, “Leader Lin, you are already a member of the Alliance, so there are some things you should respect.”

“Oh? Respect what things?” asked Lin Feng, pretending to be surprised.

The man smiled. He knew that Lin Feng was only pretending, but he had to; otherwise, it would come down to admitting he had killed the four judges cruelly.

“Leader Lin, you represent the Continent of the Nine Clouds. You’re responsible for it, so we came here because the vice leader of the Alliance has a request. He would like you to come to the main branch.”

“Go to the main branch? What for?” Lin Feng frowned.

The man’s expression didn’t change as he continued, “It’s for everybody to get to know you, of course! There are many geniuses from all sorts of worlds in the Alliance, everybody knows one another there. Miss Wen Ao Xue told us you were the first Master of the Continent of the Nine Clouds a long time ago. Therefore, many people want to get to know you.”

“Indeed, Leader Lin, you have to give those people face, especially that Wen Ao Xue invited you to join, so if you don’t go, Miss Wen Ao Xue…” added the other judge, pretending to be worried. If Lin Feng didn’t go, then Wen Ao Xue would be in danger.

Lin Feng didn’t care about the geniuses of the different worlds, but he cared about Wen Ao Xue.

“Alright, I accept. I’ll go,” Lin Feng finally nodded, agreeing to go to the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds.

The two men rejoiced. Lin Feng had accepted! They had completed their mission. The two men stood up and bowed hand over fist. One of them said, “Leader Lin, we’ll announce your visit then!”

“This is the location. Please come there in three days. It’s perfect timing, because it will be the grand ceremony of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds, which only happens every thousand years.”

The two men explained to Lin Feng where the meeting would take place and quickly left.

Lin Feng watched the two men leave Tiantai. Then he looked at the address and frowned. This address…

“Lin Feng, you accepted the invitation?” asked Wen Ao Xue, rushing into the room. She looked at the piece of paper Lin Feng was holding. Her expression suddenly changed.

Lin Feng looked up at Wen Ao Xue’s beautiful face. She seemed so worried. He smiled and said, “Ao Xue, don’t worry. I’m alright.”

“What about the talisman?” asked Wen Ao Xue, walking closer to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng promptly asked, “What talisman?”

“The invitation talisman of the Great Alliance, of course!” said Wen Ao Xue. She realized there was something wrong.

When Lin Feng heard that, he smiled icily. “It seems that I was right to accept,” Lin Feng said coldly.

Wen Ao Xue sighed. She knew the Alliance had done that on purpose; they hadn’t given Lin Feng an invitation talisman. Even though it was an old tradition, they continued it. Without the talisman, people couldn’t go as they wished, and if they did go without a talisman, people would make fun of them.

And what happened when someone tried to humiliate Lin Feng? He had a very bad temper, after all…

Maybe it was a time bomb…

“Ao Xue, why is this address in the Celestial Emperors Dynasty?” asked Lin Feng, looking at the piece of paper.

Wen Ao Xue knew that Lin Feng was going to ask that, and had no choice but to tell him the truth.

“Lin Feng, Tian Di also joined the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds. His father. Tian Kui. is the one who invited him to become a member,” explained Wen Ao Xue. She was worried. Three days from now at the ceremony, Tian Di would come personally. Lin Feng would then be in danger.

Lin Feng was surprised after listening to Wen Ao Xue. Tian Di’s father, Tian Kui, wasn’t dead; he was in the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds.

“So Tian Kui isn’t dead?” murmured Lin Feng. He was confused. He thought that Xuan Yuan had already had his revenge. But now, after having used Lin Feng, he had gotten rid of Lin Feng like an old dirty sock. Lin Feng was still angry about that.

He regretted that he had helped Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor and offended Tian Di because of it. By offending Tian Di, he had also offended Tian Kui!

Back in the days, Tian Kui was extremely strong, even stronger than Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. Tian Kui’s father was probably a cultivator of the ninth Godly Emperor Layer, or even the Half Supreme God layer.

“Lin Feng…” Wen Ao Xue was worried and she didn’t know what to tell Lin Feng. Lin Feng had mixed feelings, of course.

Lin Feng shook his head and a grim smile appeared on his face. He looked at Wen Ao Xue and said, “I’m alright. I have to face things one by one, step by step.”

“Yes, I’ll be there with you,” Wen Ao Xue nodded. She looked a bit embarrassed, but satisfied.

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