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Chapter 593: Two Disciples’ Battle!


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“Lin Feng, you went a little bit too far, didn’t you? How can you fight against Zong Tong to death in three months?”

Jeston, Wen Ao Xue and Lin Feng were on the public road on the way to Gods City. Jeston was extremely worried. Wen Ao Xue wanted to ask that question before, but she hadn’t dared ask him in front of Jeston. Now Jeston had asked the question for her.

Lin Feng was surprised when he saw Jeston seemed worried. He smiled and said, “You have no confidence in me?”

Jeston was speechless. He smiled wryly and said, “Not really. I really hope you won’t suffer a tragic and violent death.”

“Watch your words!” shouted Wen Ao Xue angrily.

Jeston smiled, looking really amused. Foreigners looked really funny. He sighed and said, “Another close female friend, huh? Good job, Lin Feng.”

“Don’t be annoying,” Lin Feng said, sighing hopelessly. Wen Ao Xue looked at Jeston angrily and then turned away.

Such things between Lin Feng and Wen Ao Xue weren’t possible. Wen Ao Xue used to look like a man and Lin Feng considered her his buddy. It would be too strange to get intimate with a close and old friend like that.

Therefore, Wen Ao Xue and Lin Feng were both aware nothing could happen between them. Wen Ao Xue was already happy to be able to spend time with Lin Feng. Wen Ao Xue wasn’t mad at Lin Feng anymore for having killed her. She didn’t think Lin Feng was supposed to have a guilty conscience; on the contrary, Wen Ao Xue had a guilty conscience because she hadn’t been able to stop the Wen Clan back then.

But no matter what, all that was history. They were reunited and still good friends.

“You have a plan, right?” asked Jeston seriously. He knew that Lin Feng didn’t try to scare people away with words, so since he had challenged Zong Tong, it meant that he was convinced he was going to be strong enough for the battle.

Lin Feng nodded and smiled, “I have a plan, indeed.”

“Don’t tell me anything. Let me guess. I am your military adviser now,” said Jeston, interrupting Lin Feng and smiling.

Lin Feng nodded. Jeston was good at plotting, as well; otherwise, Ji Yang wouldn’t have gotten close to him.

“You’re doing that on purpose. You think that Zong Tong won’t accept your challenge,” said Jeston slowly after a long time.

Lin Feng gave him a thumbs up. Jeston was smart, he had guessed right. Lin Feng didn’t care about how Jeston had guessed, the most important thing was that he had done so.

“Indeed, I took a risk, I don’t think Zong Tong will accept. That’s why I challenged him,” Lin Feng smiled.

Wen Ao Xue was completely puzzled. How could Zong Tong refuse Lin Feng’s challenge? Lin Feng had given him a letter of challenge in front of so many people, including Tian Di and the Demon Emperor.

Wouldn’t it be humiliating if Zong Tong refused Lin Feng’s challenge? Wouldn’t people make fun of him? How could the vice leader of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds refuse Lin Feng’s challenge?

Lin Feng could see that Wen Ao Xue was puzzled, so he said, “Don’t think too much. Even though Zong Tong won’t accept my challenge, he will definitely fight against me. We just won’t fight according to the conditions of my letter of challenge. He will issue his own letter of challenge.

“Zong Tong is proud and arrogant and has a high social position. He will definitely try and show the Continent of the Gods that he doesn’t fear me, and that he can deal with me efficiently. That way, he’ll become even more famous.

“Zong Tong will probably extend the three-month period. Then he will pretend and say that it is for Lin Feng’s own good, to give him time to prepare, so people think he is kind and magnanimous,” Jeston finished explaining.

When Wen Ao Xue heard that, she understood everything. She admired Lin Feng and Jeston for their scheming abilities. Lin Feng was good at killing people and seducing women, but had also improved at scheming.

