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Chapter 587: Liven Things Up!

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“Continent of the Celestial Fighters, Fan Huang Bin.”

One man didn’t wait for Wen Ao Xue to introduce them to Lin Feng. He slowly walked ahead and introduced himself, appearing simple and modest. He bowed in front of Lin Feng respectfully.

Lin Feng bowed in return and nodded. He smiled and said, “Continent of the Nine Clouds, Lin Feng.”

“I hope we’ll have the opportunity to exchange views on cultivation,” said Fan Huang Bin, smiling at Lin Feng, before sitting back down. They were now acquainted.

“World of Holy Battles, An Zi Xi,” said a pretty and charming man on Fan Huang Bin’s left. He seemed at least as strong as Qian Ke Shuang. He looked noble, virtuous, and modest. He also had the strength of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer, like Fan Huang Bin.

Lin Feng looked at Qian Ke Shuang. Qian Ke Shuang raised his glass and drank alone. He didn’t look at Lin Feng, radiating pride and arrogance.

“He’s the ruler of the World of the Eight Celestial Halls. The Continent of the Nine Clouds and the World of the Eight Celestial Halls are adjoining areas, parallel continents,” Wen Ao Xue told Lin Feng telepathically. Lin Feng nodded.

“Leader Lin, Zhu Qiu, greetings.”

“Duan Wu Wei, Greetings Leader Lin.”

After the Three World Geniuses, two handsome and dashing men greeted Lin Feng. They were both wealthy and high-ranking. They looked extraordinary, especially Zhu Qiu. He was wearing a flashy bright red robe.

“The one in red clothes is Zhu Qiu, he’s from the North and has been rising lately. He has the strength of the top of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer.

“The other one in blue clothes is called Duan Wu Wei. He comes from the South. He’s the son of the patriarch of the Sect of the Ten Thousand Demons. He has the strength of the top of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer. He can defeat people who are stronger by one cultivation layer,” said Wen Ao Xue, introducing the two men.

Lin Feng listened carefully. He greeted them respectfully and they sat back down.

Lin Feng glanced at Duan Wu Wei, his curiosity aroused. Why was that guy seated there?

Gao Di smiled widely when he noticed Lin Feng. He looked up at Lin Feng.

“Hello, Lin Feng. Long time no see.”

“Gao Di, a genius from the East, fifth Godly Emperor Layer,” said Wen Ao Xue, even though she had guessed that Lin Feng and Gao Di knew one another.

“I didn’t think we’d see one another here,” Lin Feng said. He was a little bit surprised. Gao Di had the strength of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer, the result of Mister Time’s efforts. He couldn’t become any stronger, but he could use his knowledge to help his disciples.

Lin Feng didn’t know what to think of Gao Di. Lin Feng didn’t really care about such people in normal times, but he was Mister Time’s disciple, and Mister Time had helped him in the past. Lin Feng had to be patient and ignore Gao Di’s prior provocations.

Lin Feng walked away from Gao Di’s table and over to the last of the Four Gentlemen. The man looked indifferent. His long hair was tied in a bun with a bright blue jade hairpin. His Qi was particular. He looked as powerful as a mountain.

“Chang Feng, from the West,” said the man, without raising his head. He didn’t look at Lin Feng disdainfully, however, merely introducing himself. Five simple words, and he continued drinking his glass as if he were alone in the world.

Lin Feng was very curious now. This fellow’s Qi was impressive, but he wasn’t proud. He reminded Lin Feng of Lang Ye, Jun Mo Xi, and some others. Having deep conversations with such people was possible, but it depended on their mood.

After getting to know the Three World Geniuses and the Four Young Charming Noblemen, he looked at the three strong cultivators who had the highest seats. Lin Feng knew two of them extremely well. The one on the main seat was naturally Tian Di. He looked as dignified and majestic as before, but still petty.

On Tian Di’s left was Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, wearing his black robe. Xuan Yuan’s Qi was ice-cold, gloomy, and demonic. Looking at him was enough to make anyone feel fear.

On Tian Di’s right was a man in blue clothes, looking nonchalant. He looked at Tian Di disdainfully. He also had the strength of the top of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer.

Lin Feng could guess that he was a strong cultivator of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds. It was the grand ceremony of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds, so they had sent strong cultivators to attend.

Near the Three World Geniuses were Zhen Mo and the leader of the Gods’ Government. Near the Four Charming Noblemen were Tian Fan, Bai Qi, and the leaders of the Four Temples.

Apart from Wen Ao Xue’s seat, no other seat was free, which meant no seat had been prepared for Lin Feng.

The only reason they had made him come was to make fun of him.

Lin Feng was neither sad nor happy. He just touched his ring and smiled at Wen Ao Xue, “Ao Xue, go back to your seat.”

“You can go and take my seat. I’ll stand behind you. You are the real ruler of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, after all. It should be your seat.” Wen Ao Xue knew that the Alliance had disrespected Lin Feng, as had the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. They were all plotting against Lin Feng. She wanted to help him.

But Lin Feng refused. He knew that Wen Ao Xue meant to be nice, but he didn’t need her help. He didn’t want her to get involved in this situation either, or she would get humiliated, and he didn’t want that.

Wen Ao Xue had no choice. She just walked away and sat down on her seat next to An Zi Xi. An Zi Xi smiled at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng and Jeston stood near the table. The others were all seated. Then Lin Feng looked at the three cultivators on the main seats. They looked back at Lin Feng silently. The Demon Emperor didn’t look at Lin Feng at all.

“Everybody, it’s the millennial ceremony of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds. Sitting and talking would be boring. Why not liven things up and organize some battles?” said Tian Di after a long time, smiling in amusement. People didn’t notice that, but Lin Feng did.

“It’s a good idea, I agree,” the leader of the Gods’ Government spoke up enthusiastically after Tian Di said that.

Lin Feng glanced at the old man disdainfully. Then he laughed and said, “You’re really an expert in licking people’s boots, Master.”

“You want to die!” shouted the leader of the Gods’ Government furiously. His eyes were filled with murder. He was sick of being humiliated by Lin Feng.

“The real question is not whether I want to die or not, but whether you can kill me or not. Hey, I have an idea, Tian Di said we should organize battles to liven things up. It’s a great idea, you and I could exchange views on cultivation!” Lin Feng said smiling mockingly.

“Hmph! You think I’m afraid of you?!” shouted the leader of the Gods’ Government, throwing a punch at him.

“Leader, you’re an elder, I should fight. That little boy from the Continent of the Nine Clouds doesn’t deserve fighting against such an incredible person as you.”

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