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Chapter 582: A Brotherly Discussion!

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The ceremony at the Celestial Emperors Dynasty would be dangerous for Lin Feng, but he wasn’t afraid. Since he had already joined the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds, it meant he represented the Continent of the Nine Clouds. No matter how dangerous it was, he had to face it.

After Wen Ao Xue left, Lin Feng also left Tiantai. He took the public road leading to the branch of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. He wanted to see Yan DI.

A few months had passed, and Yan Di had become much stronger, as well. He now had the strength of the top of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer. His physical appearance had completely changed, as well looking younger and younger. He also looked more elegant with time. He now wore beautiful fine blue clothes. He still had a sly and proud smile, but Lin Feng still felt extremely close to his friend.

The two were happy to see one another. Yan Di had become the leader of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty and thanks to his position, he had many privileges. Yan Chang had given all his privileges to Yan Di. These days, Yan Chang was only in charge of the administration of the Dynasty. The Dynasty had probably never had such peaceful and calm times.

Lin Feng was happy. In the past, there were internal issues in two of the three Dynasties. Only the Celestial Emperors Dynasty had no internal conflict. Back then, there were two branches in the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, the Evolution Branch and the Celestial Branch. Now, the issue had been solved. They were all close to one another again.

The Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty had formed an Alliance with Tiantai because Long Yi Tian wanted to control the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty forever. He didn’t need to hand his privileges over to Fu Su Rong and the Dong’s anymore.

Therefore, their Alliance with Lin Feng was also an opportunity to rise. But the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty was much better off than the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty.

“Old bastard! You’re the leader now, you must be quite idle most of the time, right?” Lin Feng said to Yan Di. They sat shoulder to shoulder and gazed upon a mountain range in the distance. Lin Feng smiled teasingly.

Yan Di looked at Lin Feng angrily. “You little bastard! Stop joking! Haha! I’ve heard that you have become extremely famous recently.”

“Old bastard, you know I have a bad temper. What I did probably isn’t a surprise to you,” Lin Feng replied airily when he heard that Yan Di sound so serious.

Yan Di laughed. He knew that Lin Feng had a bad temper, even if he had become more reasonable with time. Hundreds of years before in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, if Lin Feng had had to face a group like the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty, he would have destroyed them already.

“Lin Feng, let’s speak openly and honestly. What happened between you and the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty?” asked Yan Di seriously, yet cautiously.

Lin Feng glanced at Yan Di and smiled, “What do you want to do?”

“What could I do? I want to help you, of course. Just remember that the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty’s strong cultivators will always support you. If you are ever in trouble, we’ll all be there for you!” said Yan Di, clenching his fists. Lin Feng was surprised, but then he felt touched. He was lucky to have such a wonderful friend, who was even more like an older brother to him.

“No need, because…” Lin Feng shook his head. He didn’t hide the truth from Yan Di. He told him everything about his Alliance with the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty.

After a long time, Yan Di was still astonished. “Awesome!! Good little boy! You’re really good at plotting!” shouted Yan Di enthusiastically in admiration. Lin Feng and Long Yi Tian were so good at pretending. Nobody had guessed they were allies!

Yan Di understood the subtleties and nuances of all the changes the Continent of the Gods had undergone. Even though it was changing slowly, the people of the Continent of the Gods had subconsciously started considering Tiantai the fourth most powerful group in the Continent of the Gods. It was as powerful as the three Dynasties!

Yan Di was excited. The stronger Lin Feng was, the more influence he had, and the safer he was. That way, Yan Di wouldn’t need to worry about Lin Feng’s safety anymore.

“Yan Di, please arrange a meeting with the two old Masters. I need to talk to them,” Lin Feng said after chatting with Yan Di for a long time. Lin Feng had come to see Yan Di and talk about the past, but also to see the two old men.

Yan Di nodded and personally brought Lin Feng to Yan Zun’s clone. Yan Zun’s real body was in the main branch of the Dynasty, but Yan Zun and Yan Duan had both left clones in the branch.


Lin Feng entered a big palace; Yan Di closed the door, but didn’t follow Lin Feng inside. The two old men were playing chess.

Lin Feng didn’t walk any closer, as he didn’t want to bother them. He just waited until they were done, then slowly walked towards them. Then he bowed hand over fist and said, “Greetings, Masters.”

“Oh! It’s you! What are you doing here?” asked Yan Di’s grandfather, laughing easily.

“Master, you are the vice leader of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds. You probably know why I’m here.” Lin Feng said looking at Yan Duan and Yan Zun. Even though he had said so little, the two old men understood.

Yan Zun and Yan Duan glanced at one another and their smiles stiffened. They raised their heads and looked at Lin Feng. “Lin Feng, you killed four judges. The leader of the Alliance is furious. He wants to punish you.

“But luckily, the thousand-year grand ceremony of the Alliance is going to take place soon, so the Alliance decided not to be too cruel to you. You will be punished a little for the leader to relieve his anger.

“We’ve never seen the leader. We just know he’s a mysterious and unfathomable cultivator. He’s already much stronger than a Godly Emperor, he’s probably a low-level Supreme God.

“But we can’t be sure, it’s just a guess. But we’ve seen his disciple and he’s one of your sworn enemies; you both feel profound hatred for one another.”

“Do you mean Fu Su Rong?” asked Lin Feng when he heard Yan Zun and Yan Duan. He instantly thought of Fu Su Rong.

The two old men nodded. Lin Feng grew worried.

“I see, so it was true!” whispered Lin Feng to himself. He had to be more cautious. Fu Su Rong was Lei Gang’s disciple, the disciple of a Supreme God! Lin Feng realized how difficult it would be to deal with him…

The fact that a teacher was furious when his disciple was in trouble was normal, and entirely justified. Lin Feng could imagine what would happen in three days at the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. He would be humiliated. However, it didn’t really make him change his mind.

Since he had chosen to go, he had to go and do what he had planned. He didn’t want to give up halfway. What would people think if he gave up like that? He wanted people to remember him as someone brave and strong.

“Lin Feng, I also need to remind you that Tian Di has joined the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds as well. He’s a self-proclaimed vice leader. He has incredible privileges in the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds.

“Therefore, you’re very unlucky. In three days, he will probably provoke you. The Celestial Emperors Dynasty can’t attack you directly, but he’s in charge of managing the Alliance, so he won’t let you off.

“That way, the only solution is one on one.” When Lin Feng heard them finish, he was angry.

The two old men glanced at one another. Even though they were vice leaders of the Alliance, they couldn’t help Lin Feng against the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. Things weren’t that simple.

Lin Feng said goodbye to the two old men and went back to the mountain, where he met with Yan Di again. They stayed together all night and chatted. Then Lin Feng said goodbye to Yan Di and left for Godsland.

Wen Ao Xue and Jeston naturally followed Lin Feng.

Jeston had the strength of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer. He could already be proud of himself, but he needed to become famous, he needed people in the Continent of the Gods to recognize him. He couldn’t just be considered a passing traveler his entire life.

Besides, he had many enemies and he needed to take revenge.

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