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Chapter 591: Apologize?


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The atmosphere was ice-cold. The others, including An Zi Xi and Fan Huang Bin, raised their heads and looked at Gao Di. They didn’t know that Lin Feng had spent time in the East. They had thought that Tian Fan wanted to release his anger on someone, and Gao Di was a perfect target.

Wen Ao Xue looked at Lin Feng’s expression. She knew that Lin Feng had a strong connection to the East, but at that moment, he was just drinking silently with Jeston, as if Gao Di had nothing to do with them.

Most people forgot about Jeston. He also had a strong connection to the East. His connection to the East was even stronger than Lin Feng’s. When Jeston had come from the Earth, he had ended up in the East, where he had lived for a long time. For Jeston, the East was a bit like the Continent of the Nine Clouds was for Lin Feng.

Jeston was holding his glass and looking at Lin Feng. Lin Feng remained expressionless. Jeston understood that Lin Feng was leaving the matter to him because he needed to rise, to become famous. This was a perfect opportunity.

When Tian Fan saw that Gao Di remained silent, he was even more furious. He kicked Gao Di’s table, his drinks and plates all fell to the ground. Gao Di’s cheeks turned red in humiliation.

“You…” shouted Gao Di furiously. He finally couldn’t stand it anymore. He looked at Tian Fan and clenched his fists.

However, Tian Fan smiled mockingly at him, “What? You want to hit me? You’re not half the man I am!”

“I will definitely get my revenge at some point!” shouted Gao Di coldly, staring furiously at Tian Fan. He knew he couldn’t compete with Tian Fan now, but he would never forget this humiliation. He would do his best to become stronger and take his revenge at some point.

Gao Di got ready to leave the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. He had been humiliated, but it seemed like Tian Fan really wanted to continue bullying him, he needed someone weak to do so. He jumped in Gao Di’s way and looked at him provocatively.

“You want to go? Where do you think you can go without my permission?” shouted Tian Fan loudly. He opened his arms to prevent Gao Di from leaving, glaring at Gao Di disdainfully. He was imagining that Lin Feng was in front of him. He was getting more and more excited to fight.

“Don’t go too far.” Gao Di couldn’t stand it anymore. He couldn’t let Tian Fan bully him like this. It was the final straw!

Tian Fan was surprised. He hadn’t thought Gao Di would dare say anything. Tian Fan thought of Lin Feng, who had just humiliated him again, and now Gao Di was humiliating him as well. Thinking of all the times when Lin Feng had humiliated and insulted him, Tian Fan grew even angrier. All those things had severely impacted his sense of superiority.

“How dare you answer back?” sneered Tian Fan gloomily. His eyes were filled with murder.

Gao Di looked at him icily and shouted furiously, “Why couldn’t I? Lin Feng humiliated and defeated you, and now you’re looking for someone to release your anger on?

“You think you’re better than everyone else because you’re the Young Emperor of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and you think everybody should pledge allegiance to you, right?

“You think you’re an amazing person and that nobody is stronger than you, but when someone defeats you, you feel humiliated and you want to humiliate others to feel satisfied. You’re just petty and miserable. You will never defeat Lin Feng!

“Besides, to be a good person, you should be open-minded and have common sense, but you don’t. How could you even be considered a genius?

“Do you know what a genius is? Do you know what a truly strong cultivator is? Do you know what open-minded means?”

“Hehe, you don’t know! All you think about is your ego, your face! All you have in mind is your sense of superiority. Hehe, as I see it, there’s only one expression to describe someone like you: a piece of trash!” Gao Di swore scathingly.

Tian Fan glared at him, now completely irate.

Lin Feng raised his head and smiled. He liked people who were quick off the mark; Gao Di sounded clever and eloquent, a little bit like him!

Lin Feng and Jeston glanced at each other, and they both nodded. Tian Fan was probably going to attack, and Gao Di couldn’t compete with him. Therefore, Jeston had to get ready.

“You want to die, you fucking asshole!” shouted Tian Fan furiously, throwing a punch. His energies surged extremely quickly. Tian Fan looked crazed; he had only one thing in mind: kill Gao Di and regain face!

Gao Di stared at Tian Fan’s fist move towards him. He couldn’t do anything to protect himself. All he could do was wait for death.

“Retreat, Gao Di!” Gao Di suddenly sensed a strong wind push him back. Then, someone appeared in front of him and threw a terrifying punch as well.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!…

A thunderous explosion spread in the air. Duan Wu Wei released some pure Qi to block the terrifying attack.

After the explosion, Tian Fan and his opponent were pushed backwards. Tian Fan was pushed hundreds of steps away. His opponent was only pushed ninety steps away.

The energies dispersed. Everybody stared at the man in front of Gao Di… the strange and mysterious Jeston.

Jeston shook his hand, which crackled painfully. He raised his head and sniggered at Tian Fan.

Tian Fan jumped towards Jeston again. He seemed completely crazy at this moment. Lin Feng had defeated him, he had nothing to say about that… but now, Lin Feng’s friend could also defeat him?

“Be careful!” Gao Di didn’t know Jeston, but he knew he was Lin Feng’s friend. He felt like he had to warn someone.

Jeston nodded and flashed ahead, throwing a punch in the air. A gigantic hand imprint appeared. The whole palace of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty shook as their fists collided.

Boom! Boom! They were both pushed back.

Tian Fan crashed into a golden pillar. Jeston crashed against the gate of the Dynasty.

Everybody was astonished. Nobody had thought Jeston was so strong, especially the strongest cultivators of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. Jeston was incredibly strong if he could compete with Tian Fan.

“Who are you? Why are you getting involved?” asked Tian Fan, coughing up blood and sitting back up. His face was completely pale. He was scared; once again, he had completely lost face.

When Jeston heard Tian Fan, he just smiled indifferently. Then he walked back to Gao Di, clapped his shoulders and smiled, “Good fellow, the East can be proud of you.”

“You must think I’m ridiculous,” sighed Gao Di, lowering his head. He felt humiliated no matter what Jeston said.

“Apologize for getting involved in other people’s affairs!” shouted someone suddenly. Jeston slowly raised his head and looked at a man in blue.


Gao Di and Jeston had good reasons to justify themselves, but this idiot fellow in blue clothes wanted Jeston to apologize?

When Lin Feng heard that, he naturally wasn’t happy.

“Why would he need to apologize? Could you tell me the reason?” Lin Feng retorted, putting his glass down. Then he stood up and looked at the man in blue icily.

The man in blue frowned and glanced at Lin Feng.

The atmosphere quieted down…

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