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Chapter 592: Negative Outcome!


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“Do you know who I am?” said the man in blue icily, pointing at Lin Feng. He was furious. His Qi of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer slowly emerged around him and grew thicker.

Lin Feng sensed that Qi and thought that, Indeed, the Qi of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer is incredible. He hadn’t reached a level which allowed him not to be scared of cultivators of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer yet, but he wasn’t alarmed.

“First, I don’t know you, why would I watch my words when talking to you?

“Second, we have legitimate reasons to act this way. If someone has to apologize, it’s Tian Fan, who should apologize to Gao Di. Why would Jeston apologize to Tian Fan? I think you have a bad sense of judgement.

“Third, I don’t care who you are, I don’t care about your position within the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds. And finally, nobody can point at me with their fingers, not even you!” Lin Feng stated coldly. His voice was blood-curling and as sharp like a sword. In just a few words, he had already infuriated the man in blue , whose face had turned purplish-red.

“So, what do you intend to do about?” sneered the man in blue disdainfully. He was proud, arrogant, and self-confident.

Lin Feng smiled coolly, and slowly walked up to the stage. People were surprised. Lin Feng stopped half a meter away from where the man in blue was sitting.

The man was startled, but quickly calmed down again. No matter what Lin Feng was trying to do, he wasn’t strong enough to pose a threat to him. Scheming against him would be ridiculous.

“You’re the vice leader of the great alliance?” asked Lin Feng, smiling toothily.

The man in blue nodded and said haughtily, “Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds, Vice Leader Zong Tong!”

“Oh, Zong Tong, good, very good,” Lin Feng replied, smiling and nodding. The crowd didn’t understand what Lin Feng was trying to do.

The atmosphere was very heavy right now. The Demon Emperor and Tian Di remained silent, calmly watching Lin Feng. Zong Tong looked glum. He had a bad feeling about this.

Suddenly, Lin Feng raised his left hand. Zong Tong clenched his fists in anticipation. Lin Feng smiled mockingly. A letter appeared in there; a letter of challenge! Lin Feng said to Zong Tong, “Three months later, Dragon Pavilion Mountain, battle to death.”

Lin Feng threw the letter of challenge at Zong Tong’s feet. Zong Tong tensed up. Lin Feng dared challenge him? He even took the initiative to challenge him?

Tian Di couldn’t believe his eyes. He had an extremely bad feeling. What if Lin Feng won three months from now? Wouldn’t it mean that he would be able to defeat a cultivator of the top of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer?

And then…?

Tian Di didn’t dare think about that. He was furious and could only glare at Lin Feng’s back as he walked away.

“Tian Fan, bullying the weak is pointless and boring. It just proves that you are a weakling. If you are angry, you can challenge me right now! What do you think?” Lin Feng said, looking at Tian Fan in amusement.

When Tian Fan heard Lin Feng, he was furious inside, and shook from head to foot… but he didn’t dare accept Lin Feng’s challenge. He didn’t know that from that moment, the strength difference between him and Lin Feng would keep increasing…

It was just like the difference between Bai Qi and Lin Feng back in the days. Bai Qi didn’t pose a threat to Lin Feng at all anymore. After a time, Tian Fan would pose absolutely no threat to Lin Feng, either. At that point, Tian Fan would feel even more humiliated…

“Gao Di, compassion doesn’t exist in this world. The weak are constantly harassed. Principles and virtues are useless. It’s the law of the jungle.

“Keep working hard. The fate of the East depends on you now. You are their biggest hope. You represent the East. You can’t let the East lose face,” Lin Feng said gravely.

Gao Di listened carefully to these words. He had already forgotten about their past conflicts. He admired Lin Feng now.

“I officially announce that I will protect the East from now on. If anyone dares harass people from the East, don’t blame me for taking measures. Tiantai, the Great Huang Dynasty, and the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty will use their full strength to protect them.

“The East is not composed of a bunch of weaklings anymore. They’re rising. I will give them time to rise. If anyone dares to attack them, hehe, don’t blame me,” Lin Feng smiled toothily, glancing around, especially at the leader of the Gods Government and the three cultivators on the highest seats. They were surprised, but just nodded. Lin Feng was qualified to apply what he had just said.

No matter how strong he was, he also had many friends and allies; they made him qualified to say such things!

“Let’s go, Ao Xue, Lewis,” Lin Feng said calmly. The two nodded, and the three of them slowly left.


When they arrived outside, Lin Feng glanced at the disciples of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty icily. Those disciples initially wanted to insult Lin Feng, but when he barely looked at them, they were terrified and let the three pass.

Many people watched the three of them leave, shaking from head to foot. Lin Feng had come to the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, he had caused trouble, and now he was leaving, safe and sound.

He had even defeated Qian Ke Shuang and Tian Fan, both geniuses, and also humiliated the leader of the Gods Government.

This time, Lin Feng had shaken the whole Continent of the Gods. Jeston had also become famous. Everybody would quickly learn about him everywhere in the continent, even if he wouldn’t become as famous as Lin Feng.

Tian Di and Zong Tong had no choice but to let Lin Feng leave, and didn’t send anyone to stop him. Had they no ways to stop Lin Feng? No. They had many solutions. The Celestial Emperors Dynasty and the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds had many cultivators of the sixth and seventh Godly Emperor Layer; they could all join hands, stop him and teach him a good lesson.

But under the public’s gaze, Tian Di and Zong Tong couldn’t do much, so they had no choice but let Lin Feng cause trouble.

They were two cultivators of the top of the eighth Godly Emperor Layer; if they had attacked, they would have made Lin Feng even more famous.

Gao Di watched Lin Feng disappear into the distance, recalling what Lin Feng had told him. It was like a forest had been created in his mind. He took a deep breath in relief, feeling more determined than ever.

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor stood up and coughed, then slowly walked forwards. Everybody watched him cautiously.

The Demon Emperor walked past Gao Di, glanced at him and said, “Not bad, my boy, you didn’t make your teacher lose face.”

“Thank you very much, Uncle,” said Gao Di, smiling when he heard the Demon Emperor. He watched Xuan Yuan leave the Celestial Emperors Dynasty.

Instantly, the atmosphere became completely silent. Tian Fan shuddered, his face extremely pale. In the end, he looked at his father.

Tian Di and Zong Tong were both astonished. Why had Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor called Gao Di “my boy”? Why had Gao Di called Xuan Yuan “uncle”? Was Gao Di’s teacher Xuan Yuan’s fellow disciple?!

Had Tian Fan and Zong Tong offended the Demon Emperor?

Thinking about that, Zong Tong pulled a long face. Even though he also had the strength of the eighth Godly Emperor layer, like Xuan Yuan, the Demon Emperor was even more famous. He had become famous a long time ago. Zong Tong couldn’t really surpass him.

Everybody had made an error in judgement. Who could have guessed that Gao Di, who was the weakest cultivator there, was the disciple of Xuan Yuan’s fellow disciple?

Chang Feng stood up, downed his glass, and said to Zong Tong, “Zong Tong, I’m off. You disappointed me today,” said Chang Feng. He rolled up his sleeves and left without glancing at anyone.

In the palace, the only ones left were the leader of the Gods Government; his son Tian Di; Tian Fan, Zong Tong, An Zi Xi, Fan Huang Bin, Duan Wu Wei, and Zhu Qiu. All the others were gone.

The banquet was over. This time, the grand ceremony of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds had been a failure.

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