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Chapter 594: Patience Is Important!

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“Alright, stop arguing, alright?” Lin Feng cursed when he heard his disciples. He had a headache already. He wasn’t afraid when people challenged him, but he was afraid of making women cry, and now he also feared having to act like a kindergarten teacher with his disciples.

But Ruo Xie and the others found this fun. They didn’t fear that the battle could become more important. They hadn’t seen Lin Feng look this hopeless in a long time…

“Alright, stop arguing, alright?” said Jeston, interrupting Fu Chen and Ye Chen. Lin Feng took a deep breath of relief at the intervention.

Fu Chen and Ye Chen looked at Jeston. Even though they didn’t really know him, they could see that he was friends with their teacher; since he wasn’t ordinary, they stopped. They didn’t dare continue, or Lin Feng would really get angry.

“What do you think?” Lin Feng asked Jeston.

Jeston waved to tell Lin Feng to calm down. He jumped and landed in front of Fu Chen and Ye Chen. He stretched out his hands and smiled. “You two, grab my hands.”

“Eh…” Ye Chen didn’t understand and looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded. Ye Chen stretched out his hand and grabbed Jeston’s left hand, while Fu Chen took the right.

“I will bless you with my light strength. You both have the strength of the first Godly Emperor Layer right now; the first one to break through to the second Godly Emperor Layer will be the great fellow disciple.

“Ye Chen, Lin Feng recruited you in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Fu Chen, Lin Feng recruited you in the Continent of the GodsNine Clouds. Even though Lin Feng recruited one of you before the other, it all happened in two different worlds.

“Therefore, my solution is the best. The first one to break through is the more talented,” said Jeston, glancing at Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded. Jeston sat down cross-legged in midair. He turned illusory and flared with a bright godly aura. His whole body was golden and dazzling, and kept flickering like the sun.

Ruo Xie was stupefied. Nobody knew that Jeston had such a power. All of Lin Feng’s friends and acquaintances seemed to be amazing!…

Fu Chen and Ye Chen stood at Jeston’s sides. The three of them closed their eyes, and their breathing linked up. Pure Qi flowed throughout their bodies, Jeston’s godly lights connecting them all.

Lin Feng was curious. Even though Jeston had helped him break through to the sixth Godly Emperor Layer, he was still impressed. Jeston was a precious treasure to him. With Jeston’s blessings, it was much easier to break through!

But Jeston could only help a few people break through, not everybody. Jeston’s help was more efficient than blood pills, but it had a smaller scope. Even though blood pills weren’t as efficient as Jeston’s, one could help many more people with blood pills.

Lin Feng couldn’t ask Jeston to help all of Tiantai’s disciples with his blessings. If he did, Jeston would be disappointed. They had common purposes, and they came from the same world, but if Lin Feng used him for his own interests, Jeston’s feelings would be hurt.

Lin Feng didn’t forget the legends either. Chosen ones, those who had been forgotten by the gods, and those who controlled light strength were natural rivals.

Jeston and Lin Feng had decided to be friends, not enemies. It was an incredible opportunity. Lin Feng didn’t want to ruin that friendship, he had to cherish it and spare him.

Jeston had taken the initiative to help Lin Feng’s disciples break through, he was acting kind and generous.

Time passed. Lin Feng, Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, Mu Bei, and the others waited calmly there.

Jeston looked like a bright flame, the lights surrounding him were dazzling, and the temperature around him had increased. Fu Chen was covered with sweat. Ye Chen’s face was extremely pale. Breaking through like this wasn’t easy at all.

If a cultivator didn’t succeed in making his pure Qi and the Light Dao connect intrinsically, it could be dangerous; their circulatory system could swell and explode, and then the cultivator could lose their soul!

Suddenly, Ye Chen’s eyelids started shaking. His godly aura grew more and more dazzling, his Qi became thicker and thicker. Slowly, the strength of the second Godly Emperor Layer started appearing around him.

