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Chapter 595: Accept the Challenge!

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When the judge heard Lin Feng, he remained extremely cautious, on the edge of panic. He didn’t want to be there, but he had no choice; he had to obey orders, since he had become the new head of the judges.

“Leader Lin, I came because our vice leader, Zong Tong, sent me,” replied the judge.

Lin Feng smiled. As he had expected, Jeston and he were right. Zong Tong was proud and had a high social position. He couldn’t accept the challenge according to Lin Feng’s conditions, date, and place, it would be demeaning if he did. He was the vice leader of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds; how could he submit to the conditions of someone like Lin Feng?

“Alright, I’m listening,” Lin Feng said, smiling neutrally and pointing at a chair. The judge sat down quickly. He just wanted to finish what he had to do and leave Tiantai as quickly as possible. He couldn’t possibly relax here.

“Leader Lin, please don’t be angry at me, I’m just here to convey what Vice Leader Zong Tong wants to tell you,” explained the judge. He was afraid that Lin Feng would get angry.

When Lin Feng heard that, he nodded. He knew that the judge just wanted to leave.

“Vice leader Zong Tong told me to warn you: you shouldn’t go too far and push him to the limits. You killed so many of his judges and he didn’t try to punish you. You should be grateful,” said the man. He had mixed feelings, afraid and angry at the same time. He had become the leader of the judges after all, they were his own fellow subordinates.

But now…? He smiled wryly. Avenging his comrades was impossible. Everybody knew how strong Lin Feng was. He only had the aura of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer, but he was much stronger than all other cultivators of the sixth Godly Emperor Layer.

Vice leader Zong Tong had only sent a judge to see Lin Feng. Why didn’t he dare go and see Lin Feng himself? Why did he just send subordinates?

Even though the judges had influence within the alliance itself, in the outside world, he was just an ordinary strong cultivator.

The Judges had competitors, the noblemen. Noblemen had even more influence than judges. All the noblemen had the strength of the sixth or seventh Godly Emperor Layers. Perhaps he might even be able to become a nobleman in the future…

The leader of the judges actually didn’t understand why the alliance hadn’t sent noblemen to deal with Lin Feng. Why send judges?

“Speak now,” Lin Feng said, looking over when he saw the judge had stopped talking. The judge hastily nodded and continued relaying what Zong Tong had told him.

“The vice leader also said that nobody had ever challenged him, and he didn’t wish for the first person to challenge him to be a young man. He wants to give you an opportunity: cancel your challenge, take your letter of challenge back, and let bygones be bygones. He will forget about all this and not bear recriminations,” said the man. He looked up at Lin Feng, “Leader Lin, do you agree?”

“Forget it,” Lin Feng replied indifferently, without looking down. It was the answer the judge expected before coming here.

“If you don’t want to admit his deep and profound kindness, it means you want to hear the second option. Alright… he said that if you refused and really wanted to challenge him, he’d see you in six months at the Dragon Pavilion Mountain and he also hopes that at that point, you won’t flee.

“On that day, he will have his first disciple fight against you first. If you can’t defeat his disciple, then he won’t fight against you. So, you better look out for yourself,” said the judge, repeating exactly what Vice leader Zong Tong had told him. He also imitated his expressions and tone of speech. Lin Feng understood that when Zong Tong had told the judge these things, he was quite angry.

“Leader Lin, I told you everything. I’m off,” said the judge, bowing hastily. He wanted to leave as soon as possible. He could remember how furious Lin Feng was when he had killed the judges the other day. He remembered Lin Feng’s demonic and sanguinary Qi.

“Slow down. I’m not done talking. Why are you in such a hurry to leave?” Lin Feng said icily. The judge instantly stopped, not daring to move a single inch. He slowly turned around, trying to control his terror.

“You’re afraid of me?” asked Lin Feng, looking at the man’s shaking hands.

The man’s expression changed drastically. He hastily shook his head and smiled wryly, “Why would I be? I’m just a bit… a bit…” replied the judge. He didn’t know what to say.

“Alright, I’m not interested,” interrupted Lin Feng. The man took a deep breath with relief.

“Go back and tell Zong Tong that I accept his challenge. In six months, we’ll meet on Dragon Pavilion Mountain and we’ll definitely fight. Also, tell him not to send disciples to test me; if he does and I kill them inadvertently, he can’t blame me.

“In addition, tell him that the Continent of the Gods isn’t under the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds’ jurisdiction, and it’s not his territory, either. So he shouldn’t talk to me as if he were the world leader. I don’t need that. Finally, tell him that postponing the challenge three more months isn’t smart, it was extremely stupid.

“If we fought now, I wouldn’t stand a single chance to win. Three months wasn’t much time for me to prepare, but six months is more than enough. In six months, I won’t lose, he will.

“Anyway, you can leave now,” Lin Feng said to him. The man seemed happy to finally be able to leave Tiantai.

“Wait one more moment,” spoke up Lin Feng, looking at the man’s back. The man stopped, afraid all over again. Lin Feng was crushing his determination bit by bit.

The judge slowly turned around. He was so afraid Lin Feng would injure or even kill him.

However, Lin Feng pursed his lips and smiled calmly. “In the future, I’d like you to be my main interlocutor. You don’t need to be so scared; I am neither cruel nor insane. I’m not a sanguinary demon. You didn’t make fun of me, and you didn’t offend me either, so I won’t kill you.

“Remember, next time the alliance wants to tell me something, you come; if anyone else comes, eh… you know what I mean,” Lin Feng said darkly. “You can go.”

The man ran away, hoping this time Lin Feng wouldn’t make him stop again. A hundred li away, he turned around… and Lin Feng wasn’t there anymore. He waved goodbye in the direction of Tiantai, grateful that Lin Feng hadn’t tortured him.

But he was still afraid, especially for his future. He had become the messenger between the alliance and Lin Feng. If the alliance sent anyone else, Lin Feng would probably kill them!

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