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Chapter 588: You’re Not Happy? Come Then!

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At that moment, Qian Ke Shuang stood up, and smiled at the old man. The old man was delighted when he saw Qian Ke Shuang standing up, and calmed down.

He knew how strong Qian Ke Shuang was. He was the ruler of the World of the Eight Celestial Halls. The World of the Eight Celestial Halls was at the top of the hundred worlds. It was much, much more powerful than the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Now that Qian Ke Shuang wanted to teach a good lesson to Lin Feng, nothing could be better!

“Haha! Little brother, be merciful, don’t crush him too quickly,” said the leader of the Gods’ Government, delighted at Lin Feng’s misfortune.

“Merciful? Brother, he’s just the ruler of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. I can crush him using only thirty percent!” said Qian Ke Shuang, glancing at Lin Feng before bursting into confident laugher. He put his left foot on his chair and flashed high up in the air.

“Hey! Ruler of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, come and play with me!” shouted Qian Ke Shuang, laughing mockingly. He looked quite sinister and conceited as he narrowed his eyes and stared at Lin Feng, like he was looking at a good for nothing.

Lin Feng looked back at Qian Ke Shuang. He wanted to laugh, it had been such a long time since someone had dared make fun of him. Lin Feng remembered when he was young in the Xue Yue, in the Xue Yu Region, in Ba Huang…

“Since you want to fight that much, let’s do it.” Lin Feng said, glancing around. Then he flashed up and attacked Qian Ke Shuang, throwing a kick.

Many people couldn’t see Lin Feng clearly because he was too fast. Qian Ke Shuang had the sudden impression a mountain was falling on him, and hastily blocked with his arms in front of his chest.

An explosion rattled in the air. The whole territory of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty shook violently. Qian Ke Shuang paled and was pushed dozens of zhang away, struggling to stay on his feet.

Lin Feng stood in front of Qian Ke Shuang and smiled mockingly. He didn’t say anything which made Qian Ke Shuang even more ashamed. He had never felt so humiliated, which made him even more furious.

“You want to die, asshole! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” screamed Qian Ke Shuang. He turned into lightning, his energies exploding around him. He threw himself at Lin Feng, aiming at his head.

Lin Feng felt pressured. No wonder this guy was the ruler of the World of the Eight Celestial Halls. He was really strong, but it only made Lin Feng even more excited.

“You want to die, not me!” Lin Feng snarled back. He raised his hands and turned into a sanguinary demon, growing bigger and bigger. Demon energies rolled out over hundreds of li. His demon Qi stank of death, those who smelled it felt drained.

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor raised his head without even realizing it. That thick, dense demon Qi surprised him, but he kept calm.

Lin Feng and Qian Ke Shuang collided again. Lightning exploded around Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s demon energies were everywhere, his intangible demon energies making everything wither around him.

The two terrifying strengths collided. Lin Feng and Qian Ke Shuang were pushed back. Lin Feng grunted with pain and coughed blood, but Qian Ke Shuang was even more severely injured. He was pushed farther away, hundreds of zhang, crashing into a pavilion which instantly collapsed and was leveled to the ground. Qian Ke Shuang coughed up blood and became extremely pale.

He had the strength of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer, but Lin Feng still managed to crush him. Many people were astonished, and finally understood how strong Lin Feng was.

With the strength of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer, he could easily crush a cultivator of the seventh Godly Emperor Layer?

Everybody was amazed. The two other heroes, An Zi Xi and Fan Huang Bin, kept calm and looked thoughtful.

Qian Ke Shuang put his hand on his chest, which was extremely painful. He had never felt so humiliated. He had the impression he was going to go crazy. The ruler of the Continent of the Nine Clouds could defeat him so easily? His eyes became bloodshot just thinking about it.

“You want to die!” Qian Ke Shuang shouted hoarsely. His fists crackled loudly, and he charged at Lin Feng like a bullet. At the same time, dragons formed of lightning emerged from his fists.

“Wrathful Thunders Celestial Skill!” shouted Qian Ke Shuang in fury, raising his hands and throwing himself at Lin Feng. He was abnormally fast. Most people didn’t think Lin Feng had time to react this time.

Another two explosions went off. The two thunder dragons shot towards Lin Feng extremely quickly, and his Qi instantly disappeared.