“So Ye Chen won,” Ruo Xie smiled. He had known Ye Chen since he was a baby, after all, and had great affection for him. Even though they were both like nephews to him and the others, the members of Tiantai still preferred Ye Chen.

Lin Feng suddenly turned his head. A new sound didn’t come from Ye Chen, it came from Fu Chen! Fu Chen raised his arms to the sky, his white godly aura growing ever more dazzling. His Qi of the second Godly Emperor Layer grew extremely thick.

Another explosion rang out as Ye Chen put his palms together, a light suddenly flashing in his third eye. His Qi became extremely thick and dense. On top of that, his Qi didn’t stop when it reached the strength of the second Godly Emperor Layer, it continued rising right to the top of the second Godly Emperor Layer!

In other words, immediately after Ye Chen broke through to the top of the second Godly Emperor Layer, Fu Chen also broke through to the second Godly Emperor Layer.

Lin Feng was excited. His two disciples had both broken through! But now there was a problem; Fu Chen had broken through to the second Godly Emperor Layer before Ye Chen, but Ye Chen had broken through to the top of the Godly Emperor Layer!

The situation was complex once again.

Jeston coughed up blood, and seemed exhausted. He wasn’t indestructible. Using Light Dao strength was exhausting.

Lin Feng ran over to Jeston and supported him by the arms. Jeston looked at the two disciples and seemed annoyed.

“Pfff! Don’t look at me. I don’t know what to say…” swore Jeston angrily. He had made great efforts to help the two disciples break through to the second Godly Emperor Layer, but nobody thought the situation would be so complex in the end.

Ye Chen was satisfied with himself, and looked at Fu Chen in good humor. He hadn’t thought he’d break through to the second Godly Emperor Layer.

Fu Chen looked neither happy nor sad, as if the situation had nothing to do with him.

Lin Feng looked at the two of them, he didn’t know what to say or decide. At that moment, Fu Chen looked at Lin Feng and bowed hand over fist. “Teacher, I don’t mind being the second disciple. Even though I broke through first, he’s stronger than me by half a cultivation layer. I don’t mind being the second fellow disciple.”

“Alright, I’m proud of you,” Lin Feng said, nodding in satisfaction when he heard Fu Chen. One of them had to be reasonable. If neither of them had been reasonable, Lin Feng would have been really angry. Fu Chen was willing to take a step back, so Lin Feng was satisfied.

Ye Chen was surprised. He hadn’t thought Fu Chen would be so agreeable. He instantly had more esteem for his fellow disciple.

Ruo Xie and the others nodded in satisfaction. They also had more regard for Fu Chen. Lin Feng’s disciples were neither incompetent nor stupid.

“Great fellow disciple,” said Fu Chen to Ye Chen, bowing to him.

Ye Chen smiled and clapped Fu Chen’s shoulder, “Second fellow disciple, we’re direct fellow disciples now, we’re like brothers, like our teacher and his fellow disciples.”

“Alright,” agreed Fu Chen, smiling and nodding.

Lin Feng was surprised. It was the first time he had seen Fu Chen smile. It wasn’t easy to make him smile.


The atmosphere eased up. His two disciples had both broken through, so Lin Feng was happy.

“Little Lin Feng, someone from the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds wants to see you,” said Ruo Xie after a disciple whispered something to him. Then he waved and had the disciples of Tiantai walk away.

Lin Feng frowned, and then smiled knowingly. It seemed like Jeston and he were right!

“Let’s go and see,” Lin Feng nodded, walking towards the meeting room. Tian Chi had the disciples there disperse. Ruo Xie followed Lin Feng to the meeting room, while Ye Chen and Fu Chen left as well.

When Lin Feng arrived at the meeting room, he saw a judge there, trembling with fear. The judge’s face was extremely pale. He knew that Lin Feng had killed over twenty judges before now. As a result, all the judges of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds were scared of Lin Feng these days!

Lin Feng looked at the judge skeptically. He didn’t understand why the man looked so worried at first, but after he thought about all the judges he’d killed, he couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“What do you want?”

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