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Chapter 586: Three World Geniuses? Four Young Charming Noblemen?

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Lin Feng looked at those people icily. “What? You think I’m going to spare your lives now?

“If the situation had been different, if you had had the advantage, you would have captured us already. You would have even killed us! You didn’t respect us when we arrived. You’ve been despising us since the beginning. And now you say you had no choice?

“Hehe, people like you have to die as quickly as possible. You’ll understand respect then. Why would we accept a compromise when we’re stronger than you? Now, your lives are in our hands, we can do whatever we want with you,” Lin Feng finished, smiling mockingly and emphasizing each word. The remaining judges lowered their heads, not daring to look Lin Feng in the eyes anymore.

“Jeston, kill them all. They wanted to kill us, so why would we spare their lives? If they had been stronger than us, they would have killed us already. In any case, they kept humiliating us, so we have to kill them anyway. Now they tell us that it was because they had no choice?…”

“Therefore…” Lin Feng looked at the great palace of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and smiled widely, “Therefore, kill everybody without exception.”

“No, Master! Don’t kill me! Great Master!”

“Don’t kill me! Leader! Please! We were wrong!”

The judges continued begging. Some of them were already lying on the ground and kissing Lin Feng’s feet. However, Lin Feng just looked at them emotionlessly. Jeston raised his fist, which turned into a sharp sword. The seven judges all died at the same stroke from Jeston’s hands.

The whole crowd was astonished, including those who were still climbing up the stairs. They stared blankly at Jeston. They were curious, who was this?

The four guards of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty were astonished, or terrified would be more accurate. Their faces were as pale as paper sheets, and they were trembling visibly. Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with murder which made them think they were doomed.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the four disciples of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. They were ready to panic, and didn’t know what to do. The twenty judges had been slaughtered, so the four disciples didn’t stand a chance.

“I didn’t know the people of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds were so miserable. I killed twenty judges, and now you’re all terrified. It seems like you finally took me seriously.

“Since it’s that way, I’ll continue killing.” Lin Feng said, smiling icily and looking at the four disciples.

The four disciples were drenched in cold sweat, and staggered a few steps backwards, suddenly bumping into a wall. They had no choice but to wait for death.

“You take two, I take two,” said Jeston. He smiled bloodthirstily as he walked to the disciples of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty.

“Enough, Lin Feng, do you really intend to kill all the members of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds and the Celestial Emperors Dynasty?!”

As Jeston was about to kill everybody, someone suddenly shouted furiously. The strength caused by the soundwave made some people go numb from head to foot, and their eardrums shake violently. But that person didn’t really pose a threat to Lin Feng anymore.

“Old man, you’re everywhere. You’re so old and you continue showing up and losing face. You’re really shameless. You have a little bit of time, why don’t you use it to do productive things?” Lin Feng said mockingly. The leader of the Gods’ Government was inside the palace, one couldn’t see him from the outside, but Lin Feng could sense his disgusting and evil Qi.

When Lin Feng made fun of the leader of the Gods’ Government, many people from Godsland were astonished. Even though the leader of the Gods’ Government wasn’t one of the strongest people in the continent, he also stood at the top and Lin Feng still dared to humiliate him like that! He didn’t consider the leader of the Gods’ Government an elder…

The leader of the Gods’ Government was furious when he heard Lin Feng make fun of him, and slapped his table violently. The table burst into flames and disappeared. He charged out of the palace and threw a punch at Lin Feng.

“Stupid little brat who doesn’t understand anything! I’ll teach you a good lesson!” shouted the leader of the Gods’ Government. Energies rolled all around his fist. He could easily destroy entire mountain ranges with such an attack.

But for Lin Feng, that kind of Qi wasn’t threatening at all anymore, so he just smiled in amusement. He threw out his hand and the strength of the chiliocosm of the Great Tao exploded. It was like he had an endless amount of energy.

Boom, boom! Lin Feng and the leader’s fists collided. Energies pulsed all around them. The whole crowd looked at the two fighters, astonished at the ferocity of the clash.

Lin Feng wasn’t having a good time. It wasn’t extremely easy to defeat a cultivator of the top of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer. But the leader of the Gods’ Government wasn’t doing so well, either. His face was completely pale. Lin Feng wasn’t a victim anymore. He was now able to compete with some of the strongest cultivators of the continent.

“Hehe, you think you can replace my teacher to teach me a good lesson? I am afraid you are not qualified to do something like that. Why don’t you go and teach your son a good lesson?” Lin Feng said with freezing irony and burning satire, vicious and incisive. The face of the leader of the Gods’ Government distorted with fury.

“Let’s go, let’s see who will dare try and stop us even if we don’t have a talisman,” Lin Feng stated, glancing at Jeston. He slowly passed by the leader of the Gods’ Government and continued climbing the flight of stairs.


Lin Feng and Jeston arrived in front of the great palace. They glanced around at the vast area, about a hundred meters across. It could accommodate thousands of people. There was also a big empty area.

The venue looked splendid and glorious. All the chairs were made of gold, incredibly luxurious, as if every part of it was a symbol of the power of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty.

It was rare to see such luxury in other places.

“Hello everybody!” Lin Feng proclaimed when he entered the palace. There were people he recognized and people he didn’t know. There were some younger people, too. But Lin Feng didn’t care and waved at everybody; he knew that the first impressions were the strongest, so he took the initiative to speak first.

Tian Di was up on the main seat. Next to him was a man in blue clothes. Lin Feng didn’t know him, but he was surprised because that cultivator had the strength of the top of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer. Apart from Tian Di, the Demon Emperor, and Xue Ran, there was now a fourth cultivator of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer.

The Demon Emperor was seated next to Tian Di, as well. They seemed close to one another, as if there were no tensions anymore. Lin Feng had the impression there was something wrong. They were initially sworn enemies; how could they have resolved their issues? What goal did they have in common to forget about their issues?

Lin Feng grew even more cautious.

He had killed twenty judges outside; everybody had seen it. Now everybody was careful of Lin Feng, but many were angry because they found him too proud and arrogant.

Lin Feng was still walking forwards that he heard a cold and disdainful voice, “You’re Lin Feng? The ruler of the Continent of the Nine Clouds? The man Wen Ao Xue noticed?”

Lin Feng and Jeston looked at the man who had just spoken, and were surprised.

He looked… pretty. His skin was extremely white. He looked like a weak woman, but his Qi was evil and sharp. He looked at Lin Feng with a cruel smile.

He was wearing a golden robe with purple dragons on his sleeves and a crown, looking extremely noble and prestigious.

“Indeed. I am Lin Feng from the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Who are you?” asked Lin Feng, nodding indifferently.

However, the man smiled disdainfully and scoffed, “You’re not qualified to know who I am and where I am from.”

“Qian Ke Shuang, you must be respectful to the ruler of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!” said a woman’s voice suddenly. She sounded furious. Wen Ao Xue stood up and walked over to Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, geniuses from everywhere are here,” Wen Ao Xue told Lin Feng telepathically, introducing the people around.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the people behind the table, they looked extraordinary. The pretty and charming man’s Qi was incredible. Lin Feng knew that the most incredible geniuses of the Continent had gathered here. He also knew that many of them were from medium-level worlds like him.

“Lin Feng, those three people are the Three World Geniuses. Those there are the Four Young Charming Noblemen,” said Wen Ao Xue, pointing first at the three young men behind the desk. Lin Feng glanced over at them. The young man in golden clothes who had just made fun of him was one of the Three World Geniuses.

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