“No!” shouted Wen Ao Xue when she saw that. She paled and rushed out of the palace. She blankly stared at the thunder dragons absorbing Lin Feng. It felt like she was in a nightmare.

“You can’t be that weak…” whispered Jeston when he saw that. He also looked worried.

Qian Ke Shuang, who was severely injured, landed on the ground and looked at where Lin Feng had been, who had disappeared in his energies. He looked up at the sky, and  couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “Haha! Who else!? Who else!! Huh!?! That tiny little piece of trash! He dared injure me!”

“I, Qian Ke Shuang, am the ruler of the World of the Eight Celestial Halls! Who dares injure me?!”

“Haha! The Continent of the Nine Clouds is now mine! I am now the ruler of two worlds! Hahahaha!” Qian Ke Shuang raised his arms to the sky and laughed frantically. He looked crazy, his muscles twitching out of control.

“Are you sure?”

As Qian Ke Shuang was laughing maniacally, he suddenly heard a mocking voice behind him. His expression changed drastically, he wanted to turn around but some strength oppressed him and phwap! He was kicked violently, and crashed into a wall in the distance, a big red foot mark on his face.

Qian Ke Shuang tore off his shirt and clenched his fists. He was going to counterattack when Lin Feng laughed mockingly, “What? You want to use your lightning strength, those thunder dragons, again?” Lin Feng said. He had a sinister smile in place, and he wasn’t even done talking when those two dragon lightnings appeared, moving extremely quickly. Qian Ke Shuang’s face went white, because the Qi of those lightning dragons were far more powerful than his…

Boom boom!…

“Don’t come over here!” shouted Qian Ke Shuang desperately. He was suddenly terrified, and plastered himself against the wall.

Qian Ke Shuang heard more explosions. He was terrified and shaking from head to foot. He was used to winning using dragon lightning, and being defeated by someone who used similar attacks was horrifying. Lin Feng was turning his own strength back on him to destabilize him!

Qian Ke Shuang looked miserable. His golden robe was completely torn apart. His crown was broken into a thousand pieces and scattered all around him. This was the ruler of the World of the Eight Celestial Halls?

Lin Feng smiled coolly. He walked past Qian Ke Shuang slowly and continued towards the great palace of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, glancing around. People were either looking at him with surprise or hatred. Lin Feng just grinned. He looked at Qian Ke Shuang’s seat and slowly walked towards it, getting ready to sit down.

“Is that your seat? You think you’re qualified to sit there?”

However, Lin Feng wasn’t seated yet when the leader of the Gods’ Government smiled sinisterly. He looked completely mad, as if he had lost his senses. Bai Qi looked at his father carefully, but he wasn’t strong enough to get involved.

“If you have any objection, come and fight!” Lin Feng stated, grinning easily. He ignored the old man’s ferocious expression and sat down casually. “Awesome.” Lin Feng sighed nonchalantly. The strong cultivators of the Alliance and Tian Di all frowned.

Qian Ke Shuang came back in, coughing and staggering, looking miserable. He didn’t dare look at the people around him, who were all regarding him mockingly or with surprise.

“Someone bring a chair!” shouted Tian Di impatiently. If it weren’t the grand ceremony of the Great Alliance, he would have already gotten rid of a piece of trash like Qian Ke Shuang.

Some disciples of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty quickly brought a chair. They put it next to Lin Feng.

Qian Ke Shuang glanced at Lin Feng hesitantly, then slowly walked over to the chair and got ready to sit down.

However, Lin Feng took the chair away and put it on his left. He raised his head and smiled at Jeston, “Lewis, come and sit down.”

“Lin Feng, don’t go too far!”

Jeston just glanced at Qian Ke Shuang, then silently walked towards Lin Feng before sitting down.

Qian Ke Shuang was standing next to Lin Feng, but even though he was the one standing, he still felt oppressed by Lin Feng.

Qian Ke Shuang ground his teeth. He was terribly angry and felt humiliated. He shouted furiously, “Vice Leader, I’m off!”

Qian Ke Shuang clenched his fists and flew away from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty without turning around. He wished he had left earlier.

Lin Feng shook his head. Strength was the most important thing. The weak were bullied by the strong.

That was one of the most important principles in the Continent of the Gods! It was an inherent rule!

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