In the past, Lin Feng was a mixture of an assassin and a violent and aggressive cultivator. These days, he had become like an unruly, free-willed, and unrestrained cultivator. Wen Ao Xue liked the way Lin Feng had become. He had become confident and at ease, free and unrestrained, probably logical since he had become so strong.

The three of them flew above the public road. Wen Ao Xue didn’t follow Lin Feng to Tiantai, heading back to the Gods Government. Lin Feng and Jeston went back to Tiantai.


When Lin Feng and Jeston arrived at the foot of the mountain, they looked up and saw two silhouettes in the sky in the middle of a fierce battle. One of them had a blue godly aura and the other one had a white godly aura.

Lin Feng had a bad feeling. Why were they fighting?

Jeston seemed intrigued. The two disciples’ battle had attracted everybody’s attention.

Ye Chen and Fu Chen were fighting in the sky, insulting one another. Neither of them seemed like they were going to give up. They kept exchanging attacks. After half an hour, it was still impossible to tell who was going to win.

Ruo Xie, Hou Qing Lin, Jun Mo Xi, and the others present were all smiling, excited to see which of Lin Feng’s disciples was stronger.

Lin Feng ran towards the battle stage of Tiantai, arriving next to Ruo Xie and the others. Ruo Xie and the others looked at Lin Feng, plainly amused. Lin Feng smiled wryly and continued watching Fu Chen and Ye Chen duke it out.

When Fu Chen and Ye Chen saw Lin Feng, they took deep breaths and fought even more fiercely and aggressively.

Fu Chen threw punches one after the other. His energies were fierce. Ye Chen flashed around and threw punches as well. An explosion rang out, and the top of the mountain exploded.

Lin Feng jumped and landed in front of Fu Chen. A gigantic hand had arrived, golden lights illuminating the atmosphere. The hundred zhang imprint was astonishing and terrifying. Fu Chen didn’t seem frightened; on the contrary, he raised both hands and also released a gigantic golden imprint. The lights grew wider and wider.

Boom, boom!… Two explosions echoed far into the distance. People had to put their hands on their ears. The whole territory of Tiantai shook violently.

“Enough. Stop this now!” shouted Lin Feng furiously.

The two disciples listened to their teacher obediently, but they clearly didn’t feel like stopping. Ye Chen landed on the ground and walked towards Lin Feng. He bowed hand over fist and smiled, “Teacher, hehe.”

“Greetings, Teacher,” said Fu Chen, walking up to Lin Feng and also bowing. When the crowd saw those two disciples greeting their teacher, their eyes twinkled.

“So that’s Fu Chen, your second disciple?” asked Ruo Xie, studying Fu Chen.

Lin Feng nodded and tapped Fu Chen’s shoulder in satisfaction. He smiled, “He’s the disciple I recruited when I arrived in the Continent of the Gods, Fu Chen.”

“Teacher, have him call me ‘Great Fellow Disciple’!” said Ye Chen, smiling and pointing at Fu Chen.

Fu Chen looked at Ye Chen and said, “If you’re angry, let’s continue fighting!”

“Haha! You think I’m afraid?” said Ye Chen, rolling up his sleeves.

“Enough! You’re making me lose face!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Then he looked at all the disciples of Tiantai icily, “Haven’t had enough fun yet?!”

“Let’s hurry up and leave!”

“Let’s go; otherwise, he’s going to get angry.” Some smart disciples left directly. After them, more and more disciples left. Only Lin Feng, Jun Mo Xi and Lang Ye were left.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at Fu Chen and Ye Chen. He knew that his disciples were both ambitious and proud, and neither of them were willing to submit to the other.

“Teacher, he’s not worthy of being my fellow disciple. We have the same strength, but he can’t defeat me,” said Fu Chen honestly.

When Ye Chen heard that, he smiled and said, “Teacher, hehe, I am your first disciple. He should call me ‘great fellow disciple’.”

“Teacher, I am not that weak.”

“But you should call me ‘great fellow disciple’!”


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